Becomming a slave girl on Gor

Becomming a slave girl on Gor

My regular readers will certainly remember my article about Gorean roleplay. I will put the advice given into practise and join a gor community. I will start as a slave girl on Gor,  also called a “Kajira”.

This role has certain advantages. It is, for example it is rather passiv role which gives me the opportunity to watch scenes as oppossed to be an activ “game maker”, hence I don’t have to commit to time and ongoing plots. Instead I will get involved and see what happens to my character. Anything can happen including death.

Ok, to get startet I need :

  • An outfit
  • A character description
  • A background story
  • A sim to get started

Today I get the outfit.

In later articles I will emballish on the other three points.

This is a difficult one, because on one side, I am a bit of a perfecionist when it comes to authenticy but I am almost broke and the really authentic outfits cost money. I have 99 Linden left and as you know: Caroline is not using real life money on her travels. For a moment I thought about getting outfit from my main account, but that would be cheating, right?

First lets see what I actually need. You don’t have to read all the Gor cronicles to know what a slave girl would look like. There are thousands of quotes from the books about these things. Simple Google “kajira cloth gor” or something like that.

I did this for you and here are some quotes, describing what a Kajira would look like:

 QUOTE: “The camisk is a rectangle of cloth, with a hole cut for the head, rather like a poncho. The edges are commonly folded and stitched to prevent raveling. The camisk, I am told, normally falls to the knees..The camisk, I am told, was at one time commonly belted with a chain. However, the camisks that I have personally seen, and those we were given, were belted with long, thin strap of leather binding fiber. This passes once around the body, and then again, and then is tied, snugly, over the right hip…The belt of binding fiber not only makes it easier to adjust the camisk to a given girl, but of course, the binding fiber serves to remind her that she is in bondage. In a moment it may be removed, and she may be secured with it, leashed, or bound hand and foot… The camisk, in its way, is an incredibly attractive garment. It displays the girl, but provocatively. Moreover, it proclaims her slave, and begs to be torn away by the hand of the master. Men thrill to see a girl in a camisk.” Captive of Gor page 64.

QUOTE: “The most common Gorean garment for a slave is a brief slave tunic. This tunic is invariably sleeveless, and usually, has a deep, plunging neckline. It may be of a great variety of materials, from rich satins and silks to thin, form-revealing, clinging rep-cloth.” Guardsmen of Gor pages 105-109.

QUOTE: “One of the most exciting slave garments, if a slave is permitted clothing, is the Ta-Teera or, as it is sometimes called, the slave rag. This is analogous to the tunic, but it is little more, and intentionally so, that a rag or rags. In it a girl is in no doubt as the whether or not she is a slave. Some cities do not wish girls in Ta-Teeras to be seen publicly on the streets. Some masters put their girls in such garments only when they are camping, or in the wild. Others, of course, may prescribe the Ta-Teera for their girls when they are within their own compartments.” Guardsmen of Gor page 107

These are the most common cloth for slaves. In addition they dress sometimes in sexy dancing silks, especially when they are suppossed to entertain men with dancing and sex.

So here we go again: time for freebe or almost freebe shopping. Budget: 99 Linden!

One way to get some free outfits is to go to the usual shops and get the group gifts.The problem is, that it is practically impossible to find something the fits the descriptions and is for free. Most of the slave girl outfits look like the stuff you can get at lingerie shops but not Gorean. Which means to start with, I have to find a compromise. Something that is at least close to a camisk or a slave tunic.

I found a short camisk like dress as a group gift in a Gor-Shop. Simply look up “ Gor freebes” in search and you will find several shops which offer some free stuff. I am not really 100% happy with it, but to get started it will do the job.

Next I need a collar. I found one that looks like the collars described in the books on marketplace. It’s called the slave box and also contains some silks. Also I found a set of slave girl animations for as little as 1 Linden here:

Total cost: 46 Linden and ready to go. Here is the result:

Whats missing is the  appropriate hair style. Goreans slave girls usually have long hair. This should not be a problem, as I have approximately 500 different hairstyles in my inventory.

Do you know places where to get authentic Gorean outfits for little money or even for free?  Please feel free to post a link or a slurl in the comments.



Ok, I changed her looks a little:

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