Caroline at Magic Angels

Caroline at Magic Angels

This Video was made at the Magic Angels escort and music club in Second Life. This took place in their underwater dome, a nice Jules Verne inspired place at the Northeast of the region. If you can’t find it ask the girls working there for directions.

I have always been curious about making films in Second Life but somehow I never got around trying it – until now. A couple of days ago, one of our regular clients mentioned that he would like to actually film a sexual encounter with me. At the time I didn’t pay much attention to it. I thought well, if thats what turns you on, then why not.

A bit later Jude, our Head of Media Sales, actually found a new advertiser. It’s the designer of the TenderLove Sex Hud. I actually believe that it is one of the best sex huds in Second Life. Yes, I know what you think: She has to say that, its a client who advertises his product on her site.

No. I am genuinely very excited about Tenderlove. The main difference between Tenderlove and most other huds, are the smooth and realistic transitions between the animations. I am sure you you have had this strange experience, when you change from one sex animation to another and the two avatars are literally jumping through the space till reaching their new position and immediately start pixel hoping. Not very realistic is it?

With TenderLove this does not happen. The transitions are extremely realistic and you can not even tell were exactly one animation ends and another starts. In addition you can actually have pauses between one action and another and you can to a certain extend control the speed of your animations.

Ok, what has this to do with machinima. Very simple, the only way to actually show you how realistic sex with Tenderlove is, would be to actually film a sexual encounter at which I am using the hud.

I don’t have the necessary filming software nor do I have any experience in creating machinima. Hence the reason, I got back on this to Uwe ( the guest I mentioned above) and asked him if he wants to film us having sex with this hud. He agreed (of course) and we made a couple of machinima movies.

The movies are not edited, cut or otherwise manipulated. What you see is what you get.

It was made using the Tenderlove hud, probably the best sex hud available in Second Life. The video shows how smooth the transitions are between the different animations. This is all uncut and not photoshoped either. This is what you get, when usind Tenderlove for sex in Second Life.

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