A New Computer is a New Second Life

A New Computer is a New Second Life

Today we went sailing. We, that is Del, his new Girl friend Lena, Toni and myself. This is when I discovered how super different it i,s too have a decent computer. I just recently upgraded my technical equipment. Now I surf on a workstation with 12 GB ram, a decent Nvidia Geforce 960 graphics card and a good processor.

What was “lag” again?


See the difference:

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    Definitely the shots look fantastic dear!

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    Marsellus Walcott 2 years

    Wow, that’s a solid upgrade, specially when it comes to SL hardware requirements. Kudos! With that said, I’m curious about where is that island and port in Blake Sea. They look gorgeous. Would you mind sharing it? I’m always looking for new cool destinations 😀

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    Aaron (amc39) 2 years

    Marvellous! I’m happy you were able to upgrade your rig. It DOES make such a difference! And your snapshots will look even more fantastic too. 😉

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    Knicki 2 years

    amazing level of detail and sharpness in those pics

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    I know exactly where you’re coming from. There were many places I could not visit and activities I was not able to do until I upgraded to a suitable computer.

    Now I can sail in cruises instead alone, I can fly planes and visit busy areas.

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