Curiosity killed the cat!

Yesterday I expanded my investigations about the Dirty Dive Sim in Second live. I found a room next to the main hall, called the rape house. How bizarre I thought and walked through the door. In front of the actual house, there was a sign saying, entering on your own risk. Next to it was a caravan with a sign “no entrance”.

Ha, I am a woman and a journalist, which makes me one of the most curious people in the world. Such a sign is translates to me: “Come in, something to discover!”.

But first I engaged in a chat with a guy that also was there to discover, although I knew from his compliments and teases that he was to discover my body not the region. Shortly after we entered the van and I could not resist testing the small bed inside the narrow caravan. Too intriguing was the thought of doing it there.

After a while we decided to continue in the house. That’s when I realized that I should have paid attention to the sign! He bound me on a table there and being totally helpless fucked the hell out of me. When he finished he simply left me bound in ropes on that table and went away.

Shortly after another man came in and saw me there bound and naked. He took advantage of the situation immediately, took off his close and used me at his discretion. Then even a third man came in and waited for his turn.

See pictures for how it all went:


Its technically not possible to rape somebody in Second Life. This was a roleplay scene between consenting adults.