Girls, lets talk about pussies!

Girls, lets talk about pussies!

Guys this is a girls post. Move on to another article, this will bore you. Try the sports section or something. Girls read on (especially but not limited to those new to sex in Second Life) and lets discuss the subject matter!

Yesterday I was contacted by one of my readers. I can not tell you what her name is nor can I show you picks as I, as always, respect her request for privacy – yet another Mrs.X.

She is a very experienced Second Life resident. If I remember it right, the avatar is about 10 years old and she must have seen it all. But there is one thing she has been neglecting all those years: Sex! The reason being is, that she has in real life a very committed relationship and she felt it would be cheating on her partner if she was having slex (short for second life sex).

However, things changed a bit. She recently was talking to her partner about the subject and to her surprise he has no issues with her exploring the naughty side of Second Life as long as it doesn’t go any further or getting any serious. He even suggested she should take money for it.

Hurray, „card blanche“ from significant other! That’s what I call a cool relationship.

Here a question to my readers: Do you think having slex whilst being in a RL realtionship is cheating? Please leave your opinion in the comments below!

However, you want to know what for she actually contacted me? Here is her question:

„When I want to have sex in Second Life, do I need to buy a vagina?“

At first I couldn’t help but laughing about this. Then I thought about it and here is my take on it :

I don´t think it is necessary or even mandatory for a woman to have attached genitals. Most men know where the thing is supposed to be, and lets face it: Once a guy got you out of your clothes and ready to move on, he will not come up with a line like: „ Hey wait, we can’t do it, you have no pussy attached“. Right or wrong?

However, it does actually make a difference visually. Lets have a closer look at this. Here below you see me posing without a pussy attached. Compare it to the main picture above.

Without Pussy

Without Pussy

I am sure you appreciate the difference. The one I recommended to her is the one I am using on all my (female) avatars (the one in the pic).

Its from VAW – Virtual Art Works, a designer who specializes on adult animations and genitals. You might have guessed, it is one of our sponsors. I am using this product myself since about two years.

The reason is simple: Its affordable (I bought 4!) and looks realistic(like most of the stuff they have in their shop and on marketplace). This vagina actually comes with some animations included, such as letting others lick and finger your pussy, to be honest I don’t use that feature much. More important is the hud, which lets you customize colour, pubic hair, piercing and with one click its either in normal state or opened/aroused.

Here is were you can get it:

Finally yet another question to my readers: What would have been YOUR answer to Mrs. X question:

When I want to have sex in Second Life, do I need to buy a vagina?

Guys may comment too, I know you were reading it anyway!

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    The very first sight of the vagina, when the clothes are removed, is one of the most important moments during the slex experience. And a perfect pussy can really turn on your guy! Great post!.

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    drake1 Nightfire 2 years

    Personally, no, I don’t think you need one. It’s not like it’s an essential add on, unlike a penis which we HAVE to buy.
    I know plenty of women who don’t have prim pussies. To me it’s more what is said/typed that matters.

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    Nathan 2 years

    Hello Love 🙂 A woman ABSOLUTELY needs a beautiful pussy attached! As someone already stated, it’s a visual thing. Nothing more beautiful & sexy than the folds, creases, & openess of a willing pussy 🙂

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    Seanachie 2 years

    *laugh* Sure you need it (the vagina) to add some detail to the immersion of a nice naked female body in SL. Same with a full mesh body… physics… face impressions.. and so on. It’s there to make use of it. It’s there, first of all, for your imagination of your female body in SL. And if that meets the visual vision of your current lover…. nice. Agree with Nathan on that last point.

    Do you need it to have slex? Well… have you tried to make a Closeup whilst being penetrated? As long as there is no visible interaction between virtual penis and vagina… forget it.

    So, as a teaser it might really adds something, for sure in some RP situations as well. But when you leave the pixel view in your slex imagination…it doesn’t matter at all.

    And, hey, sure slex is cheating. The question is, can you deal with it? Can your partner deal with it? Answer that and make your move 😉

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    Disappointed In Second Life Overall 2 years

    The pussy itself looks just fine, it’s the horrible twist in your (all our avatars) thighs that looks hideous. The fact Linden lab hasn’t bothered to address this in over a decade is sad. It’s really not that difficult a fix.

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    Gekko Kamen 2 years

    It is not a must if you really dig the avi and you want to share intimacy, but it is a really nice add on to a beautiful female avatar.

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    Gekko Kamen 2 years

    It is not a must if you really dig the avi and you want to share intimacy, but it is a really nice add on to a beautiful female avatar. First time I was with my SL gf she didn’t have a “vagina” and the moment was fantastic, magical… Then she learned about SL vaginas and got one. We talked about it after our first “night out”. She went shopping with her friends to surprise me. Next time we went out for slex we took time exploring, looking, talking (chatting). It was wonderful… Vaginas rule!!!!

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    I’m using a VAW Vagina too! Well, actually I’m using the complete “set”: Vagina, Anus, Nipples and Mouth LOL ;-D
    I tried several other shops, but I found out that VAW stuff if the best fit for my avatar, even if I took some effort to match them with my body and skin.

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