Greetings from the Metaverse

Greetings from the Metaverse

Virtual Friends are more then just avatars. Those of you who do not know what I am talking about, believe me you eventually will understand.  Once again, and I can not stress this enough, here is another example of never to forget behind each avatar there is a real person. The sympathy, empathy, friendship or even love, pain, anger and sadness  you feel for or with those virtual friends are real feelings.

Those who read this blog regularly know about Gerry. Yes, Gerry the guy that brought us Gerry’s party lounge in Second Life and some really fun rock events in the club. But it wasn’t only about the club, it was about friends. In fact the place was never intended to be a huge source of income, it was a more a gathering of like minded people getting together and have some fun – a little family.

Actually I was some kind of his adopted virtual daughter, something that started as a joke but then got kind of accepted fact with time.  Apart form Gerry there was Josephine, Bella, Jonni, Reiner just to mention a few.

For those who know Gerry and his little virtual family: There is some sad news for you. The club does no longer exist because Gerry is actually in hospital. He suffers from stomach cancer in an advanced stadium and is getting chemo therapy.

Bella and Jo (Josephine) came up with this cute idea: We make a screenshot which is typical for our virtual identities and send them as a postcard via an online post-card service to him. We want him to know, he is not forgotten and his friends in Second Life do think of him.

Here is my postcard from the metaverse:

Postcard to "Dad"

Postcard to “Dad”

Anyone who would like to send him a similar card, please contact me in-world. I am sure he would love to see that people actually do care  and nothing is a stronger weapon against cancer then a positive mind set and will power. Help if you care, it doesn’t require much effort, and no this is not a hoax, this is for real.


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    Sorry to hear of his illness, I wish you all the best.

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    […] I was adopted in Second Life once. However, my SL father died of stomach cancer shortly after this post. […]

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