In the Dark!

In the Dark!

I believe every Noob in Second life is at least curious about one topic: Sex. I did write an article about that topic  here: Lets talk about Sex.

As I told you in said article, the direct approach in a regular, even in mature or adult regions is something that typically puts people off, as the waste majority of the Second Life residents are NOT just there for what I call interactive pixel porn.  In a regular region, music club or similar establishments you are better off to follow the same kind of etiquette you would be using in real life clubs and social hang outs. Assuming you actually do behave in real life , that is.

However, there are place which are actually created to satisfy your curiosity. At some of those places the direct approach is rather welcome as they are designed for this specific purpose: virtual sex. I visited one of those places for you today. It’s called the dark zone in the Shivers Erotic Night club.

It is located in the second floor of Shivers, a discotheque with a bit of a naughty touch to it. Basically it is a collection of dark rooms connected with equally dark walkways, were people can take their partners to have fun. You might for example visit the disco downstairs, dance with someone you fancy and if both are “in the mood” you simply go upstairs. Others don’t even bother doing that, but go straight upstairs and wonder around till you find somebody looking for the same thing.

So I went there, dressed for the occasion in hot lingerie and made some snapshots for you.  The place is nicely decorated and the hot pictures on the wall leave no doubt about what kind of place you came to.  There is even a small porn cinema in one of the rooms.

However: I strongly suggest you read my article about how to have sex in Second life before going there.  It will help you getting the most out of the experience and avoid disappointment.

Here the taxi: 



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