Rapeplay in Second Life versus RapeLay

Since a a couple fo month search terms like "RapeLay, rapeplay and similar terms are trending in Google. The reason being is that a Japanese company released yet another sexgame, called "honey select",  which is from the same makers as the controversial game "RapeLay". The later, as the anme suggests, is about rape. Rapelay was actually a pretty low quality game. Most reviews you find about in the web basically state that is crap. However with Honey Select the company took in on a totally different level.

These are games. Fullstop. You are not interacting with another player as you would in Second Life. You interact with a computer and you follow a predefined story. To me that actually sounds pretty boring. I think a RPG were predator and victim are actually real people portraying said characters is much more creative, more fun and more diverse.

For those readers who are not on Second Life yet: I suggest you try it at least because, guess what, there is multi-user rapeplay in Second Life too. The graphics are far better than RapeLay, the viewer much easier to use and behind every victim is actually a real person playing with you.

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If you need help ingame, feel free to contact me under: I will personally show you how it all works!

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