Caroline’s Swinger Mansion – Rules of the House

Caroline’s Swinger Mansion – Rules of the House


Please read carefully, ignorance is no excuse. Not following those really simple rules might get you banned with no refund of your membership fee.

I kept them as brief as possible:

1. Adult theme

This is a swinger and adult sex club. If you disapprove or feel easily offended by sexually explicit  content, this place is not for you.

2. TOS & Age Play

The Linden TOS apply and are strictly enforced. This applies especially, but not limited to age play of any kind. Child avatars are not permitted, no exceptions.

3. Escort Services

For those who prefer the complicated, discrete encounters, there is an Escort Club called Wet Dreamz in the Sky. See who is online on the board and simply IM the lady of your choice.
If you are offering escort services yourself, please contact Bobbie for information. Freelance escort services are strictly forbidden on the entire region.

4. Respect

A bit of courtesy goes a long way. We expect our members to treat each other and our staff with utmost respect. Also a no is a no, if you get rejected don’t react childish, deal with it in a polite and respectful way.

If you are a single member, please do not actively approach couples for sex, its for them to invite you not the other way around. Be polite, chat with them and wait for them to make the first step (if at all). In addition a “couples only evening” really means: couples only!

It is in the very nature of a swinger club, that people might watch you and your partner when having sex in the house. Its totally acceptable and even encouraged. If you want some privacy, explore the places in the forest.

We have a zero tolerance rule for discrimination. We respect all genders, sexual orientations, races and nationalities.

Staff are no escort girls nor are they here to serve you sexually (this includes Caroline herself, even so she might participate in the fun on occasions). Please bear that in mind when talking to them.

5. Drama

There is no place for jealousy and drama in a swinger club. Set the rules and limitations with your partner straight before entering the property.

6. Dress Code

We have no set dress code. However, we do ask our members to use common sense in the matter. In the club house we would expect to see sexy outfits (or no outfit in certain circumstances). However on the rest of the property, smart casual or even formal attire at certain events is greatly appreciated.

When we organize a themed event, please dress the part. At a CFNM party we would expect all men to me nude, whilst on a masquerade ball, …well, you might have guest it!

7. Noobs

We welcome new residents at Caroline’s Swinger Mansion. Please read my guide for newbees after joining us:

It will help you a lot to settle in the new environment. If you need additional coaching, including advise on virtual sex, don’t hesitate to contact me. We want to make the experience enjoyable for everybody. I even do sex-classes for noobs for a small fee!

8. These rules are subject to change as we sit fit.