My new Neighbor’s Sailors Wine Bar and Club

My new Neighbor’s Sailors Wine Bar and Club

Gabrielle is already 9 years in Second Life. She finally decided to move to the blake sea. Incidentally she rented the parcel right beside my home on the blake sea island „Ibiza“ on the Northwest edge of blake sea.

Gab as her friends call her, is a very social person. It didn’t take long for her to IM me when she saw me walking through my garden towards the beach. I jump over to introduce myself, but what was thought to be short courtesy visits turned into a quite long and fun chat at the little yacht club she did set up on her part of the coast line.

When night fell over blake sea Toni and Auri came online too and joined us. We really had a good time together and we are happy to have her as our new neighbor and friend.

The best is this little wine bar. She initiated this a s a social gathering for like minded people. Hence if you are into sailing, want to try it or if you simple enjoy a chat with some fun people pop into SALT sailors club. It is right beside my home.

Looking forward to meet you there!

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    Welcome back Caroline, I missed you. Nice to hear you have a new neighbour.

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      yes it has been some time, since we last met. Pop in at SALT whenever you are online or give me a shout next time you see me online.

      How are your escort services going along?


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        Hi Caroline,
        I will definitely pop up to the place as soon as I have the opportunity and would be even better if you are around too, we will see. My service is going quite good actually, thanks for asking.
        Talk you soon.

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    Aaron (amc39) 1 year

    What is the SLURL?

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