Slave Girl of Gor – the Back Story

Slave Girl of Gor – the Back Story

In the first part of this series, I showed you how I prepared my avatar to look like a gorean slave girl for next to nothing. Now it is time to look at the back story of the character. Experienced role players would actually go great lengths to describe the story and the characters personality, including his/her strengths, weaknesses and flaws. However, as this is a blog for noobs, I will make this part as easy and simple as possible yet plausible.

Plausibility is actually key to a good storyline. It is just plain stupid, to come up with a back story that includes each and every Gorean culture, caste or a story that justifies almost everything, that gives your character an edge or advantage over other characters in every possible situation. If you are tempted to do that, bear in mind you need others to play with you.

An example:

Your dad was a warrior and taught you the use of a sword for many years. Your mom was a scribe and introduced you to the wisdom this caste traditionally has. You can fight, read and write and you have an extensive knowledge of the law. Your parents got killed in an attack on your home city Turia and you got enslaved by the aggressors, which happen to be a small tribe in Thorvaldsland. There you learned the ways of the northerners, until you manged to flee to the Panther Girls in the forest…and so on. I think you get the point.

The most popular back story for female slaves is actually a earth girl, who got abducted on earth to be sold as a slave on Gor. Nothing wrong with that. It has the advantage that you don’t need to know much about Gor, as such a girl wouldn’t either. Its an ideal story for somebody, who wants to learn about Gor in-game and in-character.

Unfortunately its a story line which was used so often in Second Life Gor, that it became a nuisance. The other player has to teach you in-character almost everything. For me it is not an option at all, as I know already quite a lot about Gor, and having to go through all of that training in-character would be extremely boring.

So here is the story I came up with:

Amalia was born in Port Kar, a city on the Vosk Delta. She was born and educated in the caste of the scribes. Her father had a lot of depths to the city and one day the city decided to take possession of his daughter, in order to sell her as a slave to pay for her fathers depth. Slave girl of go. She was sold Slave girl of gor to a hunter of the Vosk.

Sje was living and working with him, and serving his pleasure in the nights, until she had an opportunity to escape. She saw him standing on an edge over the Vosk trying to secure his catch, when she gave him a little kick. He stumbled and fell into the River, where he got almost immediately attacked and killed by a River-Thalarion. She was free now, even so she still wears the collar. Now she is living somewhere on the Vosk, stealing food wherever possible in little villages or houses in the vicinity of the cities hoping her secret will never be revealed.

This means for role play:

Being educated in the caste of scribes, she has an extensive knowledge about Gorean culture and law. The caste of scribes can read and write and are educated in what is called “second knowledge”, hence she knows about the existence of the “planet on the other side of the sun” called earth.

She is not the typically slave girl, looking for a master. But she experienced sex and secretly craves for it. She still has the mind set of a free woman, but her inner slave is awaking. On one side she is a proud woman who takes great pride in her honor, on the other side she starts thinking about her sexuality and what live at the feet of a true Master would actually be like. A strong inner conflict, which makes her curious and anxious, but at the same time terrified and ashamed.

She is on the run and hides a horrible secret, having murdered her owner. The penalty on Gor for a slave to kill a free person, is death through impalement. However, this might be questionable in case the person killed is from a different city or Home Stone as the one where she might be taken to a magistrate. The decision would then be of the magistrate of the city. In any case, she would still be a slave.

Anyone could take her slave, if he/her realizes she is not owned. The laws of Gor stipulate that a girl being found outside of her home city can be taken as slave by anyone. However the actual owner has 7 days to claim his property. If nobody claims her, she would be the legal property of the person who caught her.

She has no idea how to get back into a normal live, she can not go back to Port Kar where she was officially made a slave. The authorities would question what happened and even torture her.


What I like most about this story line is, that anything could happen. She could end up as an outlaw, a she-urt (poor free woman living in the streets of port cities, living from stealing, prostitution or whatever they find in the streets), maybe someone takes her slave and sells her or keeps her, there is even a remote possibility that someone frees her and she becomes part of the society in another city.

In any case, the secret she carries and her inner fight, will always add some spice to whatever the outcome will be.

You like the story? You have suggestions, questions or constructive criticism? Use the comments section to tell me your opinion or even write your own back story in the comments, so new players may learn from it.

See ya in-world and safe paths.


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