I am so stupid!

I am so stupid!

My regular readers certainly remember my article about going under cover as an escort girl! So far I never ever had a client nor did I get a chance to do interviews with clients, club owners or escort girls. Hence I was asking the question: Is there a demand for escort girls in Second Life?

I dont know yet, but there is certainly no demand for an escort girl which states in her public profil that she is a journalist looking to write about the scene for her blog! Oh my fucking god, how silly of me!  It was a “real” escort girl who brought this to my attention.

Ok, I need another account for the purpose of continuing my investigation. Hence I yet again created another avatar. She is a gorgous teen-age-like asian avatar. This gives me an aditional opportunity: I can use this avatar to investigate two other topics I came accross in a Second Life forum:

  • Racism in Second Life
  • Age play in Second Life

I can not tell you the name for obvious reasons, but I am brave enough to show you a picture – no risk no fun! Picture was taken in the forest of Tempura Island. Her profile information is only about being an escort girl.

Next step: applying for a job in a club!


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