Multi Tasking: 3dxchat party and AFK sex in Second Life

We had our first party at Caroline’s Mansion in 3DXChat. It didn’t turn out as expected, but was great fun anyway.

The original intention was to host a swinger party. Typically I would expect people to have sex. That didn’t happen.

Instead we had fun dancing to oldies and chatting the night away. One of my own customers, to whom I sold 3DXChat a while ago, ended up there as well. I didn’t recognize him at first, I am so bad with names.

Caroline's Mansion in 3DXChat

What makes that worse is that I actually fucked with him when he first joined and could not remember at first.

/me blushes.

We danced together there and kissed a bit. I knew he would have loved to take me to the bed here and then. He said he fancies me a lot.

But I was the only one who was not able to do anything sexual that day. I was supposed to host the event. Greeting guests, answering questions, looking after the music and so on. Hence I had to postpone that fuck.

I hope some of the other girls from SLA Media help me a bit at our parties in 3DXChat. Would be great. We could attend the guest sexually as well then.

What was funny that morning:

Whilst I was hosting the event in 3DXChat, I was also logged into Second Life at the same time. My other me, was sitting on a bed at the Second Life Version of Caroline’s Mansion as an afk sex doll.

3Dxchat was running in the front and I had Second Life minimized. I got too visits actually at the SL-Mansion. Both guys actually quite good looking, fucked me like crazy and both left a nice tip.

When I noticed I switched to Second Life and took some screenshots:

I will do that now every time I am in 3DXChat. I know there is not much money to me made as an afk fuck doll, but at least I might get some tips.

Hence when you see me laying there in Caroline’s Mansion (SL), I might not really be afk but attending customers or hosting a party in 3DXChat.

I might as well be watching you. 🙂


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