An Average Day at Work at the 3DXChat Store in Second Life

This post is aiming at people who would consider working with us in sales at SLA Media. It shows you what you can expect from a typical day at the office and how much fun the job can be.

However, what you will read is just my own way of doing this. If you want to apply your own strategy or come up with a better idea, by all means, do so.

First things first.

The very first thing I do, is checking messages to see if anybody who I have previously talked about has a question or even better: confirms that he joined 3DXChat.

The store is in a fairly busy region. Our parcel is on Zynga, the adult continent in Second Life. Around us, there are several other adult themed parcels. “The Forced Alley”, two “Cheap Whores Trailer Parks”, Nihil Animations. The later has there a quite popular BDSM fuck place.

All of which are in vicinity of the “people near you” feature of your Second LIfe viewer.

What I do next is checking my leads. I open >Communication > People and voila, I see a list of avatars obviously interested in adult stuff.

Dead easy. But sometimes I am lazy.

I simply open all those profiles and drag a prepared notecard into their inventory, explaining that we are just around the corner where he is, what we do here and a friendly invitation to pop by and have a look.

This does actually work sometimes, but it is not as effective as basically talk to everybody first.

Yesterday it worked fine.

Sam showed some interest in what we are doing. I gave him the tour. That includes showing the potential customer a short video about the product, some pictures on the wall actually made in 3DXChat.

Video you show potential customers:

[googleapps domain=”docs” dir=”file/d/0B3hWHAZvXhx9NHp2QjJyTFRoU1U/preview” query=”” width=”640″ height=”385″ /]

Be prepared that people will get a bit flirty to say the least. No big surprise as we are talking about an online sex game.

If you can not deal with that, this job is not for you.

So did Sam:

Sam: How can i sweep you off your feet for being privileged to hold you and know you..i know i should not be saying this but it just slipped out.

And a bit later:

Sam: and i still await the answer..would you like to come to my small place.
Jessica: Well I am at work still haha.
Sam: till what time..? Searching for a cosy corner somewhere where i can kidnap and take this pretty woman.

At that stage I try to ignore these advances best as I can. What I might do later is different cattle of fish. You want to establish a connection and some kind of relationship with the future customer.

Sex does help with that. A lot.

Next: Showing the head office next door.

SLA Media in Second Life Office
SLA Media in Second Life Office

Here comes the credibility pitch:

Jessica: This is the head office of SLA Media, the company who markets 3DXChat in Second Life. We operate actually various Second Life related Websites and 3DXChat is our most important affiliate partner. Caroline the CEO is in this business since several years and already well known in the Second Life adult industry.

Here we do meetings with porn producers or interviews with potential staff.

Sam: pretty big! How well do they pay you?

Jessica: For sl not too bad, for each sign up I get 1000 Linden. Once you have reached the first time 5 sales in a month you get a different pay-schedule. Then you get 1000 Linden for every month your client does not unsubscribe. Let’s say you have 20 clients you take care off you get 20.000 L$ each month.

Sam : A pretty awesome stat, though getting clients may not be easy in reality.

Jessica : That’s why it’s paid well and once you have the status of Senior Account Manager, they rent you a store too.

Next: Showing the porn cinema

This is the highlight of the tour. Here you can show the actual product. We have several Videos uploaded which are made in 3DXChat.

At this stage you will often have to help the potential customer to get his media settings right to be able to actually see the movies. Sometimes a nightmare.

No big deal, we have all those movies as browser version on one of our websites here:

3DXChat Porn Movies

Everyone you show these Videos will like them. Typically people are amazed and surprised by the quality of the graphics and the animations.

Ok, you are sitting as a woman with a guy you just lured away from an adult themed region and you are watching some hard core porn movies with him.

What do you think will happen? Exactly he will get (or already is) horny and makes further advances, trying to get you to have sex with him.

You have to decide at this stage for yourself if you want to go that far or not.

I am of the very liberal kind. To me its fine to play with potential customers (especially when they have something that turns me on anyway). Its even a turn on that sex is part of the job.

Of course during the video show you continue your pitch.

That goes then a bit like this (Sam did use a cuddle animation on me):

Jessica: That’s is a club in the game we promote. All filmed ingame.
Sam: Though i held you by surprise. Do you like BDSM?

The reason he was asking is , I showed him the movie “the creep” first which includes a bit of rape play.

Watching the Creep Movie
Watching the Creep Movie

Jessica: Not deep into it but a bit of force play or bound is ok, but all this Dom and sub stuff is not my world haha.
Sam: Smiles, but the scene shown in the movie, what do you think of it, do you like to be taken like that? Bound like that, helpless..

Jessica: Thatsis pretty exciting actually. Those movies we show here for people to see how good the animations are as the scenes are actually done in the game.

Sam: Do you play there?
Jessica: Yes as i told you, I meet clients who signed up here to show them around and offer assistance. And yes, that also means they get to fuck me there too.

Sam: But that needs a subscription monthly for all options.
Jessica: Yes but in that subscription is all inclusive, no need to buy stuff like furniture animation cloth skin etc. it all comes with the subscription even two small apartments.

Sam: how do they get the animations so good, looks like real images slightly changed so that the look is real. Slight change of pixels and ur real texture can be shown different

Jessica: They are professional designers and developers, you know the animations in sl are made by residents here, not by a pro company, that makes all the difference. And of course almost everybody in there comes for the same reason: sex play.

Sam: hm now seeing all this you made me hard…but now to hold myself back smiles.
Jessica: Funny, the movie turned you on?

Sam: holding a beautiful woman in my arm and watching a movie like this, of course it turns you on..

Jessica: This movie now is filmed in a private apartment. Thats one of those you get included in yours subscription.
Sam: oh now bother..i hope you do get me off once all this shows are done luv..

Jessica: haha Am I torturing you?

This went on much longer, I give you here the short version. This was actually the point when he made a more explicit move (also the short edited version):

Sam: takes your hand slowly as i nuzzle your ear …and gradually bring it behind you, laying it on my hardness ,letting it go, letting you decide…my breath slow as i watch.

Jessica: /me smiles , feels his hard cock. Decides to take this a bit further. Opens his pants and lets her hand slowly slide into it, reaching his hard cock, takes it in her hand and massages it slowly whilst continue watching the movie.

Getting Intimate in a Porn Cinema in Second Life
Getting Intimate in a Porn Cinema in Second Life

Sam: gasps. As i feel the hand encircle my cock….slowly exhales air as i allow the slow grasping and pulling..of my foreskin as your hand moves.

Jessica: /me as she talks continues to gently massage his cock

Sam: whispers …hot..i want your lips to take me…if i slowly push you forward and move to take your slip off ever so slowly.

Jessica: /me turns around sliding down on her knees smiling, then take shis cock in her hand, starts wanking him faster and sais: watch the movie whilst i give you a hand. Helps him getting his pants off for easier access. (hard in real now too?).

/me realizes the other visitor, looks over smiling and says: “We have more audience now”. Totally ignoring that they are not laone anymore she keeps wanking him totally inhibited and shameless , finally bends over and takes it in her mouth, massaging its head with her tongue in small circles.

Sam: standing up so that i can take it a bit more intimate as i push in to hit the walls of your throat, Holding for seconds to find out the push from within your body to gasp for air.

Jessica: /me lets it slide in and out her wet lips enclosing it firmly.
Sam: holding again just enough before letting go.

Jessica: /me looks at him smiling, then says with tongue in cheek: “I have no underwear on, you could take me just here and now.
Sam: finally getting inside you, groans

Jessica: /me moans out loud as he finally penetrates her wet pussy with his big hard cock.
Sam : smiles you are so soft….as i grasp your breasts and pound you, wild seeing you, pushing in hard with each stroke as i feel you.

Jessica: /me moans at every stroke he makes into her, looking in his eyes , breathing faster.

Sam: The pussy smashing against my skin…as my cock slides in with every thrust moving to take her lips into mine as i open my mouth and push my tongue into her tasting the first kiss, acknowledging the effect that she has on him as i slowly enjoy the musky taste mixed with my own pre-cum. Breaking the kiss and entering you from behind…as i slowly ease into you, groans, Jess…

Jessica: Fuck me cum in me. Holding back as i lean backward. Thrusting in harder …in a final few before i feel the contractions. Whispering Jess…as i gush inside you

Jessica: /me feels his warm juices filling her, shouts out: “coooooming”

Sam: thrusting inside you slowly, feeling my juices fun into you and slowly the hardness dwindling, the cock slowly lodging itself among the folds, spent! Seating you on my lap as i hold you, softly.

We kept chatting a bit after that until I finally asked:

Jessica: Hey, what about you getting an account on 3dxchat and we do it there

Sam: i will look through that, and come back..i have to check my finances too but it is an interesting option.

Jessica: Cool, Ok, now I have to get some work done.

This needs follow up of course. I personally believe this example will not turn into a sale as yet. But we are looking for sales staff as well and that could be an option.

Why I believe that?

  1. He got very interested when I explained the commission structure.
  2. Somebody who needs to “check his finances” for a 20 US per month product should actually not buy this and get an in-world job instead to make sure Second Life does not cost him any real life money.

Next time I see him I will talk about that option.

Your turn, my dear readers:

What you thing about this job?
Would you be able to do it?
Would you do it different?
Would you fuck with potential clients?

Please, as always, leave your opinion in the comments!

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