A bit of top gun!

Groups are a great thing when you are new to something.  I joined a group at the Hollywood airport, which is a group for pilots and people interested in aviation in Second Life. I posted in the group chat a message, stating that I would love to experience an air combat also referred to as “dogfight”. I have no idea why its called “DOG-fight”. I can assure you there are no dogs on this airport.  Anyway that’s how its called.

It did not take long and Brad did send me a message and TP. He offered me to fly with him in his F15 Jet. Two other friends of his were there too Fortnight and Emily. One of which played the “bad Russian” in  MIG and the other was there for rescue.

Rescue? I asked! Yeah rescue, because when you get shot down you are using a parachute do glide down on the grid. As most fighting happens over the sea, you also wear a life vest, which you inflate once you touch the sea. How funny is that!

Ok, up we went and I must say. It is amazing, despite of me spending more time in the water than in the air. Best experience is when you go into mouse view. It gives you the feel of actually sitting in a jet cockpit.

To fly these jets and engage in combat requires quite a bit of skills, it looks actually very difficult.  Everything happens very fast and you see yourself more than once upside down or other strange positions.

If you are interested in such experience, fly with somebody who has experience first. Then you might decide if this is for you or not.  I think every noob should try this at least once! It’s a cool action packed in-world game and certainly worth trying.



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  1. i would not wear jeans if you are going to end up in the water – absorb it massively. and is that the collar of your life jacket that inflated or a special type for the better endowed.

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