About Second Life Adventures

I am not a noob really. I am an alt. For those of you that are new to Second life, let me explain the terminology first. Noob is synonym for newbie. It refers to somebody who just started in Linden Research’s virtual world called “Second Life”. ALT stands for “alternative account”, which means an additional or alternative account in Second Life.

This blog will tell you the story and travels of my “alt” Caroline. It is meant to be an entertaining travel guide for beginners.Follow Caroline through her journey through Second life. I will write here about places she visits, people she meets and other stuff that may happen to her.

To make this a bit more interesting, I will travel through Second Life without a Credit Card. I will start my journey with zero money. Initially I will depend on freebies to alter her looks, to get clothing and so on. Later on her travels she might as well take on jobs to make some money, so I am able to buy some of the nicer stuff available in Second Life. What kind of jobs you may wonder? Well, I don’t know yet, whatever comes her way, we shall see.

In addition, I am not going to places I already know nor will I search for particular places. I will travel from one place to another by residents’ recommendations.  I will ask people what their favorite place is and explore those places either alone or with them.

You wonder who is the “other” avatar behind Caroline? Sorry, I will keep you guessing. I can tell you that much: I am quite experienced and a well known Second Life business person. Maybe you will find out yourself later who I am, I will drop some hints occasionally.

Now let us start our little adventure at the only place where all new residents of Second Life start:  Orientation Island.


How it all started: Caroline's first days in Second Life


Caroline Resident