AChat: Hot Sex Adventures in a Naughty Online Sex Game

I stumbled across yet another multiplayer online sex game. It is called AChat. As the name suggests, its an adult chat. I actually updated my sex games review to include Achat in the comparison with 3dXcHat, Chathouse 3D versus Second Life.

In this post I will go into more detail about Achat and show you my own naughty adventures in the game. First of all, they are not forcing you to spend money with them. Instead they seduce you.

To get you started you get a 3 day free premium pass.

Nice one.

Try before you buy is always a good idea. But on top of that they give you 1000 so-called A$, which is the currency in game. With those you can buy stuff like clothing, rooms, animations and so on.

When your 3 day pass runs out, you still can log-in the game and use the basic features. But only those! The stuff you bought with your 1000 A$ is not available anymore unless you buy another pass or you upgrade to a subscription. Of course you can always buy A$ and use those to buy stuff and even passes ( 3day, week, month).

A basic account includes a choice of basic rooms to use and some basic sex animations. If you want a nicer room and a better choices of animations (called “scenes” in Achat), you need to buy them with A$. The choices of scenes is actually quite impressive.

Whatever your preference is, you can get the appropriate scene for it. Each scenes comes actually with about 20 different actions included.

Prices and exchange rates are very similar to what we know from Second Life. The big difference is of course, you can not change A$ back into real money.

Clever isn’t it? Give it a try, you might as well like it: Register for AChat

Ok, now what can you do in AChat?

Honestly at first it is a bit confusing. The main menu is not very intuitive, but hey, we come from Second Life. Anything is less complicated than the Second Life viewer.

There are basically three ways to get into the action. A few public places to go to, a partner search facility and a blind date feature.

Lets start with the public places. There are not many of them and they are not as good and not as frequented as the ones in 3dxchat for example. And nothing compared with what we are used to in Second Life.

Don’t get me wrong. They are nicely designed, very detailed and quite pretty. But all you can do there is meet people and chat. You can not go into buildings, you can not attend a party in a club. You can not even sit somewhere.

But, yes you can have sex there. Great for those who love sex in public:

To give you an idea what the places look like I took some screen-shots for you:

However, there is one place that caught my attention. It is called the “night-shift”.

Guess what that is.

Yup. That is it. A place for whores. You can offer sex for A$. Those of you who read this blog longer already know whats going to happen. Yes, I had to try that.

When you go to the night shift. You are prompted with a message asking you, if you want to enter offering services or as a client. The message also explicitly states that it is allowed to get paid for sex at this places.

You pay with A$ of course.

The place resembles a street whore place. As a whore you actually stand in a window and potential clients walk in the street making their choice.

Just like in Second Life street whore places, you need to have patience. It can take a while until a horny guy approaches you for services. That is mainly due to the fact that it is rather easy to get laid for free in Achat. But as we know from SL, there is always the guy who doesn’t want to go through all the motions of chatting up a girl. Or the guy who simply enjoys being served by a whore.

After a bit of waiting in my window, one of the later came up and approached me. Me being a noob, I had no Idea how much I should ask for. After a bit of bargaining we agreed on 300 A$. Not much compared to the 2000 L$ I usually charge in Second Life, but hey, it was for the experience not to become rich.

He took me to one of his rooms. A city apartment penthouse style. (You can actually buy such rooms with A$). Until such time, I did not have my own animations yet. Didn’t matter at all. The guy was well “equipped” with scenes.

Tip for the girls:

You don’t need to buy many poses. The guys usually have them (unless it’s a noob). You better invest your A$ in nice and sexy outfits.

Next I was trying the blind date feature

This is a bit like in Thrixxx Chathouse 3D. The difference to Chathouse 3D to the blind date feature in AChat is the possible choice of animations. AChat offers far more scenes and actions than any of the games I have been testing.

I did it. Not just once. Actually several times. Some encounters where a bit weird, but most where actually very sexy. It is quite exciting to meet a random stranger and see what happens.

Pics of my blind dates:

Just recently I received a substantial amount of A$. That is because I signed up for their affiliate program and asked to get a premium account in order to be able to actually write about it. Hence suddenly I had a premium membership and about 16.000 A$ on my account.

Very cool.

So I went shopping. Got myself one of those rooms, my favorite animations and of course, some sexy clothing.

Time to check out the search facility

That one is well worth using. You do a search based on the obvious filters: gender, sexual preference and also by country and user name. In the search results you see if the player is online. You also see a huge animated picture of his/her avatar.

Here you have to option to initiate a chat, add a user as friend, send money and most importantly to invite to your room, individually or even in groups.

Just like in other sex games, user do typically not appreciate so-called “colds”. That means an invitation without prior conversation. Especially for the girls it can get quite annoying.

Tip for the guys: Just don’t do it!

Yes, I did get laid. Not only once but several times. Actually I lost count how many guys fucked me within just a few days. I can not even recall their names. The last time I was in-game I even had three just one after the other in my room. Two very young lads who were looking for elder woman, just my cup of tea.

Each time was a hot experience.


Well, I want to try a threesome. I will report here about the experience of course. Anyone up for that?

Want to give it a go? For AChat: Play Now For Free

Lets meet up in-game and I show you around, or maybe a bit more than that. Simply use the search facility and search for “CarolineSL”. Then send me a friend request stating that do read my blog.

8 thoughts on “AChat: Hot Sex Adventures in a Naughty Online Sex Game

  1. Here are my thoughts regarding achat from what experience I had, and with your help Carol.

    I really liked the animations and ‘actions’ during animations in achat. It does make it feel more immersive.
    Besides that, I did find the blind date feature an interesting addition.
    I wasn’t really the biggest fan of the character models but hey, that’s something which can improve with further updates.
    The UI seems weird and just strange at the start but after half hour or so you get used to it.
    It’s mostly a sex only place, if you’re expecting to make it an alternative to sl, it’s not that. The communities and freedom and sheer amount of things to do in sl, well, nothing can come close to that. But if it’s sex what interests you with hot animations, I’ll suggest to give it a shot, it does come with the three day trail so no money is wasted.
    It is something new to try on the market, and it doesn’t hurt to give it a shot!
    Thanks and take care!

  2. HEllo Caroline,

    they seem to have done quite some updates there. I checked out Acaht a few years ago. I do love the scenes but the chat function was horrible since all your chats ended up in one box so it was quite confusing to have multiple chat going. Maybe I give it another try.


  3. Hi Caroline,

    thanks for the review of it. For me its like in all mmorpg, girls dont even look at me with their back. I tried it… nothing, was walking around, nothing. I got some chat telling me im wrong, well why? What ive seen are half dressed toons, nothing more nothing less.
    If you are a man and shy… forget it, thats not a game for you.


  4. My friend Caronline told me about Achat and encouraged me to give it a try. So I did and here is what I have to say:
    – For those among us who like pixelsex (i.e. if you read this 😉 – the animations in Achat are superp and absolutely worth to give it a try!
    However, sexfun in Achat requires a remarkable initial investment – at least by one of the parties involved – since you need a certain stock of
    animations if you dont want to go further than just holding hands. In general, Achat seems to be somewhat more expensive than SL.
    Not only poses, also all the avi related stuff is pretty expensive and then there is the admission fee on top of it. So according to my view it only pays off if you can really make a hobby out of it.
    The only thing that seems to be less expensive than in SL are escorts.;)
    – Contrary to what Caroline wrote, Achat seems to me pretty intutitive and easy to handle. So Achat might in fact be a better gateway drug than SL.
    – Needless to say: Achat does not even come close to SL in terms of variety for pretty everything. So if you are spending your time in virtual worlds for anything more than just virtual sex, be it for travelling, being creative or just connecting to people – SL is the right place!

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