How to Open a Club in Second Life on a Small Budget

How to Open a Club in Second Life on a Small Budget

Last Friday Charly & Anna opened officially our new young adults entertainment club called “Lolita Heaven”. Frankly, it wasn’t as busy as we actually were expecting, but it was a fun party anyway and we even had a live DJ and a couple of cute dancers that night.

For those who want to visit us, here is the taxi: Lolita Heaven Club in Second Life

We actually did a small resume about what we have invested so far to get it up and running. You probably remember, we are on a very small budget for this. The reason being is, that we want to show that it is actually possible to start a small business in Second Life on a budget.

So how to do this?

Your Initial Homework: Market Research

First thing you need is a few regular clients. Yes, before you even open. Anna worked at a similar venue before. That way you actually learn how it works by first hand experience and you have the chance to get some regular clients. A client who really likes you and enjoys your company will eventually follow you, when you open your own venue.

I have seen this before with all kind of entertainers. This does not only apply to strippers and escorts but also to Djs, hosts and manager. It is a people business. Success in this business does not depend on the location, but on the people working there. When they leave their fans follow.

In addition working at an established venue gets you insights into your market. Simply ask your guests what they like and dislike about such establishments. Knowing your market, knowing what exactly people are looking for is very valuable insight helping you to create a place that people actually enjoy.

Anna’s key findings in her research where pretty straight forward:

People want classy entertainment.

Especially those people who can afford to show their appreciation with some Linden$. In particular older guests (SL age that is) have seen it before. You can not impress them easily just by showing your naked pixels.

Sex is not that important.

In fact Anna had not one Escort client. She is still a virtual virgin. She made pretty good tips at the other venue just by dancing, private dances, bit of stripping and being nice to people. I am curious when she gets it the first time actually.

Stick to the rules

“Lolita” at most places implies very young avatars. Too young for my taste and too young for most people’s taste. Of course there is a market for that. But when a regular guest sees that stuff on a specific location, he gets vary, it scares them off. Hence the reason we have a very strict no underage policy at Lolita Heaven.

Finding suitable land

To start with there is no need to get a private region. Our parcel is a small 64 X 64 meters rented parcels on the adult continent Zinga. We have a total of 1.600 prims available and the cost for that are as little as 1750 per week.

If you look around a bit, you might even find better deals. This parcel we took because its kinda left over prims and space from Caroline’s land from the SLA office.

What you do need is a reliable and helpful land lord. We were lucky with ours actually. It is an estate agency which pretty much dominates the market on Zinga. They seem to be everywhere. The support and customer service has been amazing and always very fast. Hence if you look for a parcel on Zinga check out DT Zanzibar’s LIFE Properties Group.

What about the actual Building?

You do not need to build everything from scratch. There are numerous prefabricated buildings available you can buy on marketplace or at in-world shops. Actually we bought one in-world. Buying at a Second Life shop has the advantage that you can actually rez the building and have a closer look at it.

We went for this one:

Only costs 399 Linden and fits on our parcel. Just about. Of course, it is a very simple build. You need to upgrade it a little with stuff like better furniture, dance poles, dance systems and such.

Get Sponsors

This is when sponsoring via product-placement comes in handy. We actually exchanged all sofas against a great piece of furniture from The owner gave us the sofa and a scripted piano for free. Yes, totally free that is. The only condition is mentioning his brand and advertise his shop on this blog.

So this is where we got the stuff:


Marketplace Store

Inworld Store

The most amazing thing about their furniture is that most of it is only one prim! I have no idea how they do such amazing design in only one prim. But apparently that is possible. Plus our sofas have the biggest choice of animations build in, I have ever seen.

When Anna saw this piece before she felt in love with it instantly. She was saying that this is actually what will make the difference. It is exactly what our guests are looking for.

An additional very handy feature is the choice of textures that come with it. That we managed to adapt the furniture to the overall look and feel of the club and keeping it consistent.


From this store we got the dance poles and a fabulous lap dance chair. The later you must see in action actually.

Here the marketplace store


In addition we bought some other minor stuff, like LM giver scripts.

This is what our welcome notecard states. Should give everyone a good idea what to expect .


Welcome to Lolita Heaven

Lolita Heaven is a new adult entertainment club specialized on Lolita teen girls (+18). Come and enjoy the company of cute and entertaining girls in a select ambiance. Very beautiful dancers, strippers and escort girls are waiting to amaze you.

Anna and Charlene are your hosts at Lolita Heaven. We are two little girls starting our first own endevor in Second Life. We did invest a lot of work, sweat and tiers into building this place, but we were on a very low budget.

The girls working here enjoy what they do. However you may appreciate, that they are here to earn some money and depend on tips. So does the club to cover the running cost.

Therefore we kindly ask you to always tip the Tip-jar whenever you want to show your appreciation and whenever you take a girl with you for more intimate encounters.

If you are looking for something unique, please ask for our “Crazy Menu”.

Anna, Charleen & Team


We do enforce a strict 18+ and no age-play policy. Avatars not complying will be permanently banned and reported to Linden Lab.


So far so good!
Total investment below 10.000 Linden$ including hypothetical rent.
Club revenues so to date: 2.626 Linden$

In one of the next posts, I will introduce all our cute and sexy dancers and escorts. Anna is now preparing daily themed events. I keep you updated on those ones too

Hope to see you soon at Lolita Heaven.



P.S.: Don’t mind the mouthy parrot. His name is Paul and we are still in the process of educating him. If we don’t succeed auntie Carol will make soup out of him.


As always some pics for you:


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    Anna 1 year

    “I am curious when she gets it the first time actually.” Paul will never learn nice language when he has to listen to the old lady with the big bum 🙁

  • comment-avatar
    Aidan 1 year

    When can I visit? What are the hours and do you have only two dancers?
    doesn’t matter though, you’re both hawtt x

    • comment-avatar

      Hi Aiden

      we don’t have opening hours. You can come and visit us any time you like. Anna ist most of the day available as dancer, starting at 7.00 AM until about 4 PM European time. There are other girls too. I will introduce the team in a separte blogpost, once I have made pictures of all of them. Naughty, Mel and Charleen also provide escort services. You may even schedule appointments by simply sending me an email or an IM In-World.


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    JanePlainSpain 5 months

    I went looking for the club but could not find it. I assume it is closed down??

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