Hot and spicy kitchen!

Today I want to show you a very special piece of  furniture. A Kitchen! This is actually the first time that I see an animated kitchen with that many different animations about cooking; eating and ….you night have guessed it: Sex!

I took actually some pictures from it in my studio, after creating a suitable background and floor for it.

However, let me embellish a little on the naughty side of this extraordinary piece. It is scripted (without poseballs!) for hot and spicy kitchen action and I am not talking about cooking. The four sequences are really unique, not to compare with the usual, repetitive stuff which you find build into many of the cheaper pieces of furniture.

All the individual poses and animations which you have a part of the sequence you can also call individually over the menu and create your own individual sexperience on the kitchen table.

I decided to actually record one of those sequences for you. This should get you an idea what I am talking about.

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