AFK Sex Sluts “Available”!

Whenever I think I must have seen it all somebody comes around the corner with something even more weird than anything I have seen before in Second Life.

This time it was my friend Toni. He showed me a very strange region. A typical „what the fuck?“ region. A very busy place actually, hence the reason first thing I did was renting this adboard available there. I have my priorities, you know.

The region is called „Le Camping – free sex slut camp“. Some of you might remember the old days, when region owners paid visitors to „camp“ in their region. It was done to create traffic basically.

You simply had to sit your avatar somewhere on the region, usually on some kind of furniture and you got paid for the time you spend on the sim. Whether or not you actually AFK didn’t matter.

The Le Camping region embellished on this very concept. The difference is, not the sim owner pays you, but visitors may give you tips whilst you park your avatar there and you go AFK (away from keyboard that is).

Now comes the funny part.

You actually place your avatar on furniture with sex animations. That basically means you give the visitor the option to actually fuck your avatar whilst you are away with the expectation that you get some tips in a tip-jar standing next to your avatar.

Do you have a “what the fuck moment” now?

I did. But please continue reading, it can only get more bizarre.

There are actually even groups for this kind of special entertainment. Joining is free and members can actually send messages to inform others when they go AFK and where to find the camping avatar.

Here is what it says in the group description:

Afk Fucktoys

Group for girls who don’t mind being used when RL takes them away, and guys who just want to stick your cock into a nice tight pussy without a lot of emoting. We love getting fucked, we fantasize about making guys cum. We spend so much time on our avis to make them sexy and hot, why not let guys enjoy us while we’re AFK too? All members are able to assign their own tags and send notices, so everyone pick the tags you like, and post locations so everyone knows where the fun is! 🙂

Well reading this explanation, it all makes sense now, doesn’t it?

No, it doesn’t! I was asking myself: Are people really doing this? I mean seriously?

You know where this is going don’t you? Yes, I had to try this. You would not have expected any different from me, right? However, I did not want to use Caroline for this,  for two reasons: It costs a lot more than a tip to fuck me and I am to well known in Second Life. I would feel embarrassed if somebody would see Caroline doing something that silly.

Hence I woke up my “little sister” Charleen for the job. For those who don’t know: Charleen is an ALT (alternative account) I created some time ago for a new story line.

Charleen even got some help from our other sister. Sheraka is also an ALT (yes, I have plenty of those). Sheraka was created for the purpose of role play in Second Life Gor as a specific character.

I got into the habit to always create a dedicated account for specific roles. This one was meant to be a slave girl on Gor. Sheraka is actually not really that good looking, but I guess for some desperately horny guys looking for pixel porn with Afk-dummies it should do.

Charleen joined the group and place herself in the little house next to this swimming pool full of rubbish. Sheraka took her place next to a scruffy mattress near the landing point. Actually the entire region where this takes place is kinda scruffy really.

I did not go AFK, as I wanted to watch whats happening. It did not take long actually, for something to happen. Not exactly what I would have expected. A noob approaches Sheraka in IM. Oh my god, don’t these people never read region profiles or notecards?

He was obviously not aware, that the girls are  AFK (most of them). Well, I wasn’t but I was pretending to. He then took her there on the mattress fucking her from behind. After a short fuck he did send this in IM:

[00:29] him: hi
[00:52] him: tell me please
[00:53] him: please talk to me

/me facepalms

He obviously was not inclined to leave a tip for poor Sheraka. Well doesn’t  matter. She is just a slave girl of Gor, she doesn’t need any money.

A little later a guy walked into the house. Charleen was actually not the only one who was camping in the house. In fact there where a total of four girls “available”. This guy took several ones of us and actually did leave a generous tip of 200 L$. In fact there were two tip-jar with several thousand Linden in them. Savings from weeks of AFK-camping?

I know strippers who get tipped less than that. Charleen didn’t get it that day. No fuck, no tip.

Charleen was sitting there for several hours but nothing happened anymore. No, I was not watching Charleen all the time. I minimize the viewer and worked on SEO stuff for SLA (this site) and for the naughty machinima site we recently created. I later also logged in as Caroline on a second instance of Firestorm. I actually have a computer on which I can easily run several instances of the Second Life viewer. Occasionally I checked back to see how is Charleen doing, but nothing.

Not even after sending this group message:

Going to work on my Blog

Anyone wants to use me whilst I am working, go ahead. Just don’t leave me in a ridiculous position after you finished.

I am cute, blond 18 year old Teen, mesh body of course. Tips greatly appreciated.

Have fun


Well, that was yesterday.

Today, at this very moment, whilst writing this post I have her parked in the house on her knees scrubbing the floor and she is getting fucked right now. How funny.

There is one great thing about that region: The music! They play all the time tunes from the early 80ties. My favorite decade. Whilst I am typing this (and  that guy is screwing Charleen), I listen to some of my favorite songs from back then when I was at college.

Ok, he finished by now. Didn’t leave a tip. Tight bastard!

The Next Day

I had to try this again. This time I was working on the latest post of this blog, and had the viewer running in the background. By making my word document a bit smaller, I was actually able to see what is going on in Second Life too. If something interesting would happen I would have been able to switch from working to In-World in a second.

Most of the time nothing did happen. So if you are a girl and you want to do this as a fetish thing, watching your avi getting used you better make sure you have something else to do whilst waiting for it to happen. Otherwise this will get very boring.

The Furry She-Male

I was tying away on my blog post as suddenly somebody entered the house where Charleen was waiting. This time on a proper bed actually. Not sure though, if what came in is a somebody or something.

It was a huge blue furry she-male with a huge black cock. I didn’t want to see that, seriously. Took a photo of that something and minimized the window.

A bit later I opened the window again to let it run again in the background, assuming the furry she-male must have been gone by now. She was. Apparently she didn’t do anything either.

The Gorean Panther Girl

However what I got to see now, left me with my jar almost on the floor. I don’t know how familiar you are with the Gor chronicles. Its a series of books about a fantasy world on another planet. The books strongly promote a philosophy of men being dominant by nature whilst women are by nature submissive. There are numerous regions in Second life where people create Gorean characters and role play.

One of the characters in the books are the so-called forest girls, also referred to as panther girls. Fierce independent and strong outlaw women who rebel against the status quo and have chosen to live in the forest in small gangs in the Northern forest for not to be under the control and at the wimp of men.

Apparently one of those forest girls made all the way around the sun (Gor is defined as the planet on the other side of the sun) to come to earth to see Charleen at the afk slut place. On her journey from Gor all the way to earth something strange happened to her: She grew a penis!

She used this very unusual instrument (for a Gorean female) to fuck Charleen right left and center. I have read about panther girls craving for sex. Seriously, if you would live with a bunch of other girls hidden in the forest and you do not see a man maybe in months it probably would get a bit itchy for you too. However, Gorean girls are supposed to be on the receiving end!
Anyway she left a little tip when she finished.

The Good Looking Lad

I have no idea why he is doing this. Great looking very detailed avatar, interesting profile. It must be easy for him to get laid in Second Life, so why is he using afk dummy? I was about to ask im in IM, but then I thought: Naa, that might kill it for him. So just did nothing but a couple of photos for you to enjoy.

I have two theories, why he might be doing this:

1. No girl in Second Life wants to play with a cock that large. I mean, look at it. Does he want to fuck or impale somebody? Maybe somebody should tell him. It’s not gonna be me, because he did not leave a single little tip when he left.

2. He can’t be bothered anymore with emotes and role play. He just wanted to get off with a pretty girl. Think about this one: Maybe we all overdid the whole thing with emoting and such, yet creating the ground for this new trend?

My Naughty Friend Aaron

After a while (I was in the middle of something again) I looked at the viewer again and thought: Hey wait a minute, I know that one (and so do my regular readers).

It was cheeky Aaron who read on my blog that I am available on “Le camping free slut region”. He took the opportunity to fuck little Charly, knowing its me.

Of cause I teasingly and jokingly called him on that one and took the opportunity to actually ask him, what this is it like for a guy.

Here is how the conversation went:

Charleen: is it actually a turn on? Does it do anything in terms of arousal?
Aaron: To a point; I mean it’s not erotic, but the idea of having a woman just available as a fuck toy is arousing on a primal level.
Charleen: But not enough to actually cum!
Aaron: Knowing it was YOU got me close 🙂
Charleen: You know this is going on my blog!
Aaron: I hope so 🙂

He left the best tip.


Here is the Taxi to “Le Camping”, in case you want to give this a try yourself. Either way.

So in conclusion: Yes, people are doing this.

There are numerous girls which leave their avatar (or an ALT) on those places when AFK (or otherwise busy) for others to use them for pixel porn ( I can not call this sex actually).

Was it worth it from a financial point of view? No, not at all. In total I got around 500 L$. Was it fun? Absolutely, some scenes were hilarious. So if you are short of some cash and all you need is couple of Linden, well why not go for it. But bear in mind, this is not a unique thing anymore, there are more than a thousand girls offering afk sex. Hence do not expect to get much out of it. This has the potential to become a main stream activity!

For the guys?
I don`t know, maybe some of my male readers might shade some light on this?

10 thoughts on “AFK Sex Sluts “Available”!

  1. Personally I think it has many various appeals that add up to it becoming the new trend in Second Life.
    One of the first things is that there are many avatars out there that people have put extensive hours into to make them absolutely gorgeous. As a guy in second life I’ve definitely had those moments where I’ve said wow what an amazing job she did with that Avatar, I would like some of that. One of the problems I have is that most of my second life time is spent actually making Linden’s, or writing for a website. So the hours of possible roleplay that it would take just simply aren’t available.

    Someone else touched on something earlier that has Merit, there’s something very primal about having a gorgeous woman ready and available, at your leisure, with no fuss. This feeling in and of itself can be a driving Factor, especially for a more repressed male.

    Lastly I think that it could be the new porn, where your the director, the actor, and the writer. At that point it becomes not only finding the female Avatar that does fit every want for you, but also the fact that you’re in complete control of the menu.

    I for one of late have actually been making use of these Sims. The site I write for has me working on other projects besides Second Life, and as such only a small margin of my time per week is spent in Second Life, and most of that is at my home. So these have become a pleasant diversion for me, as many of these girls are far more attractive avatars then what you find on a pole in Second Life.

  2. I don’t know why anyone is surprised about this. Ever heard of date rape with knock out drugs? Basically the same. Well, in SL you don’t have to get rid of the body afterwards.

      1. Cathy,

        I think what Anna meant is, from the perspective of the “fucker”, it is somewhat similar to fuck an afk body or a druged person. He doesn’t care if there is somebody else conciously involved as long as he gets his pleasure.

        So the mind set, or the purpose of somebody fucking an afk slut is somewhat similar to a guy who drugs and rapes a girl. All that counts for him is his satisfaction, he uses another body regardless of that other body is actually responding in any way.

        From the girls perspective, of course the difference here is she consents to use her “unconcious” virtual body.


  3. I am not sure but I get it that it’s hot for some people. I won’t pretend to be some saint, I have my share of “Let’s fuck whatever I see” moments in sl but mostly I’ve been a fan of the interactivity and roleplay that second life sex (and yes thrixx etc) provides lacking in other mediums like porn. It’s like a choose your own adventure but the catch is that’s it’s not a story and that you’re a part of it…doesn’t matter that you are being you or that you are roleplaying… It’s what kind of fun you always like.
    And I guess this is one of those types as well.

    Depending on mood, I might log in there some time maybe if I feel like it. Even though I don’t hope to see Caroline, I’d very well be more than happy having “fun” with Charleen 🙂

    Hey, what’s more fun than fucking Charleen?
    Fucking Charleen listening to 80’s Music Of course 🙂

    Hugs and Kisses Carol!

      1. Oh goodness! Why am I not surprised?
        Mmmm simply ’cause sl is well the home to every kind of fantasy and fetishes. I think that’s the reason the fuck dolls never get removed from many sex sims, ’cause of course there must be people using that (and mind you, if you are one of them… whosoever is reading this, you’re totally awesome!)
        To relate to that, I can think of my scenarios myself where I didn’t give a single shit if the girl was afk in the middle of fucking simply ’cause I was too darn selfish for my own pleasure and wasn’t really emoting. I umm got off damn well!

        Oh I can already feel this fetish seed growing in me! haha!

        Kisses hun x

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