A New Dimension: Alexandr Airport in Second Life

„Hey Caroline, I am on the neighbor region!“ It was Melchior who saw me on the map at Parris Coast Airport, my last stop on my „sailing around the world“ trip. What a coincidence! The mainland consist of thousands of regions. It is very unlikely to coincide at a place you have never been before.

A friend of his happens to rent the parcel next to the airport. I joined him there and told him how I ended up here in such a remote region. Well, remote from my point of view because its far away form home in the blake sea.

He showed me the place of his friend, but when I tried to enter the house suddenly alarm went on the typical message came up: You have 10 seconds to leave the parcel… Ok, so we have security orbs just beside an airport. Actually on the other side of the airport I saw bannlines. This makes flying in the area a serious challenge, if possible at all. Don’t worry, I won`t bore you with yet another rant about egomaniac, property obsessed idiots in Second Life.

Melchior tried to make something out of the coincidence meeting me in the middle of nowhere and ask with tongue in cheek: „ So why don’t you interrupt your travel for a romantic interlude“. Poor Melchior, I was in discovery mode not in sex mode.

I invited him to join me for a flight around the area. He agreed and of we went for a night flight over the North of Satori. Testing the „usability“ of the airspace on the continent.


malibu_010It had to happen of course. Shortly after take off we crash on the grid when trying to enter a region which does not allow access to objects.

Hitting the ground we first discovered this amazingly beautiful breedables farm in Japanese Style. Did you know that Sarori is also called the Japanese continent? I did, so I was expecting something like this sooner or later.

Time to check the map. What are those huge grey areas like buildings over several regions close to our location? I wondered. A city maybe? Of course I had to satisfy my curiosity. We discovered what is the biggest airport I have ever seen in Second Life.

This amazing build really impressed me, and trust me I have seen lots of amazing builds in Second Life before. This airport was not intended for amateur pilots like me. This must be something seriously professional.

Judge yourself:

In one of the office belonging to the main building I met the CEO of, believe it or not, a travel company in Second Life. I had a good chat with Markus about his plans. He actually is in the planning state of this project. He rents terminals here and owns several Boing 737 as part of his company „Inter Blake Sea Islands”.

It took him six weeks of work, to established save flight routes all over the mainland and to all major airports on the grid. I asked him: „Why would somebody book a scheduled flight in Second Life, or even something like a holiday package?“ I did not have an answer to his response: „Why do people buy a Ferrari in Second Life“?

Good point. Maybe this works and adds even more fun to the grid.

For the moment Markus is looking for people to help him on the project, as he can not do all of what is involved on his own. I offered to write about it as it develops and he offered me a tour including flying some routes with him in one of those jets. I am really looking forward to that! I had an idea: I offered to include travel companions for special services in some packages! That would be fun!

What about you, dear readers. What kind of travel packages can you imagine to book in Second Life? Any fun ideas?

Please leave you thoughts in the comments!

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