Ash Wizardly Finally Got The Real Thing

My regular readers might remember the guest post by Ash Wizardly about him fucking the hell out of my ALT Charleen whilst me being afk.

This happened when I was investigating this AFK camping place, a region where girls leave there avatars on poseballs whilst they are actually away from keyboard (AFK) and do other things. They leave their pixel dolls for everone to use for pixel-porn.

Ash is a avid reader and fan of this blog since many years. He knew Charleen is another me.
Maybe that is why fucking AFK-Charleen for hours was such a turn on for him. I even hade him writing about the experience. In return I promised him one of my sex lessons.

It was just recently, when i was unpacking some new stuff I bought, I invited him over to Uwe`s apartment in the sky above the head office. I was only wearing the new pink scarf I bought, nothing else.

Well one thing let to the other and a few moments later, he was having sex with the real Caroline. Not afk at all:


2 thoughts on “Ash Wizardly Finally Got The Real Thing

  1. Hi Nathan!

    You’re right, It is a Royal Turban and you can find it in Zaara store.
    Unfortunately, I don’t think they sell it in MP , but you can visit the In-world link I’m providing to visit the store yourself and check it out!

    They’re Pretty good if you’re into Ethnic Indian wear.

    Also, Thanks for the comment mate! This was not a sex lesson but a great time nonetheless haha, Truly a “one thing lead to another” encounter tbh!
    She still owes me that sex lesson… maybe?! We’ll see 🙂

    Welcome back to SL! Hope you have a great sl adventure. Only in SL can we start life all over again whenever we want! I’ll add you but what is your username?

    Cheers, Take care!

  2. very sexy images indeed. very curious to hear what mr ash learned from the sex lesson as well hehe. also btw what is he wearing as headgear, it looks royal, where can I get it?

    and to everyone else, I am giving sl another go, feel free to contact me and add me as friend ^^ I’m generally pretty cool and cute!

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