Having an Audience during Sex is very Hot

Yesterday at the keyhole club I met Francis. Actually I was watching him whilst he was trying to get somewhat closer to a young woman. Young in this context means relativelly new to Second Life. It didn’t work well for him. It was probably my fault that she run of.  I suggested to take the cloth off before using explicit sex animations. Seriously using fuck animations with all cloth on looks silly, doesn’t it?


He took it with a good sense of humor. He already knew who I am. In fact just before coming to the keyhole club he was exploring the marina on Nautilus were I recently arrived during my “sailing around the world” series. At the same time I was chating with Leo. Poor Leo was having sex with another girl at the moment who did not really please him.

“Is she at least good enough for you to cum in RL?”, I enquired. “No, not really just enough to make me horny. I would rather be with you now”. “Save it for me then”, I answered.

Little later he managed to leave her without causing to much drama and I invited him over. I knew what he needed then. Francis was sitting on that chair in the dressing room and watched us, Actually he did not just watch, he was masturbating whilst watching me getting fucked with passion and desire. Francis was emoting it once in a while. That was quite a turn on for both of us.


I wonder if Francis did cum too in RL. Leo did and said something about a spell I presumablyI had put on him. Laying arm in arm on that couch we actually did a deal: Next time we meet, we will not having sex at all. We want to share other things too. We want to go sailing, flying, dancing. Otherwise we will become just fuck buddies, which is not what we want. The deal was his idea actually just in case you wonder.

Next time you read about us we will have our cloth on. But for now enjoy these pictures:



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  1. (Reposting, I meant to post it under this name!) Public sex in SL is amazingly hot, especially with an appreciative audience! I love when I ‘perform’ at Keyhole and people IM me with encouraging remarks. I hope to catch you there some day!

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