Becoming a Professional Bitch

Yes, I am in the sex business. Not only that I use sex to sell our product, I also had my first experiences in actually getting paid for sex. Yes, as a prostitute, a whore basically.

My first experience happened by accident at the trailer park next door: First time getting paid for sex.

Then I tried my luck on “street whores”.

I think yesterday I took this on another level. I started to promote myself as an escort girl. If I wasn’t a professional until then, latest now I became one.

I joined several sex related groups in Second life. One of them is called the “Escort Universe”. It is part of the Orgasm groups, a very popular adult region in Second Life.

It was fairly easy.

I introduced myself to the group members and told them in a short message in group chat, that I am offering sexual services for cash. Not with those words, but that is basically what it comes down to.

It didn’t take long and I got an inquiry.

“Want to come over and talk prices?” That was what the message said. Pretty straight forward. Just like buying a car or renting a house.

I did follow his invitation.

The teleport brought to a quite impressive place. This guy owns a big parcel on the corsica continent. I learned later that it took him 6 years to build it all as it is today. I guess this bloke is filthy rich!

He is into BDSM. Not something I know much about, not something I particularly enjoy.

But hey, I am a professional. I am not doing this to enjoy myself. The job is to make sure the client enjoys himself. This is what made it different to my previous attempts in the sex trade: It was business!

We agreed a price. For 1.000 L§ I became his personal sex toy. His temporary property which he could use as he pleases.

And that is what he actually did. First he took me to his private beach.

The first hour he was happy with touching, cuddling, binding me and look at my naked body.

Finally he bound me on a cruz. I was suppossed to feel helpless and aroused, waiting for him to penetrate me, right?

You know a bit like when I had that quickie: My best quickie ever.

But what I really thought was that the hour he booked me for is almost over and he hasn’t yet cum, not even fucked me.

He paid me another hour.

Finally he did it. Slow at first, then eager, hard, fast. Possessing me, using me. Suddenly he stopped saying: “ You are not allowed to come as yet”.

Ok? Isn’t him him is supposed to cum? No problem. He who pays calls the shots.

He decided to show me around his property. The garden, the castle including his own music club. Yes his private music club. Not open for the public, just for private parties and events.

There he made me pole dance for him. He apparently loves to just look at pretty naked bodies.

“Will you fuck me in here as well”, I asked.

“Of course I will. Watching you there made me hard again. Come I show you the female pleasure room”, he replied.

In that room upstairs above the music club. He wanted to switch sides. He bound himself on this strange whatever and said: “PLay with me”.

So I did. It felt strange at first. But after a while I started enjoying this. He was there, bound not being able to do anything. My toy so to speak.

I think I drove him crazy:

Him: now try to play with me.

Jessica: /me sees him there after he bound himself, can’t help but taking his cock in her hand and gently massaging it. Feels how it gets hard again in her hand
/me starts wanking him faster, smiles as she feels having control over him.

Him: yes feel helpless great. Llick Jess’s wet pussy taste so good

Jessica: /me leans over him , exposing her pussy over his face, takes his cock in her mouth and massages ist head with her tongue in small circles. Me starts wanking him faster and hard, her hand firmly enclosing his shaft. Then takes it in her mouth, eagerly starts sucking on it, lets it run through here lipps in and out fast feels it pulsing in her mouth.

Stops for a moment, wanks him fast and looks him in the eyes saying: You will cum in my pussy now.

Him: yes Miss

Jessica: /me moan out as she lets his cock slide into her pussy again, starts grinding on him feeling his cock on all sides.

/me starts riding him wild and fast, moves here hips in circles and up and down, lets herself get lost in it, harder and faster, her climax approaching soon. Using his cock for her pleasure, grinding fast.

Obviously enjoying the ride, he did cum rather quick this time.

He will book me again, he said. He has another regular escort girl and a girlfriend, but he wants me to become his number three.

Sounds like a deal.

I think I will try to find some rich regulars. Maybe I become a rich bitch myself?

Lets see how this works out!

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