Bottoms going out

The other day I saw Carol was online. It has been quite a long time we have not met – it seems we have rarely the same schedule these days -, so I decided to give a call. It is always the same Carol who replied: joyful and welcoming.

After a few chit-chatting, getting news of each other, we decided to meet in a club to talk further and why not meet a nice guy or two … hopefully we could have a good surprise. Second Life is like this, it is always very surprising the encounters you can make. The club we decided to go is kind of “daring one”, it is what we can call a voyeur place. People there are supposed to appreciate watch and or being watched. To be honest this is a place I already knew, but it was quite a long time I did not go there.

I arrived first and took place on a stool behind the bar waiting for Carol. I was about to order a drink when she finally popped-up … I stared at her agape, Carol was smiling definitely very happy to have surprised me and sat next to me. You certainly wonder why I was so surprised, maybe the picture below will help you figure out:


Yes indeed, can you believe it? She actually arrived wearing her favorite top … and nothing else. I was laughing like crazy. She ordered us a drink as if everything was perfectly normal and winked at me.

It did not take much time until she convinced me to do the same: I dropped my skirt and panties under my stool and we continued chatting. It was so exciting, I looked back from time to time to check on the crowded room, we were quite a show actually.



I am pretty sure we got a few admirer, I could nearly feel the stares on my bottom … ho this is so tickling feeling a male pair of eyes locked on your buttocks, can you imagine that? Unfortunately they were either shy or not alone, so we did not get much public reactions. Finally one guy, less shy than the others (not shy at all actually when you look at how he was dressed), decided to sit with us.


He was polite but did not comment on our strange way of clothing … It must be so common in a voyeur club actually. He ordered a drink for himself (how rude) and finally left, saying good bye. So sad, he had a so sexy ass! He probably found someone else to … let’s say talk to. We will never know.

Well nothing more happened that day to my disappointment, but I had some very nice butterflies in my tummy. We finally left the club, waving the audience and headed towards Carol’s home.

bottoms_006We promised each other to give it soon another chance … So hopefully I will have more to tell next time.



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