Breedables – Breeding Pets in Second Life?

Some people love pets, dogs for example. Others love them that much, that they need to breed dogs (or other animals) in Second Life. Yesterday I was shown a place that could easlily be classified as a virtual dog breeding center.


The person who showed me this (his) place, calls himself „Schweini Spitteler“, short: Spitte. I actually met him about two weeks ago on a role play sim (I will write about that in a separate blog post). I guess you imagine now some kind of nerdy avatar, maybe a bit like Sheldon Cooper in „the big bang theory“. I cant blame you. Hey, we are talking about breeding virtual animals here.

Wrong! He is actually very good looking and nowhere near to what one would consider nerdy or otherwise strange and just in case you are wondering (I know you do): no, I did not have sex with him (yet).


Spitte explained me how this works. Basically you buy certain strater-raced pixel-dogs, which have some kind of a meter attached to them. The meter shows the different attributes of the dog, its state of mind, gender and a lot of other things. They actually just stand around, unless you activate them by clicking on them which basically makes them walk around (hurray!).

If a female dog gets a 100% on the heat meter (this is not a joke) you bring the bitch to a male pixel-dog so they can breed. I know what you are thinking now, but no, that doesn’t happen. The dogs are actually well behaved. No matter how high their heat is and no matter how much they would love to hump each other, they wait until you log out. Its then when it happens. This is probabably to protect them against abuse from perverts being into zoophilia or robotophilia or both. Maybe its just to make breeding pets a G-rated activity in Second Life.

Next time you come in-world:  tataaaaa the bitch is pregnant. For pregnancy there is also a meter and when the pregnancy meter gets to 100% she gives birth to a puppy. No, of course not. Come on, these are virtual dogs. Virtual dogs don’t give birth to puppies, they give birth to little boxes called „kennels“.


Once you have this box, you right click it and choose „birth“ and by the magic of virtual space a little dog appears. Now you have to feed the little puppy and make sure it breads within the next 120 days. After this time frame the dog looses its capability to reproduce.

I asked Spitte, what the point is. Basically its the fun of seeing what comes out when you cross certain races with certain attributes and such. Spitte seams to be particularly proud on those white ones here:


So let me sum this up: You spend money to buy pixel-robo-dogs which can reproduce themselves automatically. You need to wait and wait until such happens and the outcome is yet another pixel-robo-dog.

Honestly? I still don’t get it. Whats the fun in this. Why do people do this? If anyone can shade some light on this, please leave a comment!

/me points to the comments form!

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  1. Breedables are kinda like gambling…it’s fun while you are hitting the jackpot and making money – and after awhile, you start to lose money and move on to something else …hehe
    We’ve done horses, meeroos, fish, and lemurs….we also have a couple of pet cats
    We enjoy the genetics aspect of it….tracking and figuring and basically obsessing to try to get the traits on the coats….and some of them are just very pretty shrug
    My high point was getting 50K Ls for a charmed unicorn with ten traits at an auction…..most have made way more than that when things were booming
    It’s just one of those things….you do it while it’s fun, and then try to quit before it becomes a problem…
    In most cases, the payout is better than playing zyngo….:)

  2. Carol,

    I saw your forum post regarding ‘Breedables, and ‘What’s the point’.

    First off, I didn’t ( nor have never found your posts or blog) find your question dismissive nor rude and a perfectly good question, especially where say, someone might be a serious investor in virtual content. It’s still a legitimate question and clearly some on the forums have to psychoanalyze everything haha.

    I’ve had breedables, and while they were cute up to a point, there was the “point” of “Not Cute”. Like the scripts for one. many of them pack alot of scripts and many parcels on mainland that have packs of breedables in 20 – 30 at a time will make land prices plummet drastically because no one wants to live or sell near the damn things. And I have to pay a subscription in food to keep them! If i had a vehicle i had to provide fuel for in order to rezz it, I sure as hell wouldn’t be buying too many of those later haha.

    These pad the pockets of their creators as well as preying upon the type of person who may feel compelled to horde things in SL in hopes of some return , financially, or sentimental, BUT at the cost of others around them in Second Life (playing solitaire btw, is not a good comparison to Breedables really). Breedables have a real impact on Second Life as an environment and physics really.

    I collect cars and fashion as well as skins in SL myself for my own enjoyment and something that doesn’t immediately effect other users. If they dont like my clothing or style , they can mute me and I am thus a non factor to their experience at that point. Breedables on the other hand…. If you Block them and de-render them, you will still have script impact which at times can be unbearable to server/client communication for everyone.

    I say to each their own, but with breedables I personally feel they should be restricted to private estates and ones that specifically rent for the purpose of breedables so that I don’t end up the neighbor who has to share in on someones fascination with automatrons.

    1. Hi Max,

      thanks for your comment.I did not even think down this line. I have land on the mainland and hope my neighbours will not get into this then. I also thought about trying out some of those breadable, just to see whats the fun in it. Now after your comment, I rather talk to my neighbors first.

      However one question from someone who never came accross this thing so far (silly me): I was under the impression, that the scripts are only in use when you actually activate those robo-animals. If you don´t they just stand there doing nothing.

      Did I get this wrong?


  3. People make serious money breeding and selling these animals. There are far more than just dogs. They have cats, horses, meeroos, dragons, fairies, bunnies, and many more.
    You interviewed one person and think that will give you the complete answer?

    1. Drake,

      no it will not give me the complete answer, hence the reason I ask the question here and hope for some input from my readers. I asked Spitte about the business side of it too. He said basically that there used to be a market for those pets, and at the time some went for more than 50.000 LD. But he said that USED TO BE the case not any more. It sounds actually even more bizarre to me that people did spend that much money for a robo-pet.


  4. Hi. I don’t actually have any breedables. I would like to get a pet but can’t be bothered to buy food to feed a pretend pet. And I don’t have the time to get involved in breeding/selling and whatever else is involved with it. But that being said, I think it adds to the realness of SL to have something waiting for you when you get home. And some… the ones I’m interested in, can follow you or even be worn by you.

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