Breaking the Pledge

Secret Beach is one of the most popular adult beaches nowadays. I went there the other day. I did not have any other intention than having a closer look at the place and take some pictures – maybe for a block post entitled “Most popular beaches in Second Life.

It is actually a stunning place. Very well designed, many hidden little places, beautiful gardens and so on.

Secret Beach
Secret Beach

It was busy when I went there. Not overcrowded though. People enjoyed the beach, the waves (you can do surfing there too) and of course: sex.

Sex Huds at Secret Beach Second Life
Sex Huds at Secret Beach Second Life

Actually those few couples doing it where not secretive about it. They fuck there in public. If you like that sort of stuff, secret beach is your place.

Sex on the Beach
Sex on the Beach


There was this one guy however who showed an obvious interest in me. He tried to talk to me, walked everywhere I went, almost stalked me. Even when I was talking to my new colleague who showed up there as well.

Stalker on the Beach
Stalker on the Beach

I knew he was horny and I was the object of his desires.

I TPed to Caroline’s Mansion, and I thought: “Hmmm, maybe that is going to be my next client”. I couldn’t approach him on the beach for that, as prostitution is strictly prohibited there.

I did send him invite for a TP.

Of course, he followed the invitation. I was laying on one of the beds. Naked! That increased his hornyness even more.

Teasing naked on the bed
Teasing naked on the bed

I smiled at him at explained: “ This is a place where horny guys can play with beautifull girl when they are afk, or semi-afk. Sometimes the girls aren’t afk and offer escort services too”.

“I like that”, he replied and joined me on the bed. He then realised that he could actually not use the bed’s menu.

I explained: “ This is for group members only. We want to keep this a bit exclusive and keep the “no-tipper” away. That’s why there is a little cost involved in joining the group. But its only 1.000 L$, the price of two beer i real life”.

“Well, I don’t have that kind of money. I pledged never to spend any real money on Second Life, “ he replied.
I saw him there, naked on the bed, obviously very aroused with a stiff cock staring at me.

“It is much more fun, when you become part of the Second Life economy, I replied, “You can upgrade your avatar for example and you can easily afford to become member at better places such as this one.”

I continued my pitch:

“As a group member you have access to everything here, including those pretty girls, including me, here and now!”

“Ok, I am going to break my pledge, you are too hot”.

He bought L$. It was a bit of a challenge for him to join the group and pay the 1.000 L$ entry fee. But eventually he managed suing the group joiner at the landing point..

“Welcome to Caroline’s Mansion, want a tour off the house?

“No, come. I want to fuck you!”
He was very clear what he wanted and when: now!

I took him upstairs in the main bedroom. The lighting there is far better than in the rooms downstairs.

Seconds after I layed on the bed, he was on my pussy, licking it eating it. He really was horny, almost desperate.

Finally taking me.

He obviously has a preference for ‘girl on top’. He tried many of them, I didn’t even know we had that many.

He was fucking me right left and center. It took more than an hour for him to finally let me off, after having cum twice. First time on my belly, second time in me!

I didn’t even have to do much. Apparently he didn’t even expect role play or emotes. So a bit of dirty talk and I was done.

Cum Shoot
Cum Shoot

In between CAroline was in the house too.

She had a good laugh and send me an IM: “Well done little bitch, that’s how one sells memberships! Don’t forget to pass him the link to 3dxchat landing page, maybe he is good for that too”.

She is very business driven, you know.

Well I had good fun that afternoon and can proud myself in having made somebody break his pledge never to spend real money for Second Life.

Now he did. Because of me!




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