Bringing Danger Anywhere

Dear Caroline’s readers,

I am following my idea to tell you about dangerous places in Second Life, that is place where you can have a feeling of a danger, not actually dangerous places … well at least I hope so. I took one of the suggestion of Caroline on my previous post which was to use Sassy’s stuff. If you want to know more about Sassy’s stuff, you can have a look on marketplace.

I quote the designer: “The basic concept is that you’re wearing a pair of jeans that anyone else has control over. Not you, no that would be no fun, once they’re “in play”, you *will* find yourself in certain umm… “loss of control” situations.”

Exactly what I am looking for, with the very advantage of being able to bring the danger wherever you are. I could not resist such a temptation and I gave it a try, of course. So let me now tell you what happened that doomed day.


I was sitting in a train wearing my brand new jeans … yes there are trains in Second Life (check for SLRR if you are interested), some of them are crossing very long distance between multiple sims, and they are actually very useful to travel without much effort … ho yes I am lazy, you never noticed that?

At one stage, I must have fallen asleep, I actually do not know what exactly happened, the only thing I can remember is that I opened my eyes and that thug jumped on me and chloroformed me… my world started to spin more and more rapidly, I felt incredibly nauseous and then … this is a total blackout. When I woke up I did not know exactly how much time had  passed since I lost conscience.  Despite I opened my eyes, I was still in the complete dark … I realized I had been blindfolded, and this definitely meant I was in serious trouble. I had been sit on a chair and tied to it, whoever did that could not be a gentleman. This is when I heard footsteps near me, I was not alone in the room … I felt we were in a room even if I could not see it due to the absence of noises … probably a cellar or something similar, it was quite cold and wet there.


-“Glad to see you regained consciousness Catherine” a male voice said.

-“Who are you? Where … where am I?” I asked in a croaked voice. The man chuckled apparently amused by my questions and concerns. “How long have I been unconscious?”

-“I can only answer to this last question Catherine. You have been dozing for a few hours … I was starting to worry about you.” he added with an amused tone.

-“How … how is it that you know my name?” I asked more and more anxious

-“Ho I know you very well Catherine … it is now a few months that I spy on you. Someone paid my “services” to get you in that situation. Nothing personal Catherine, I am sorry it has to happen to you. Well not so sorry after all, I might enjoy it a lot to be honest.” said the voice. My heart was beating so hard in my chest, I thought I would collapse from a stroke.

-“What? What do you mean?” I asked more and more panicked. “Please do not make any harm” I said sobbing. “I will pay more than whoever paid you, I promise I will pay more to spare me. Please don’t hurt me.” I burst into tears.

-“Ho no worries darling, I won’t hurt you … quite the contrary actually … I am just gonna to … well let’s say … blacken your reputation Catherine. I am going to fuck you in front of the camera, and I want whoever will watch the tape thinks that you actually enjoyed it a lot … you understand?”

-“Bastard!” I yelled in fury.

-“Ho it’s not my fault Catherine, it’s what is written on my contract … and I think I will enjoy this contract a lot to be honest. So now you have two options, the smooth way … or the hard way.” He said these last words in a very slow motion. I shivered.

-“Go to hell!!!” I yelled again at him. He laughed.

-“This is what I thought!” and I heard his footsteps going away. He came back a few minutes later. I felt his powerful hand gripping my jaw. “Open your mouth now!” I instantly closed it and in response he held my nose. I was soon gasping for some air and he took the chance to force the neck of a bottle in my mouth. Soon the liquid was flowing down my throat …. “vodka” I immediately recognize the strong alcohol … he was trying to get me drunk … I felt the strong beverage burning my throat and my trachea. I coughed hardly after he made me swallow the first mouthful. Then he did it again and again and I finally heard him put the bottle down nearby. “This should help you to relax a little.” he finally said before laughing.


He then walked away and I heard him doing things I did not understand behind me, but I could clearly hear some chains… All the time he was chatting with me, asking questions, sometimes the same … I understood he was actually assessing my drunk state. Two times he made me drink again and there was no point to resist now. I was trying to resist the effect of the alcohol but I knew it was a battle already lost. The world was spinning again, and he finally crouched behind my chair and untied my wrists. He helped me on my feet and made me walk, still blindfolded, to a table on which he sat me.

-“I think you are ready now Catherine.” I felt him approaching and spat hoping to reach his face. “Bitch!” he said … I started to laugh like crazy and he interrupted it by slapping my face hard. I stopped for a few seconds laughing, and resumed again … I completely lost the control of myself. “You are definitely ready now.” he said laughing now with me.

He pushed me and I fell laying back against the table. Piece by piece, he stripped from all my clothes. He let only my panties and my sandals on … Then I felt his hands on me. My temporary alcoholic joy vanished as my body was warning me … I knew at this moment what was going on, but there was nothing I could do to fight it.


 I cannot remember exactly what we did, but I remember pretty well he filmed us while we were having wild sex, he made me say degrading things to the camera, and made me took some pills … which made me completely crazy … I am sure he has on tape what he was expecting to get, because I clearly remember I had incredible orgasms that day.

He let me take a shower while I heard he telephoned to probably his mysterious customer.

-“It’s done, you will get the footage in one hour” he simply said before hanging up.


As I was drying myself, I felt his strong arms catching me and he chloroformed me again … I woke up a few hours later in my bed. How did he manage that, I definitely do not know, but the next morning the locksmith was at my place to change all the locks. The same morning, I received an email without any title from a generic address, it was simply reading: “do not call the police or this video goes public”. In attachment was a video featuring the “best” moments I shared with my mysterious abductor. “Instructions will follow soon”  read the last sentence of the email. I was not expecting some instructions and I could definitely fear the worst to come.


Well, dear readers, this is all for the moment and an overview of the kind of adventures or encounters you can make on the grid … any time and anywhere if you wear one of the sassy’s equipment. It is not for the fainted hearts though so beware. I hope you will not find the story too “extreme”, but abduction fantasies are rarely soft.



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