Shaping a Callboy in Second Life

Shaping a Callboy in Second Life

This one is for the ladies! Guys move on, read my other articles or watch my porn videos. Nothing for you to see here. Just kidding guys, You can read this of course and even comment on it. Howver you might find it less interesting. For you ladies out there: You can help me shaping a male escort the way you want him.

Nate is an old friend of mine. I met him when he was a noob about two years ago. I ca not remember much of our possibly brief encounters, only that we went out to Tomuli’s Restaurant on Corsica for a dance and some motorbike riding. Nothing naughty I belive. Well, maybe a blow job.

Howver I have not seen him for a long time until he recently, wehn I sat in Franks Elite Jazz Club and recieved an IM from him. He had a particular question:

What does it take to become a good callboy?

I invited him over to my place. In order to really give advise, I need to see him and do a little „status quo audit“.

Lets start with his looks. Appearance is important, not only for guys. First impressions count and often decide about yes or no. Those of you on tinder know exactly what I mean. Especially in Second life, where free sex is available in abundance, one who wants to make it into the sex business, must make a difference in that matter.

Here is what I got to see:

A Callboy in Second Life?

A Callboy in Second Life?

Yes not bad looking. Decent skin, realistic shape and a choice of good quality formal cloth. Handsome? Yes I think so. But outstanding? No, he needs a bit of work done. I believe, a mesh body, mesh hands, realistic eyes are kind mandatory.

Ladies, what do you think? What are you suggesting my friend Nate has to do about his looks for him to be attractive enough to be considered for paid sex?

But whats there to see without cloth. So I asked him to take his cloth off:

Hot or not?

Hot or not?

Ok, not to bad either. Don’t know about you, ladies, but I personally don’t like those schwarzeneggerised bodies nor oversized penises. In this discipline Nate passed the audit.

What do you think?

But lets get to the most important part. How good his he in bed. Only one way to find out really: I have to sleep with him. Preferably without feeling under the pressure that he is actually going through an exam.

The way I did that? Well we were talking about the importance of realistic and smooth animations. Those old school sex huds with poses from 10 years ago and „jump around transitions“ between animations, just don’t do it, if you want to provide an experience worth being paid for.

„I am using Tenderlove, because of the realistic transitions between animations, come let me show you how that works“, I said and ask him to follow me in the bedroom upstairs.

I switch my red lights on and we did test some cuddling poses. Of course, it did not take long from laying naked on the bed testing animations, to actually have sex. It was good actually, he is a good lover. However there is room for improvement.


First of all he needs to learn the mechanics of emoting properly. You know those little rules, the role play community has kind established, such as emoting is done in third person, never emote what your partner does or feels, leave room for answering the emote, do not do thought emotes and make sure you use the /me formatting command.

He did all of those incorrectly. To me that did not matter much, it was nice anyway. However if he want to become a professional, those skills need to be practiced and mastered.

Agreed ladies? Anything to add?

Next was the thing with the right angle. You know what I mean? Yes, the control of the penis for it to actually match its attempted destination. Well, stick your cock into the pussy, don’t screw the bed instead. Otherwise it will look like this:

Failed Blow Job

Failed Blow Job

This was supposed to be a blow job, actually.

He was using an excite penis, with apparently had only the options flaccid or erect, but nothing in-between. If that’s the case, he needs to get another one.

Ladies, any suggestions? Which on is your favorite? Which on should your future call boy get?

We also talked about ethics in the sex business. The code, so to speak. Most important rules:

Never stalked a client, wait until the client takes the initiative. However, you can sometimes text the client to remind them of you. Just make sure you have a nice contact story (rez day is a good one, or suggestions to visit a certain sim based on his likes and preferences). Just do not overdo it.

Never go to places where he tend to meet up with friends or communities he is into. Stay away from the clients regular environment. Be discrete!

Never expect anything from a client, other than the agreed payment. He is not your lover, but your client. He comes to you, BECAUSE its no strings, no obligations fun.

Ladies, want to add something here? What behavior would you expect from a callboy?

Last but not least:

Would you actually consider hiring a callboy?

You would , if….., or is it an absolute nogo for you?  If yes, what would you be prepared to pay for the experience and what would you expect from it?

Please comment and help me shaping Nate into  the perfect callboy!


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    Sage 1 year

    Guys have it so much harder than we grls but with a little bit of hard work they can be very succesfful in this business as well. Big question here is is Nate wants to be a a male escort as a way to earn money or more as a way to fufill a fantasy. If it’s the former than I suggest looking around at clubs that hire men, maybe even just as a striiper first. It will give him the experience and some money to spend on his avatar. If Nate already has money then big shopping spree is a good idea. For sure mesh body, maybe a mesh head, eyes, good cock (aeros is the best choice), some mesh clothes that fit perfectly and then some accessories. In order for me personally to want to spend some money or a guy he needs to be hot, but with some edge (Nate’s look as for now is a bit too polite and sweet for my taste). The kind of look that makes ladies want to be with him, he needs to look like he’s good in bed and knows how to please a lady.

    And thet’s the easy part. Guy also should be able to emote well and keep the conversation going. Some wit and charm can go a long way. Also the skills to roleplay different scenarios, operating the menu and adjusting poses and body parts.
    Maybe it’s a good idea for Nate to visit some venues with male entertainers to see the way they are working, how they look, how they talk to ladies just to see himself the standards he needs to meet in order to be good at this.

    Anyways good luck Nate

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    Xcite! appendages 🙂 work well. Xcite! is my preference. But, you have to know how to use them, sorta like real life.

    There is also the problem of getting things in proportion. A 1ft (30cm) diameter and 3ft (1m) schlong may be what a guy thinks will impress (no double double entendre intended) a girl. And they do have a fascinating aspect. But, they are horrible for photos and video. Watching such a monster protruding from the back of my head is NOT erotic.

    If you have read Penny Patton’s and my articles on scale and proportion in SL, you start to understand the challenge animation and furniture makers have making things work together. The newish Hover Height helps. But, adjusting the furniture before hooking up while making for way better pictures and visual experience is a bit of wet blanket. Practice helps. But, often first hookups are not at home. It takes time to decide if a guy can be trusted with such information.

    So, my 5-10 height (1.78m) and a 7’+ (2.13m) guy makes it hard to ‘visually’ hook up. Way easier with a 6ft guy (1.88m).

    So, I think it is less about the brand and more about the effort they guy puts into making things work and look hot.

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    Blake 1 year

    Hi Caroline, I’ve been following your blog for a while now and it’s really interesting! I started a SL account a few days ago to try the escorting life out for myself, but how do you suggest getting a good start without using a credit card (I don’t want to cheat haha), especially as a guy? I’d consider myself pretty good at emoting and roleplaying. However, it seems like every other guy has a nice mesh head and body, giant schlong, and can pick up girls with ease + my SL age is questionable when it’s only a few days.

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    Nate 1 year

    Caroline I was able to download the add/on and have fixed any issues with the xcite angles. Thanks for the write up. Ladies feel free to comment.

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    Part of my SL RP storyline has been as a sperm donor who delivers directly to your cervix for greater success. I do it for the enjoyment of collaborative storytelling and have never charged for the service, and although I make that clear, I have been tipped a few times for my RP, one of which was a generous amount.

    I have been told my avatar is well-made even though it’s not mesh (I promise I will switch someday), and I’m particularly careful to use prim rulers to verify that I’m under 2m tall and that my attachments are realistically to scale. (I have been told “you’re too short, make your avi taller” and “your willy is too small”. Needless to say, I did not RP with them.) I agree wholeheartedly with your points about size mismatch ruining the photographic opportunities. It also takes me out of the scene, just as when a movie is poorly acted, directed, or edited.

    My budgeted flow of $ into L$ is sufficient to support how I play in SL, but now I am intrigued about charging for my services and how that would change both the SL-avatar-RP interaction and the RL-player-OOC interaction.

    Thanks for putting words on a page to cover this topic. It may open another facet to my Second Life.

    Question for Caroline or anyone reading this: Do you have advice for which type of mesh avatar is easiest to use and modify? I don’t want to look like a muscle-bound steroid-addict, nor like a clone of every other barely post-pubescent Ken® doll walking around. My avatar does not have to match my RL exactly, but I want to be able to identify with a regular-guy™ puppet walking around as my unique character on the screen.

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