Caroline at the Dear Prudence Rock Club

It has been a long time since I actually login into Second Life with a brand new account. Things changed a lot I noticed. The good news was, that I don’t have to do all the stupid tasks again which were kind of mandatory years ago. Instead you land at a place called Destination Island.

What still remained the same is, that you start of with a very basic avatar. Call me vain, but I thought I  could not start my journey looking like one of those standard starting avis. So my first visit was to a place called Freebie Galaxy.  I grab lots of free stuff there: skins, shapes, cloth and hair and off I went to Help Island to go to the sandbox.

It was a disappointing exercise to try on all those different shapes and skins. One looked worse than the other and after a while I gave up and decided to use the standard Avatar called “female Student” for the time being. I just dressed a bit different as the cloth the avi comes with, are totally unacceptable.  I hope I will meet people on the way, who can advise me on better places to get free stuff.

Then I asked people on help Island for a recommendation of a noob friendly music club and got my first landmark from somebody. Immediately I TP-ed to the place and found myself in very busy rock club. I did not have much time to get into conversations at the time, but at least I got a starting point for this trip and made a screenshot to give you guys an idea of how I look like now.

So here I am, in a raunchy rock club, called DP or Dear Prudence Rock Club.

What you guys think? Should I rather quickly get a new look or is this ok for the time being?

Any comments, criticism and suggestions appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Caroline at the Dear Prudence Rock Club”

  1. I say don’t rush it. It’s a cute enough look and to be expected of a new person. You might get more help offered to you that way, and it might also help with the ‘new’ experience.

    However, you might grow tired of that generic look rather quickly, so keep an eye out for what you could envision yourself looking like!

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