Caroline the Escort Girl: A Compilation

Caroline the Escort Girl: A Compilation

I am doing it a lot recently. Sometimes several times in the same day. I even have clients waiting until I finish with the one I am with at the time. If I would do in real life what I am doing in Second Life, I barely could walk anymore.

My Linden account grows at a fascinating pace too, as I do not have time to spend it actually.

I don’t want to bore you with articles about each and every one of my encounters with new clients, regular clients and sex lessons, because those encounters are all very similar. Of course, if there is a special adventure in-between I will report it in great detail.

Today I only would like to show you a picture compilation of my last encounters as an Escort Girl in Second Life.

Enjoy the Pictures:

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    Yes, I remember well that session we made together with the tattooed guy!
    You are a very professional escort Caroline, I hope to work with you again soon! Kisses :-*

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