Caroline the Escort Girl: A New Regular

Caroline the Escort Girl: A New Regular

hen I logged in today, I felt a bit bored. None of closer friends were online, nor any of my regular clients. So I decided to do some sim-hoping and see what I might encounter. First stop: the keyhole club.

I was wearing a casual outfit, nothing too sexy as I wasn’t really „at work“. However it did not take very long and a good looking and well dressed guy approached me. He inquired if I am here often and if I am here to „hook up“. I explained I am just looking whats up toady and that I am a professional.

I had no intention to pursue business at the club, as its actually not allowed there to solicit business as an escort girl. In fact I was actually checking my adverts there for my thrixxx affiliate program.

To my surprise he asked for the price and if I am available. He booked me there and then. Quickly I went home to prepare everything. As this proposal caught me by surprise, I had nothing ready. Hence I placed the tenderlove poseball, put some red lights on and slipped into sexy lingerie.

And we did it. I felt this one might become a regular hence I did my best to please him. See pictures below for reference.

After we finished we did have a good talk and amongst other things I asked him: „Why do you actually enjoy escort girls or do you even prefer them?”

To my surprise he answered, it is difficult to find women, interested in sex in Second Life. He tried at several of the places which advertise „free sex“, but could not get anywhere. I think his approach to the girls might have been a bit too direct. You know what I mean. First line would be „hello how are you“, and second line „interested in Sex“?

It doesn’t work that way!

Maybe some of my readers would like to share, how it actually does work. Girls, what approach works on you? Do you do it sometimes at the free sex places? If so , what does it take to excite you and to do it there and then? Guys, you want to share some tricks and tipps?

Tomorrow he will be online again and already kinda reserved some time with me. I guess I will see him more often now, as not only I am available, easy to approach but also he enjoyed very much being with me.

Maybe one day, when Cathy is online. I will arrange to fulfill one of his fantasies: Watching two girls having fun and join in later to fuck with both.

Cathy? You are in for it?

To be continued!

Sex with Caroline the Escort Girl in Second Life


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    Hi Carol,
    To me the best approach is a bit like in RL. I definitely enjoy a good chat and flirt, they are sometimes the best part in it. A few dances on the floor and I am then usually happy to go somewhere else for more naughty activities. I am definitely not into a too direct approach. Unless of course I am hired for it, which is definitely a different thing.

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    And to answer your question Carol… Of course I am in it! Your new regular looks very “tempting” … So whenever you fancy it!

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    Somebody was complaining today about me having started this article with hen instead of When.
    I will not add the missing W , just because I dont have to!



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    To be honest, I never asked my clients why they enjoy escort girls, however I think you Caroline are right when saying that most girls have a terrible approach!

    Just like Cathy, I found the most enjoyable way for both me and them is a good flirt before the actual “action”… 😉

    About the threesome, count me in too Caroline!
    Last time we did it together was really fun 😉

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