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Witnessing one of Caroline’s Lesson in Sex

Dear Caroline’s readers,

Caroline invited me over her charming home for a breakfast and a long catch-up this week-end. It was indeed some time we did not meet in-world. I did not see the time passing to be honest, we had so much to share! Believe me, Caroline has a lot of projects for the months to come, including her new series which just started (see Temptations on Orientation Island).


She told me at one stage that she had an appointment, later that same morning, with one of her customer. She actually had been booked to give her famous sex lessons that she started when she was still the manager of the Mansion (see Sex Lessons at the Swinger’s Mansion). I got the message, it was high-time for me to let her alone … I can be so chatty sometimes! I was packing my things when Carol surprised me saying:

-“Why won’t you stay?”

I looked at her, wondering if she was kidding or not, obviously she was not. Well, I was definitely curious to see what were those lessons, what she was actually teaching to those men, and maybe to see if I could learn something myself. So definitely I was tempted. I asked her to check if it was ok with her customer and apparently he told her he was happy with it. “Deal!” I said.

-“Good! I have just enough time to change before he arrives” she said. “You should change too Cathy … just to feel the atmosphere.” she added half-kidding. I smiled and definitely agreed with that.

Finally the man arrived, exactly on-time. He probably did not want to waste one second of this precious knowledge transfer I thought then. Caroline introduced him to me, his name was Frank, a tall and handsome guy wearing a three-piece suit, definitely a cute one to my standard. Caroline and Frank sat on a sofa, I sat aside in another corner of the landing, getting more and more curious of what would happen.


Caroline started the “interview” in a joyful tone but also with the assurance of someone who knows what she is talking about … definitely she is. Frank was more reserved and shy. I wondered at the beginning if he was not a virgin. Soon during the discussion between those two, I learnt that he was not and has quite some experience, but wanted to improve.  I stayed quiet and listened carefully at all Caroline’s advice, as probably Frank did, but he seemed so tense all the time! He even was nearly shocked when she kissed him while making an emoting training.


I started to worry it was my presence that was disabling him. I whispered to Caroline she just had to tell me and I would leave. After all, having a voyeur in the room was not something for everybody and I could perfectly understand I made him uncomfortable. Frank assured he was perfectly fine with my presence and so I decided to stay but was ready to leave anytime: I did not want to be responsible of a failure of the teaching lesson.

Until then everything was very theoretical, but Caroline decided it was time to practice what Frank learnt, and she brought him in her bedroom. She gently asked him to undress and invited him to join in the bed. I should probably have left at that moment, but I was too curious to see Frank in the nude, and let’s be honest : I wanted to watch them have sex. So I followed them and stood by the open door as the lesson continued.

Definitely it is a different matter to talk about theory and to practice the theory. Frank had to adjust some settings, sentences, as Caroline was not letting her pupil to do one thing wrong, she was very strict. He complied with good mood and was actually soon in full motion and the rest of it was no more a lesson: it was just very hot sex. Frank was not shy anymore and gave its best to Caroline who definitely seemed to enjoy it very much (didn’t you Carol?). Believe me it was a really hot show to witness and I was definitely very aroused by the time they finished it.

After a long cuddling session, Caroline stood and dressed back, she had to leave. She waved good bye to Frank who was still displaying a large smile, laying stark naked on the bed. Caroline hugged me: “Did you like the show?” she whispered in my ear. I smiled and nodded.


-“You two should give it a run when Frank has recovered” she said giggling on her way out.

I waved her goodbye by the window as she was leaving the house. I looked back, Frank was behind me, standing and smiling. I smiled back and started to catch my things, I definitely had to leave to take care of my pressing arousal.

-“Want to come to my home Cathy?” he asked with a killing smile.

I stared at him and smiled back.

-“Definitely!” I said.

We took our things and made our way to his house, a very large one actually having a direct access to open sea. It was quite tempting to have a swim, but we both had something different in mind. So we went upstairs and danced on the very large balcony, the time for him to “recover fully” … it was not long before I could feel something growing between us as we danced. He was ready again.


He took me by the hand and we went to the bedroom. I was definitely in a very advanced state of arousal then. Judging by his erection, he was most probably in the same state. Without any further warning, he took me right there, against the wardrobe.


No denial possible, I enjoyed it a lot: the surprise, the rough way, and yes, his cock too. We then went to bed and finished what we brilliantly started standing, a very hot session of sex with a very good lover (even better after he took this lesson with Caroline).

A big thank you Frank, it was real fun to watch you … and even more to play together!

I feel SecondLife can provide some real great satisfactions (not only sexually by the way), but as it is happening in a virtual word, it is better to have some common rules and practices to enjoy it properly with a partner. Caroline’s lessons are highlighting those basic rules to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. If you want to have a flavor of the theory, you should read one of the numerous articles Caroline wrote on the subject:

… and numerous others… Or you could as well book a lesson.

Now is your time to shine : What do you enjoy in virtual sex? What are your dos and donts on the matter? What is your advice to have a pleasant experience?



Sailing with Caroline and Joy

Dear Carol’s readers,

It has been ages I did not post on this blog. I am very happy to write again here as it reminds me kindly my shy beginnings under Caroline’s scrutiny, following her advice to try to make it well, and more importantly to enjoy the experience, look at what was my first post then. Well, I am still alive after more than one year of blogging and definitely not ready to give up, my own blog is working fine and I am creating a little community there.

Caroline and I are now, unfortunately, very sporadically online at the same time. Something I deeply regret since I had a lot of excellent times with her, some nice adventures I like to remember, and a few intimates encounters too. That day when I came online was very special: you guessed it, Caroline was online, but not only her, some time later, Joy as well, another old friend I knew when Caroline was still running the mansion. Joy is actually the former girlfriend of Dainiz, himself being the former business partner of Caroline … a business that ended with a lot of grief.

I do not remember if I contacted Caroline first, or if it was the other way around but we very quickly agreed to meet. Caroline was about to sail on her nice little boat. I slipped into my swimsuit and joined her in the harbor where she parked (not sure this is the proper word for sailors) her boat.

The wind was good and very quickly I was not able to see the coast anymore. Caroline is definitely a skilled skipper and she knew exactly where she was headed to. She managed some very dangerous maneuvers while calmly talking to me. All I had to do was to enjoy the fantastic sceneries of the sea, the beaches we were sailing along. I have no memory of where we were, but definitely Caroline should be able to fill the gaps. I just enjoyed the caress of the sun while admiring the perfect bottom of Caroline * giggles * , well discreetly and with class off course! 

At sunset, we stopped over at a little exotic harbor and took Joy on board. We resumed our little journey in the soft darkness of a calm night, with only the moon to light us up. Joy did not change a lot actually, she always dresses with style, even when we are talking of a simple bikini, she knows how to add accessories to give her that indescribable class. We chatted the three of us for some time, catching up, telling each others our little stories, findings and projects.


I did not see the time passing, alas I had to leave them a lot earlier than I would have expected. I forced them to stop by again to let me disembark. I waved them goodbye until the boat vanished in the darkness of the night. I left with a wide smile crossing my face.

Not much happened as you can see, but definitely this is those moments who actually count. Just like the real life, it is not always when you are having an active life, running and doing a lot of things at the same time that you enjoy your life better … maybe some do, not me. No actually I prefer those calm moments when you have time, when you can take the time to discover more your acquaintances, your friends, your lover. Second Life definitely adds to the magic of these moments, because in a second, you can teleport yourself, in a fantastic place, with some of your friends who can live on the other side of the planet. I know this is all basics of Second Life, but I wanted to share this again as I am never tired of experimenting these magic evenings or afternoons.

Be well all, enjoy your second life the much you can, meet your friends and discover the world !! Caroline, please show us again, set sail to new destinations, and give us the inspiration to be discoverer as well and share with others.

Kiss, kiss


Invite at Del’s place

Dear Carol’s readers,

You have probably heard of Del, he is one of Caroline’s friends.The man is owning a very nice private beach on which he invites some friends for, let’s say “private” parties. I caught a glimpse of this nice place on Caroline’s twitter account and asked her if I could get an invite one day.

A week later, I saw that Carol was online and so I called her … she was there and proposed me to join on the paradise island. I was with Kod at the time, Kod is one of my best friend in Secondlife and certainly the oldest one. Caroline invited him as well and we were soon around the fire. There were apart from me, Kod and Caroline: Del himself, his new girlfriend Lena, and guess what … his former girlfriend Kimmi. Well here you can already say that those guys are really open-minded.


We received a very warm welcome and I take the opportunity to thank Del for his hospitality. We had a friendly chat, while I admired the beauty of the place, it was even better than in the shots I had seen previously. The white sand, the high quality furnitures, I was dreaming … my only problem as very often, was that I get again very laggy. Still I managed to discuss with them properly.

Unfortunately, it was starting to get pretty late and all our hosts started to … move back to their real life. Caroline, Del and Lena left. We were just Kod, myself and Kimmi. I do not know how, probably Kod’s fault again :-), we started to talk about sex. Kod was kidding me, he knew I was in the mood, he always knows it actually, he has a sort of 6th sense for that … well coming out of the blue, Kimmi told us she would enjoy seeing both of us have sex in front of her. It reminded me a recent post of Caroline: Having an audience is very hot. I have to admit I liked it a lot and Kimmi’s proposal was too tempting to refuse. She actually showed us the way to the beach and set herself in a deckchair while she motioned elegantly to the other one for me and Kod.


It is a strange experience at the beginning: I spent my time looking at Kimmi who was actually staring at us. It was a bit intimidating at the beginning, but as soon as I was in action, it became a powerful turn-on. It actually did not take us time to throw all our clothes on the sand of the beach and to offer a real show to Kimmi.

Kod was simply amazing, probably he felt the same as me, and being watched made him an amzing lover. I told him at one stage to go to Kimmi and take care of her craving body … It did not take long to Kod to send her to heaven and more than one time ! 


Kimmi left us apparently happy and exhausted, while Kod and I continued to enjoy the deserted beach for some time. It was a long time I did not do it on the beach, and I really had a lot of fun !!

Being watch is definitely something I like … I even think I could enjoy being a voyeur. And you dear readers, what do you prefer: Only with your lover ? With some audience ? Being the audience ? Let us know !!



Oops we did it again

Dear Carol’s readers,

well it is me Catherine, I feel ashamed not having posted anything in ages, but as you can see I am trying to fix this now. To be honest, I have been tempted to keep this story for myself (and a few witnesses actually), but I decided that it has to be shared, hopefully you will like it. On my side, I enjoyed writing it … at least it made someone happy.

As it happens a bit more often these times, Carol and I were online simultaneously. It was Carol who said “hi” the first. After a quick chat we convened that I will join her at her place, so I jumped in a taxi and with the magic of SecondLife, I was at her door a few seconds later. The door was not locked and I entered the house calling her. I actually like this place a lot, all decorated with taste in grey and white tones … if I own a house myself one day, this is probably something very similar I would try to achieve.

-“I am here” I heard her reply from what I guessed was her bedroom.

The door was open and I entered the room finding Caroline, very relaxed, laying on her tummy on her own bed. She was wearing a black set of lingerie and smiled to me:

-“Have a sit if you dare!” she said tapping on her bed.

This is when I started to have this feeling of deja vu (see Revelation at the Mansion). I giggled and smiled back:

-“Sure! I don’t see why not?”


So I laid on my tummy as well, facing her. We chatted for some time as we usually do when we meet. But as we discussed, I was constantly reminding of what happened at the Mansion a few months ago. I felt some tender butterflies agitating in my belly, I was aroused. Was it the sight of Caroline, or the sweet memory of my sole lesbian experience, I do not know, but I cannot deny I was definitely sexually excited. I did not know if Caroline was in the same state of mind, so I did not dare to make a single move. This was actually her who did: she laid her hands over mine and started to caress them. She smiled to me and I realized she was probably thinking of the same thing than me. This was no more a revelation to me, I knew I could enjoy sex with another girl, well …. maybe not any girl actually, with Caroline I knew it from experience.

She sat behind me and took me in her arms. She kissed my neck and I was all shivering, it made her giggle in gentle mockery. I turned my face to her and … finally we kissed passionately. I nearly forgot how good it was to kiss Caroline. Her right hand was unbuttoning my shorts in the mean time, I could not believe it was happening again and still … I did not want to resist one second. Soon we peeled from our tops and Caroline pressed her soft breasts against my back while she played with my titties with one hand. Her other hand slid in my shorts and froze on my venus mount. She stared at me as if to ask permission. I was too involved to let it go, I laid my hand on hers and pushed below until she was right over my clit … I let out a long moan. It triggered all the wilderness of our sexually charged bodies. She peeled me from my shorts and thong and soon I felt her magic tongue between my legs …. ho that was amazing. No man can beat a woman at knowing what we actually like in this caress.

I was covered in goose bumps, enjoying every seconds, every expert lick on my sensitive parts. This is when the most exciting moment of our encounter was, well from my point of view at least: she suddenly stopped and grabbed, from her bedside table, a dildo attached to a belt, what technically is called a strapon. She took her time and adjusted it while I was looking at her, aroused and curious at the same time. Of course I knew what it was for, but this was the first time that a strapon would be used on me. Once it was all set, she laid me on my back and came over me, it was such a strange feeling. She was about to penetrate my vagina, but she was all tenderness, it is so different than mating with a man, it is more soft and more wild at the same time. She properly fucked me indeed, alternating with some kissing and caresses, she had been marvellous with me.

Finally she abandoned her fake penis and initiated me at the art of mutual masturbating … believe me, it is not that easy and we had a good laugh before we managed to make both of us to climax in what was for me a very intense orgasm. I have probably been a very poor lover, but as she is always nice to me, she never mentioned it.

The funniest part of all was that we were in the arms of each others, recovering from our emotions and intense plays when I heard a male voice saying:

-“Hi girls! Seems you’re having fun here”


It was Caroline’s flatmate. I jumped from surprise and looked at Caroline, We laughed like crazy, the three of us. There was no point denying what happened and next time we will close the door before doing this.

Caroline and I dressed and I said goodbye to my hosts … it was one of these evenings you never forget. Thank you Caroline, you’re such a lover (I never thought I could say that one day)!

And you dear readers, I dare you to tell us one of your wildest adventures, right here, don’t be shy, after all we are all the same, having fun and seeking for some more! I will be happy to read you.






Bringing Danger Anywhere

Dear Caroline’s readers,

I am following my idea to tell you about dangerous places in Second Life, that is place where you can have a feeling of a danger, not actually dangerous places … well at least I hope so. I took one of the suggestion of Caroline on my previous post which was to use Sassy’s stuff. If you want to know more about Sassy’s stuff, you can have a look on marketplace.

I quote the designer: “The basic concept is that you’re wearing a pair of jeans that anyone else has control over. Not you, no that would be no fun, once they’re “in play”, you *will* find yourself in certain umm… “loss of control” situations.”

Exactly what I am looking for, with the very advantage of being able to bring the danger wherever you are. I could not resist such a temptation and I gave it a try, of course. So let me now tell you what happened that doomed day.


I was sitting in a train wearing my brand new jeans … yes there are trains in Second Life (check for SLRR if you are interested), some of them are crossing very long distance between multiple sims, and they are actually very useful to travel without much effort … ho yes I am lazy, you never noticed that?

At one stage, I must have fallen asleep, I actually do not know what exactly happened, the only thing I can remember is that I opened my eyes and that thug jumped on me and chloroformed me… my world started to spin more and more rapidly, I felt incredibly nauseous and then … this is a total blackout. When I woke up I did not know exactly how much time had  passed since I lost conscience.  Despite I opened my eyes, I was still in the complete dark … I realized I had been blindfolded, and this definitely meant I was in serious trouble. I had been sit on a chair and tied to it, whoever did that could not be a gentleman. This is when I heard footsteps near me, I was not alone in the room … I felt we were in a room even if I could not see it due to the absence of noises … probably a cellar or something similar, it was quite cold and wet there.


-“Glad to see you regained consciousness Catherine” a male voice said.

-“Who are you? Where … where am I?” I asked in a croaked voice. The man chuckled apparently amused by my questions and concerns. “How long have I been unconscious?”

-“I can only answer to this last question Catherine. You have been dozing for a few hours … I was starting to worry about you.” he added with an amused tone.

-“How … how is it that you know my name?” I asked more and more anxious

-“Ho I know you very well Catherine … it is now a few months that I spy on you. Someone paid my “services” to get you in that situation. Nothing personal Catherine, I am sorry it has to happen to you. Well not so sorry after all, I might enjoy it a lot to be honest.” said the voice. My heart was beating so hard in my chest, I thought I would collapse from a stroke.

-“What? What do you mean?” I asked more and more panicked. “Please do not make any harm” I said sobbing. “I will pay more than whoever paid you, I promise I will pay more to spare me. Please don’t hurt me.” I burst into tears.

-“Ho no worries darling, I won’t hurt you … quite the contrary actually … I am just gonna to … well let’s say … blacken your reputation Catherine. I am going to fuck you in front of the camera, and I want whoever will watch the tape thinks that you actually enjoyed it a lot … you understand?”

-“Bastard!” I yelled in fury.

-“Ho it’s not my fault Catherine, it’s what is written on my contract … and I think I will enjoy this contract a lot to be honest. So now you have two options, the smooth way … or the hard way.” He said these last words in a very slow motion. I shivered.

-“Go to hell!!!” I yelled again at him. He laughed.

-“This is what I thought!” and I heard his footsteps going away. He came back a few minutes later. I felt his powerful hand gripping my jaw. “Open your mouth now!” I instantly closed it and in response he held my nose. I was soon gasping for some air and he took the chance to force the neck of a bottle in my mouth. Soon the liquid was flowing down my throat …. “vodka” I immediately recognize the strong alcohol … he was trying to get me drunk … I felt the strong beverage burning my throat and my trachea. I coughed hardly after he made me swallow the first mouthful. Then he did it again and again and I finally heard him put the bottle down nearby. “This should help you to relax a little.” he finally said before laughing.


He then walked away and I heard him doing things I did not understand behind me, but I could clearly hear some chains… All the time he was chatting with me, asking questions, sometimes the same … I understood he was actually assessing my drunk state. Two times he made me drink again and there was no point to resist now. I was trying to resist the effect of the alcohol but I knew it was a battle already lost. The world was spinning again, and he finally crouched behind my chair and untied my wrists. He helped me on my feet and made me walk, still blindfolded, to a table on which he sat me.

-“I think you are ready now Catherine.” I felt him approaching and spat hoping to reach his face. “Bitch!” he said … I started to laugh like crazy and he interrupted it by slapping my face hard. I stopped for a few seconds laughing, and resumed again … I completely lost the control of myself. “You are definitely ready now.” he said laughing now with me.

He pushed me and I fell laying back against the table. Piece by piece, he stripped from all my clothes. He let only my panties and my sandals on … Then I felt his hands on me. My temporary alcoholic joy vanished as my body was warning me … I knew at this moment what was going on, but there was nothing I could do to fight it.


 I cannot remember exactly what we did, but I remember pretty well he filmed us while we were having wild sex, he made me say degrading things to the camera, and made me took some pills … which made me completely crazy … I am sure he has on tape what he was expecting to get, because I clearly remember I had incredible orgasms that day.

He let me take a shower while I heard he telephoned to probably his mysterious customer.

-“It’s done, you will get the footage in one hour” he simply said before hanging up.


As I was drying myself, I felt his strong arms catching me and he chloroformed me again … I woke up a few hours later in my bed. How did he manage that, I definitely do not know, but the next morning the locksmith was at my place to change all the locks. The same morning, I received an email without any title from a generic address, it was simply reading: “do not call the police or this video goes public”. In attachment was a video featuring the “best” moments I shared with my mysterious abductor. “Instructions will follow soon”  read the last sentence of the email. I was not expecting some instructions and I could definitely fear the worst to come.


Well, dear readers, this is all for the moment and an overview of the kind of adventures or encounters you can make on the grid … any time and anywhere if you wear one of the sassy’s equipment. It is not for the fainted hearts though so beware. I hope you will not find the story too “extreme”, but abduction fantasies are rarely soft.



Bottoms going out

The other day I saw Carol was online. It has been quite a long time we have not met – it seems we have rarely the same schedule these days -, so I decided to give a call. It is always the same Carol who replied: joyful and welcoming.

After a few chit-chatting, getting news of each other, we decided to meet in a club to talk further and why not meet a nice guy or two … hopefully we could have a good surprise. Second Life is like this, it is always very surprising the encounters you can make. The club we decided to go is kind of “daring one”, it is what we can call a voyeur place. People there are supposed to appreciate watch and or being watched. To be honest this is a place I already knew, but it was quite a long time I did not go there.

I arrived first and took place on a stool behind the bar waiting for Carol. I was about to order a drink when she finally popped-up … I stared at her agape, Carol was smiling definitely very happy to have surprised me and sat next to me. You certainly wonder why I was so surprised, maybe the picture below will help you figure out:


Yes indeed, can you believe it? She actually arrived wearing her favorite top … and nothing else. I was laughing like crazy. She ordered us a drink as if everything was perfectly normal and winked at me.

It did not take much time until she convinced me to do the same: I dropped my skirt and panties under my stool and we continued chatting. It was so exciting, I looked back from time to time to check on the crowded room, we were quite a show actually.



I am pretty sure we got a few admirer, I could nearly feel the stares on my bottom … ho this is so tickling feeling a male pair of eyes locked on your buttocks, can you imagine that? Unfortunately they were either shy or not alone, so we did not get much public reactions. Finally one guy, less shy than the others (not shy at all actually when you look at how he was dressed), decided to sit with us.


He was polite but did not comment on our strange way of clothing … It must be so common in a voyeur club actually. He ordered a drink for himself (how rude) and finally left, saying good bye. So sad, he had a so sexy ass! He probably found someone else to … let’s say talk to. We will never know.

Well nothing more happened that day to my disappointment, but I had some very nice butterflies in my tummy. We finally left the club, waving the audience and headed towards Carol’s home.

bottoms_006We promised each other to give it soon another chance … So hopefully I will have more to tell next time.



Dangerous places

Dear Carol’s readers,

I am really sorry for the long silence, too long maybe. I am glad Carol did not fire me yet. So Carol, thank you so much for your kindness. Well as I had some time to think about my next post, I have come up with a brand new idea. I am going to visit the grid again, and find the most thrilling and dangerous places I can find and report my visits on the blog. This is something I really like on the grid, pretending to take risks, and obviously there are not a lot of risks taken here, but still, the feeling, or an ersatz of this feeling is there. Carol did actually a few of this, remember her visit at the Misogyne Club, one of her most commented post, well this is the idea I intend to develop.

So this is decided, I will visit those places, or sometimes I will interview some dangerous people and get their feelings and motivations. I am not sure we will roleplay or be out of character, I will decide when it will happen. I would definitely like to get your suggestions on which places I should have a look, which person I should interview. It is so much fun when we get feedbacks and new challenges from the community, and I know you are many to read this blog. Feel free, I do not bite.

In order to melt the ice, I have selected a first place: it is called Darkwood Castle. Yes, you noticed it too, even the name sounds dangerous. So, this morning I jumped there and I had a tour of this mysterious sim.

Presenting myself at the entry of Darkwood castle
Presenting myself at the entry of Darkwood castle.

The castle is actually hidden in the forest, you have to follow a long path to reach it. The path in itself is bordered by wooden sticks, on top of each of them a human skull: welcome to Darkwood, you get the ambiance. Now that I am here, let’s continue inside the threatening building.

The corridor is bordered with cells ... No prisoners were present when I passed.
The corridor is bordered with cells … No prisoners were present when I passed.

There are actually two entries to the castle. The one I chose, the low gate, makes you pass through what we could call the prisons of the castle. There are a lot of means to detain you here, so whoever the ruler is there, I definitely think it is safer not to mess with him or her.

I visited all the rooms of the castle, one thing I can tell is that it is huge, you can easily get lost in the corridors and numerous stairs everywhere. The global theme of the sim seems to be bondage and SM, a lot of the rooms are furnished with equipments of this nature.

The sim has also a more extreme side. In front of the castle itself, on the other side of the forest, there is a second castle, a lot smaller, more a fortress actually. The aim of this dark place is to proceed to executions. So be very careful if you decide to follow the link I am giving at the end of this post, this is not for sensitive people, it is rather extreme.

The place was unfortunately desert at the time of my visit, so I was not able to talk or to interview the regulars. It must be some strong characters definitely, meeting them can be dangerous so.

To go there, here is the taxi: Darkwood Castle

So my dear readers, as often, this post is an experience, let me know what you think and if you would like me to continue investigating dangerous places. Of course, your proposals are very welcome.



I had a threesome with James Bond

Dear Carol’s readers,

This story happened quite a long time ago but I did not have time up to now to tell you what happened that day, let’s fix that.

When I arrived on the grid, I went to the Mansion to check what was happening there, if some people or couples were meeting in the classy settings of the club. It was actually quite calm, there was only one man who seemed a bit lost. I decided he needed my help and engaged the conversation with this elegant gentleman, who I learnt was called James. I really like his first name actually, it sounds charming and adventurous, like the famous spy of the MI6. He invited me for a drink and ordered a bottle of wine, it was a bit disappointing, I was expecting a shaken Martini … maybe he is not a spy after all.

We were discussing for some time about our respective life when Carol arrived with some company: there were Uwe and a black girl who apparently was a prostitute, an acquaintance of Uwe. James and I joined them to the bar and chatted with them. It was a very playful atmosphere, some nice sexy jokes exchanged and people laughing all the time. I was really enjoying myself.

I started to flirt with James and  Uwe at the same time  (maybe you remember Uwe, I met him at the mansion during a very wild party), and I soon started to feel these little enjoyable butterflies in my tummy … I had this idea in mind since quite a long time, and this adventure that Caroline reported some time ago, made me even more eager to give it a try: make love to two men … at the same time. Would Uwe and James, my seductive spy, be into this ? I started to drive the conversation to check, as subtly as I could manage in my state of mind. And yes that is true, I removed my yellow shirt to try to beat the competition.

bond003I got some hints that they could be interested. From here I had only one way to be sure, so I risked a move. I took one of their hands in each of mines and stared at them in the eyes … one after the other, and both of them smiled. They seemed to understand what I had in mind.

I led them, pulling them by their hands, to one of the room of the mansion I knew for certain we could entertain all together. They did not offer any resistance and followed me very willingly. We entered the room, I thought all the time we spent to get there “I am actually doing it, I am actually doing it !” The mind is definitely an erogenous zone, it is so powerful and I was at that time very horny.

Uwe closed carefully the door behind us, and I walked towards the only furniture of the room, a vast sofa-carpet with comfortable pillows. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes for a few seconds “this is about to happen” I told to myself. I looked back, James and Uwe were stripping in a corner of the large room It did not take them much time actually.

They started to approach me with wide smiles, I answered with my best smile feeling goose bumps growing on my skin. Their own arousal was very obvious, if you see what I mean, and it was very enjoyable to see that. Uwe faced me and pushed down on my shoulder to make me kneel, while I could feel James behind me. Both kneeled with me and I soon started to feel their hands all over my body. Two hands are good, but imagine four … Simply delicious.


I soon lost completely the control of the situation; it is probably the price to pay when you provoke two horny men. James grabbed my arms and they stripped me from my short-pants. Uwe made me to take care of his impressive erection in my mouth, James enjoying probably a very good view of my bottom in the mean time. I felt at the same time powerless and very excited.


I felt like a leaf in their powerful arms, they moved around, swapped position … I was horny like hell and enjoyed this a lot, I was in heaven … maybe in hell actually.

I needed a good bath after this hot session to relax my sore muscles and clean-up the mess. It was an interesting experience but I felt a bit overwhelmed though, it is much harder to emote properly with two men at the same time, especially when they are very eager and active. I did my best, but I can understand the difficulties Carol faced when trying to satisfy six … a real challenge indeed.

Will I do it again? Certainly!

If you experienced something similar, from a male or female perspective, please share your views with a little comment. I would be interested to know how you can cope in such a situation, getting your tips to be better next time.



Revelation at the Mansion (Cathy’s point of view)

It took me time to start writing this post, but finally I defeated the blank page syndrom and the words seem to come again fluently. I have been so nervous writing these few words, as I have been during the events I am about to reveal here. Caroline told me that day, with her usual humor, that some of you, dear readers, would have anticipated this will somehow happen one day or another. If you guessed it, then you know me better than I do, because I never thought this could actually happen and I am absolutely honest saying that.

I will not make you wait any longer, it is time for the truth to be told, isn’t it? Well, this particular morning, I got a call from Caroline, she told me she had just refurbished her favorite room at the mansion. I thought it was the sofa room where she spent some of her hottest moments, but actually no, she mentioned one of the bedroom on the first floor.

You know how curious I am, I immediately called a taxi, and a few minutes later I was at the mansion. I took the stairs up to the first floor. The mansion was desert at this time of the day, this is usually the time when Caroline performs all her enhancements to the mansion, I was not surprised this was the case this day. I knocked on the door, impatient to discover this favorite room of her.

-“Come in!” she replied from inside the room

I opened the door and stayed open-mouthed for a moment. The furnitures were fantastic, as usual, you know how Caroline is fond of skilled builders, but it was not only that, the ambiance of the room was very special, the red-pink tones dominating the color spectrum, the light subdued, in a single word: romantic. Sat in the middle of the large bed was Caroline, displaying a smile of contentment, she was probably happy that I actually liked the work she performed there. To complete the ambiance, she was wearing a sexy nightie. It did not surprise me actually, Caroline is very natural about her body, one day if you remember the sofa talk story, she was even fully naked when I entered the room.

cclove_002She invited me to sit besides her, which I did, and as usual when we meet, we started discussing about many things mainly centered around the mansion itself or this blog and the upcoming posts. I did not imagine at that time, that the moments we were living would actually become the next post, this is however what happened. Actually this moment reminded me some I spent with my best friend then, Jelena, (I mentioned her in my seven facts if you remember), time of sincerity, simplicity and honesty. It is so rare people with whom I feel I can speak that freely and openly.

I really relaxed, enjoying Caroline’s company and interesting discussion, we probably both felt this way at this stage, maybe none of this would have happened if we would have been in a different set of mind. It took me by surprise when she actually kissed me! I stayed aghast for a few seconds, all along this time she looked at me intently displaying an amused smile, amused probably because of the strange face I displayed then, but I was pretty sure she was serious about this kiss, I felt it instantly.

-“What are you doing?” I asked her a bit nervous.

-“Something I have been tempted to do for some time now.” she admitted without a blink. “You did not like it?”

-“That’s not the question…” I was not able to finish my sentence that she kissed me again, longer, taking my head in her soft hands.

I will never insinuate that she forced herself on me, any gesture or word from me and she would have stopped, I am sure of it, she is too respectful, too nice to be able to act like this. The thing is that I never protested, nor resisted … why? I still cannot say precisely. Caroline admitted having that desire, but on my side, I never anticipated nor imagined this situation, I felt very unprepared. I think I know myself pretty well, I know my sexuality: I usually like my lovers with a nice male figure, a broad chest (slightly hairy), muscled arms in which I can hide, and some significant attributes between their legs. To this regard, Caroline was definitely not my type. There is something else I was afraid of: I really value her friendship and I know, from experience, that love affairs can ruin the strongest friendship links. I shared this fear with her, we promised ourselves to not let it break our relationship. From this point, I fell completely under her spell … unprepared yes, but sometimes, surprises are good.

I let her guide me through this, she took me in her arms, we kissed each other with passion and delight, we became more intimate as our clothes were falling on each sides of the bed, we made love, not the love I think I know, a totally different one, but definitely not less enjoyable, because I admit it: I enjoyed it a lot. I have probably been the worst lover Caroline had ever. I was so caught on it that I could barely emote properly and I had to adapt completely my usual style, I was this time taking care of a female body, a female mindset behind it, softer and more intense than what I usually practise.

I have tried to catch this moment in pictures (I know I am a photograp-addict, do not blame me), but I am afraid the snapshots are quite bad as my mind was really elsewhere … I could not focus properly at the photography, it was too intense, and I cared too much for Caroline. Please dear readers accept my apology, it will never translate properly the passion that we shared here.


I continue to think about it, quite intensely actually. I know I am straight, but Caroline changed me probably, as I will not think about lesbian sex the same way from now on. I will not say anymore that I will not have sex with another girl … the old saying is “never say never”, isn’t it? Caroline told me that day that we all have an homosexual side, more or less hidden, that we let go or we retain, depending on many factors. It is definitely true and I let it go this day. In this respect, I think I owe you a deep thank Caroline, it was very intense from my point of view, sexually and emotionally.

We convened with Caroline, that we will both relate this story in two separate posts, as you can, we can, have both point of views of this interesting morning. To be honest I am really curious to read Caroline post.

Dear readers, did you really guess that this will happen at some stage as Caroline suggested it. If yes, I would really like to know what made you think this? Did you also have an intense experience that touched you deeply as I have been? Please let me a comment to share the story … well, if you dare, because I know the effort it can take to do so, I really know.


Dainiz enJoys perfection hunt

Dear Caroline’s readers,

you probably remember Dainiz with whom I had such an interesting sofa talk. Dainiz is also a very important person in Caroline’s universe, as he is her main investor and supporter, to run the mansion. Well, after our unforgetable experience together, he proposed me to visit his estate which off course  I accepted (you know how curious I am). I really wanted to know how the property of a philosopher in SecondLife looks like.

Before I arrived there I had already an idea of what I could expect to find: I imagined a small house, full of books absolutely everywhere, sheet of papers piled here and there, and a small garden with a single chair and a table to be able to think outdoor about the world … You will see how much I was wrong: Dainiz lives in an amazing sim, he and his partner have built with patience, abnegation and passion. It is probably one of the most beautiful sim I had the chance to visit.

Dainiz did welcome me with his usual smile, and non less usual, in a very elegant suit. Really this man has some class that many will never have.He led me to the rose garden of the “Chateau” (the name they gave to one of the impressive buildings of the sim). There he introduced me to his partner in this life, co-owner and co-builder of the sim: Joy.

Joy was busy gardening when we arrived and this magnificent garden is her creation … when you see this kind of creations you can only be impressed, it makes you think on how this world can be made beautiful when skilled and passionate people take care to arrange it with such dedication.

dainiz_003 The roses garden created by Joy

I felt a bit out of place at the beginning, as both of them were very elegantly dressed and I had the stupid idea to come in a simple jumper suit … I was like a beggar in a palace. But this is counting without Joy and Dainiz, they were so kind and warm, and the beauty of the sim so stunning, I quickly forgot the way I was dressed, it was just pointless.

Dainiz and Joy proposed a tour of the estate and there we went. Off course I brought my camera. So now I can share with you the beauty of the place. I will let the pictures speak.

The landing area with the bridge and behind … the new mansion


Joy and Dainiz, posing in front of the bridge
Joy and Dainiz, posing in front of the bridge
The most stunning building of the sim from my point of view. Outside view.
The most stunning building of the sim from my point of view. Outside view.
Inside view … amazing isn’t it ?
The garden bordering the beach.
The garden bordering the beach.
The main house (Joy and Dainiz home)
The main house (Joy and Dainiz home)
Dainiz's office ... a reproduction of a room of his real life
Dainiz’s office … a reproduction of a room of his real life
Joy's office
Joy’s office
The three of us, enjoying a tea after the tour of the estate in the patio of the roses garden
The three of us, enjoying a tea after the tour of the estate in the patio of the roses garden

Everywhere I looked during all the tour was beauty. The poor pictures I brought do not reflect fully how the sim actually is. Dainiz and Joy have planned to open part of their sim to the public very soon for all to come and see. I really feel this is the right decision to take. Such a nice sim worths to be shared and admired by all. I discussed for some time with my two hosts and I truly understood they are two perfectionnists. Each details have been thought and tested many times, they spent a lot of money and time to make it look like this.

I have been very lucky to be allowed to visit this place, and I wish you will be able to go there by yourself and have a look, it’s astonishing, and there is a lot more to see, believe me.

Joy and Dainiz invited me to stay and I spent the afternoon with them, I learnt about all their projects to come, all the enhancements they will continue to bring. I enjoyed the beach and the canal circling the sim … as you can see the estate has a lot to offer.

Dear readers, I hope you are now tempted to come and visit this marvellous place. I will not give the landmark yet though. We will have to wait for Dainiz and Joy to open their gates and let us know where their secret place is hidden.

Kiss kiss !