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Review 2017: Year of my Alternative Accounts and Hot Sex Adventures

Its about time for a little review of my Second Life in 2017. Actually it’s about time to start writing anything again. I haven’t published anything since Oktober.

Or did I? Maybe I did but on another domain and using another ALT?

For those not in the know: ALT stands for alternative account. That is when a Second Life resident uses another in-world identity than his/her original account.

There are many reasons why people use those ALTs. I have a very particular one: I am famous. Yes I really am. Actually many people in Second Life call me a celebrity. I think that is an exaggeration, “well known” is probably the best term to use.

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Most Popular AFK Fuck Places in Second Life

When I first investigated this, there where only a few places like this. Ever since AFK-fucking became a serious trend in Second Life.

AFK Sex Sluts “Available”!

When you need a quick fuck one does no longer need go to party places or whore houses. You simply visit one of the numerous AFK fuck dummy places. You come, choose, fuck and leave a little tipp.


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Lolita Heaven Club in Second Life – an Instant Success

You might remember Charly’s and Anna’s new venture: starting a club on low budget.

It does actually work. Ever since we improved the looks of the Club drastically without spending too much money. For example we added two lovely skyboxes. One is an apartment, designed in Scandinavian style.

No, we did not shop furniture at Ikea. In fact there is no Ikea shop in Second Life, unfortunately. Maybe I should call them one day and propose to do a inworld shop for them. That would be fun.

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Charly Has a Plan B

In case you don’t remember: Charly is a new account which I created for a specific new story. My aim as Charleen (Charly for short) was to try and find a sugar daddy. Basically becoming a kept girl of a rich and generous man. Basically having fun on the grid, without the help of Aunt Carol (moi aussi) going shopping, having a home and some cash. In return she would take care of her sponsor’s needs exclusivelly.

It didn’t work so well.

Yes, I have a nice mesh body, some good mesh clothing (even from good brands) and a great little yacht. All of it gifts from potential sugar daddies. But that’s about it. 1.500 Linden on the account, no home, no income. For the later, well there is always the escorting option. More of the same? Na, I don’t think so.

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Seeking a Sugar Daddy – Ride on Blake Sea

This it what it says on Charleens profile:

Open minded girl who would enjoy being spoiled by a wealthy Gentlemen. In return I would be his pleasure girl and companion whenever he needs me and for all his fantasies. Will you be my sugar daddy?

Loves to go shopping. Well, don’t we all like that? Not new in SL, just a fresh start. Interested in sailing, flying planes , music events and photography.

Also love sex..

Pretty clear mission statement isn’t it? Did not work out so far. Not that there are no guys who would play that way, but the first one I had to give this a try was not happy with the frequency of sex (or the associated cost) and the second found a true girl friend.

People do read profiles. So eventually somebody who likes the idea (and can afford it), might make contact, I thought. Yes that actually could work. Yesterday I went to one of my favorite adult beaches. No plan, no intentions, just hanging out and wait for things to happen.

I was bored and about to leave when this tall guy started talking to me. I told him, I am about to leave and go sailing.

Sex Beach in Second Life


“If you want you can join me for a little ride on blake sea”, I said . I meant a ride on the boat not on myself, at least for now. He didn’t have a clue what blake sea is. I am always a bit surprised that only few people actually know about the biggest sail-able continent in Second Life. I took him with me to a rez island.

Rez Point in Blake Sea- Spyglass Sim
Rez Point in Blake Sea- Spyglass Sim

He was startled about the sheer size and beauty of the surrounding regions. Out comes the yacht and seconds later I am setting sail, taking course South heading for Honah Lee Islands. He commented on the exciting panorama referring on my bottom, not the beautiful landscape of the island ahead of us (little fun fact: the island ahead of us was Caroline’s home island).

Sailing Blake Sea


Under excellent wind conditions, we made quite a bit of millage. Passing the entire coast line of Hona Lee, going as far as Francis Deep – mermaid territory. We actually saw one diving under the boat. He was astonished that such creatures actually exist in Second Life.

“When I was approaching you on the beach, I actually was attracted by what your profile states. But now I found a real treasure, I am happy we did this wonderful trip” he remark at that stage.

“Ok, so you fancy the idea of having me as your sugar babe”, I inquired. “Well, to be honest, I would not be interested, you seem to be fun being with and frankly you are very sexy!”

I smiled, and decided to take a little break in front of this what I thought to be almost deserted coast. We talked there for a while, about land and having a home in Second Life as well as how I actually got the boat and my previous failed attempts to become a rich man’s kept girl.

Sailing Blake Sea


Then he said:

“I don’t want to lie to you, I just came back from a break in Second Life and I am not sure how much time I will be able to spend in Second Life. Hence if you find in the meantime another guy as your sugar daddy, do not wait for me”.

“We will see”, I replied, “let me show you the inside of the boat, By accident I clicked on the “shower” button in the menu (as opposed to sit in cabin) and found myself standing in the shower having his hand touching my private parts.

“I like that, maybe time to take of my pants”, he cheekily said. You know were this is leading, don’t you? I pulled him out of the shower, sat him on the couch and started to get into action.

Charly's Blow Jobs Second Life
Charly’s Blow Jobs

Later we moved onto the bed. Despite of his not really perfect English, he proved to be a pretty good emoter.

Finally we went on the deck, he almost at the point of cuming where he took me in the ass, which he had all the time in front of his face whilst sailing. I knew this is risky, as we were in a public M-rated region. We could get caught by anyone, anytime, fucking in public.

Getting Anal Fucked
Getting Anal Fucked

It had to happen. Another yacht was passing us, right in this moment. It was then that I realized we are actually mooring close to a yacht club. I should have check before, but hey, spontaneous sex by surprise – you do not start planing or relocating when that happens, you just do it there and then. The danger of actually getting caught is the extra kick in this anyway. Ask Cathy, she knows exactly what I mean.

Yacht Club Blake Sea
The sign on the right belongs to the Yacht club

It didn’t have any consequence, no report, no complaints. The other sailor actually passed us three times, probably enjoying the view himself. Not an ever day perspective to see a sexy girl getting ass-fucked on the deck of a yacht, I guess.

However, we decided to go under deck after he released himself in my ass.


I am curious, if this leads to anything more. I will keep you updated! And as always: comments are welcome and appreciated.

Mister and Misses Jones – Part 3

Today’s post is not going to be long. Not much to say about what happened, other than that it was the last time I met the Jones together. A few weeks after this encounter, Limmy Jones told me in a brief IM conversation, that he had finish the relation with Stephanie.

„All she want is fucking with every man in Second Life“, was his explanation.

You remember what the plan was? Stephanie wanted him to become more open, liberal even promiscuous. She felt restraint in a strictly monogamous relationship and an extremely jealous partner.

Obviously this did not work out. Maybe she was pushing it to hard (pun intended). So this encounter should be the last time I played with the Jones.

I was actually at Franks in my new gown, sitting around bored. Hence it came quite handy, that Limmy Jones invited me to their place. To my surprise the teleport brought me straight into their bedroom, where they were already laying naked on the bed, Well, almost naked. Stephanie was wearing nylons again. Limmy has this thing about nylons.

„I just made him cum, want to help me having him do it again“? This was her quite straight forward approach. It did not take long for me to get out of cloth…

Mister and Misses Jones – Part 2

Did you read part 1 about how I met Mr. and Mrs. Jones? You should before you carry on reading.

A few days after my visit at the Jones’ home, I had this very revealing conversation with her. She told me that he actually dropped her once after he found out that she was sleeping with his best friend behind his back. He doesn’t really trust her ever since in that aspect and believes she is fucking with every man in Second Life she can possibly get.

She does fuck behind his back. She openly admitted it to me and she has a plan. A good plan I believe. It involves showing him, that there is nothing wrong with being promiscuous. She wants him to experience how exciting, arousing and even fulfilling it can be to have a more diverse sex life in a virtual world. She wants to be with him, but she also wants to live her fantasies or even better: sharing them with him. In short: she wants to seduce him to live the swinger lifestyle and a more open relation, accepting her being very promiscuous.

I was part of the plan! I was the bait!

Limmy Jones fancies me a lot. After our encounter at their home even more so. In fact he was crazy for me. He contacted me a few days after and wanted to see me again – alone.

That is when Stephanie Jones said to me: “I want you to sleep with him. He really likes you and I want you to make him happy.”

She was online as well. But did not want to see him. Shopping was the excuse. What she really wanted, was him to fuck with other women, for her to have his consent for little sex escapades with other men from time to time. Well, actually not just from time to time. I have reason to believe, that she is as much of a slut as I am. Nothing wrong with that from my perspective.

He was to get seduced to do exactly that. Prior to this, she even gave me advise what to wear. Apparently he has got “a thing” about nylons. Hence I got myself some of those and had her judging my looks.

I agreed to see him and suggested a little sailing trip. He was very happy to see me again. I realized how much he likes me. After a while sailing along the shores of blake sea, I decided to do a little break at an island.

We sat on the deck together and talked about their relationship and how a swinger lifestyle could potentially improve their Second Life. The topic went a lot around sex. He told me how much he enjoyed our recent encounter and that he wants to repeat that, because he desires me a lot.

I started to tease and pose a bit, asking if he actually likes what he sees and started getting a bit touchy. At first he was a bit withdrawn, probably not sure if it is the right thing to take this any further. However he was not able to resist very long. There was no way back, the point of no return was reached when I was giving him one of my very special blow jobs right there on the boat.


He apparently thruw over board any apprehensions, concerns and definitely lost any restraints he might have had until this point and let himself fall for me and enjoy me with dedication, having wild and passionate sex right there on my yacht. First on the deck, where I was riding his cock in several positions, then we moved on into the cabin where he took me over and over again, till he finally erupted and did cum hard in me, filling my pussy with his juices.

Stephanie knew about it all the time. Actually I made pictures of us fucking our brains out and send them to her, for her to enjoy and for her to prove that we actually did it there and then. She was pleased.

“I wish Stephanie would have been here to watch too, she would have enjoyed this very much”, he remarked.

I simply smiled and said: “I am sure she would”.

The trap closed!

In the next article. We will take this to the next level

Feel free to comment!

Mister and Misses Jones – Part 1

I want you to sleep with him. He really likes you and I want you to make him happy. This is what Stefanie Jones told me and she was actually referring to her husband. She carried on, telling me, that since they are together in Second Life, she misses the freedom she had before as single. She was referring to sex of course. In other words, she wanted him to be more promiscuous himself.

But lets go a step back and look how this story developed to get to this point. The above happened long after I met her the first time. Today’s post is about our very first encounter.

Strangely enough I met Limmy Jones at he keyhole club. He didn’t do anything there but watching people. His profile caught my attention as I saw that he is actually married in Second Life (Yes, people actually do that in Second Life).

Married guys are a turn on to me. I do not know why really, maybe because they tend to be difficult to get or because they are some kind of forbidden fruits? I don’t know for sure. After a bit of small talk, mainly around him being married and going out to adult clubs, he said: „Hey, my wife is online too, want to meet her too?“All right that blows this opportunity to get laid by a married guy, I thought.

I was so wrong!

We went to their home, a British Victorian style townhouse. Very stylish yet very conservative. By the looks of it, one would assume it is the houses of a typical decent family. You know what I mean: married, monogamous, sex not being on the agenda all too often but going to church on Sundays. Yep, those! I have no clue why someone would life like that in a virtual world, but hey if that is what rocks your boat!

He presented me to his wife. She was a bit withdrawn to start with, but opened up after a while. Suddenly he ask this question!

„Charleen, we have been talking about trying something new to make our sex life more exciting. We would like to invite a nice girl to participate in our sex life. You seem to very open minded, would you see yourself sharing this fantasy with us?“

At first I was really kinda shocked. It did hit me totally unexpected. If he only had known, how open minded or shall I say promiscuous I am, he would probably had asked somebody else, somebody more innocent than me. Too late, mate.

She did go even a bit further and explained her own fantasy in more detail: “I would love to watch him having sex with another woman, would be a real turn on for me”. Then she went AFK (away from keyboard in real life) for a couple of minutes.

I smiled at him, took his hand and lead the way upstairs saying: “Lets give her a little surprise when she comes back”. Arriving in the bedroom, I dropped my cloth with the exception of a piece of lingerie and we laid on the bed, cuddling, giggling.

Sex with married couple

When she came on again, she found herself alone in the living room.

“Darling, come upstairs we are waiting for you”

She came upstairs, obviously excited she was watching how we started kissing and me stroking his cock. She took her cloth off too and started to touch herself. At the time I did not know yet, what her real intention was, that it is not just a fantasy for her but part of a plan. I did find out that much later

Sex with married couple

We did it in front of her eyes, all the way. She was not only watching, but masturbated all the time. Here some pics of the encounter. He was actually very passionate about it. It was obvious that it was a mega turn on for him. He probably never knew,  how much this situation would arouse him. I am sure he told me the truth when he finally said: “My God, I did cum very hard in real – this was so amazing”.

When we finished, Limmy had to log out. Not so Stefanie. I asked her actually if she ever had sex with a woman. Well, no she replied, but would not object to at least try once.

You know where this is going to! Yes, we did it:

Charleen and her Sugar Daddies

It is about time to continue the story of Charleen, the little girl walking the grid. What happened so far: I created a new character, starting a new Second Life on orientation island. The plan was to become the sugar babe of a wealthy man and have fun without having to worry about making money. A spoiled little princess.

So far that didn’t work out well. Yes I met somebody, as I told you in my previous „charleen-post“. However the guy kinda canceled the deal, after me having been a way a couple of weeks. Not a problem, because the way he said it, did put me off big time. He was actually calculating how much fucking me did cost him. Worked out about 5.000 Linden for the only time we had sex.

But hey, if you want to „pay as you go“ then go to one of the escort girls on your friends list. Funny enough, he has Caroline on his list too and actually did hire Carolines services in the past.

Didn’t take long though that I met somebody else. This one was another caliber. Truly wealthy, owning an entire sim and a true gentleman! I can not actually remember where I walked into this one, probably at Franks Jazz club or at one of those nude beaches, like the one you see in the main picture.

Anyway, he invited me over to his place and showed me around his several big houses. One of which a typical American style wooden cottage with eight bedrooms.

Jokingly I said: „Wow, you seam to be well off, don’t you need a daughter, you could adopt me!“ To my utmost surprise he actually responded, that he would like that. Then he told me about his Second Life and it appears he was a rather lonely man. Strange, I thought, how comes a rich guy, apparently a nice personality and very open towards other people (to me at least), has nobody to share his Second Life with?

He invited me for a dance

I told him the story of my Second Life father, who passed away in 2013. My regular readers certainly remember Gerry, don’t you? After a while he remarked: „I think the daughter thing might not be a good idea anyway, I would have too many naughty thoughts about you“. I laughed and suggested: „I wouldn’t mind being the lover of a rich man“. „I have much too give“, he replied, „and would love to have somebody to share my Second Life with“.

I decided to give this a go. I told him what activities I like most in Second Life: Flying planes, sailing and sex. I told him about my favorite places, such as the blake sea, the huge sail-able oceans. It appeared he actually had no idea that such places exist in Second Life. He was one of those who spend years in Second Life on private estates and never actually discover what we call the „mainland“.

When I told him I would love to show him the blake sea by boat, but I don’t have one on my new account because I am a poor girl with hardly any L$ (Linden Dollar), he simply bought me one. Not just a little sailboat, he actually gave me the latest Bandit 66 sailing yacht as gift. This actually boat cost 6.500 L$.

Off we went on a little sailing trip. He enjoyed it that much, That he later purchased the same boat for himself. We even rented moors in a cool yacht club east of Nautilus.


However, this did not last either. Once again, I did not log in for some time and when I came back, he actually wrote me, that he met a woman he spends a lot of time with. They became boyfriend and girlfriend, which is what he was waiting for so long.

By the way: We did not have sex at all, he did not even try!

Well, I genuinely hope he will be happy with her and Charleen is walking the grid alone again. Well, actually not that alone, because during hat time I also met Mr. and Mrs. Jones.  A couple in trouble!

But you will read about my adventure with the Jones in my next post about little Charleen’s Second Life. Do not miss it! This story will become extremely hot. Until now, you only have read the build up!