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Caroline’s Sex Mansion in Second Life is Back on Track

We are having a lot of fun. Jessica, Sheraka, Cathy and myself. The reason is: I opened a new version of Caroline’s Mansion. My regular older readers certainly remember the story of th the old Mansion.

Well, it is back again. With a little twist. By the way, I am back here too to bring you more hot stories about my sex adventures in Second Life.

And yes, I am in the escort business again. Those were the stories you guys enjoyed most anyway..

Last time the mansion was basically a swinger club. This time it is an escort club. We will have stunning beauties and experienced escorts working there to please the members. I will be available myself on weekends.

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Tom Tbone: Running an Escort Business in Second Life

Yesterday I interviewed an amazing character in Second Life. Imagine you would have a serious handicap. No, not „just“ being in wheelchair. Something more serious such as : cerebral palsy. For those who don’t know what that is, you might want to check it out on wikipedia before you continue reading : cerebral palsy.

Tom is a person with cerebral palsy. I actually did not notice anything different to other people I interviewed in the past, just this one thing seamed a bit odd: He did take quite some time to respond to my questions and it took him this little bit longer to type than most residents. So I questioned him about it.

He types with his toes!

Seriously! Not only that he types with his toes, he actually manages to control the viewer, to build stuff in Second Life and he actually runs a business: An Escort Club named:

TB’s Gentleman’s and Ladies Club

This was actually the reason I came to interview him. I thought it would be interesting for my readers to read about the escort business from  people who actually operate such venues. You must have had enough from my numerous articles about escort girls from an escort girls perspective, yet here some views from an owners and managers perspective in form of an interview:

Caroline Resident: How long have you been in Second Life and what do you like most about it?
Tom Tbone: since 2006 . I like SL because is let me do things that I cannot do in RL
Caroline Resident: Ok, like many of us , what is that exactly that you can do here but in RL?

Caroline Resident: Are you still with me?

Tom Tbone: yes, dancing!
Caroline Resident: You can not dance in RL? Is this due to some sort of handicap?
Tom Tbone: Yes, in real life I am in a wheelchair .

Caroline Resident: Ok. What inspired you or motivated you to open an escort club in Second Life ?
Tom Tbone: I have always have been interested in the sex business. I really don’t know exactly why

Caroline Resident: So its not just the profit but you feel kind of attracted to it?
[01:26] Tom Tbone: to a point. In my 20’s I dream to be a porno model but looking at my real body and I have to say, no that ain’t gonna work.

Caroline Resident: Since when is TB’s Gentlemen and Ladies Club actually open for business and is it successful so far?
Tom Tbone: about 2 weeks ago and we are growing, but slowly.

Caroline Resident: Do you actually escort yourself too or are you simply managing everything. If you do escort yourself, is that for women and men alike, as I have seen in your profile that you are bisexual!

Caroline Resident: ?

Tom Tbone: last year I started to escort at a gay place, but I was open to both sexes , here I just want to be the owner and manager

Caroline Resident: Ok. On that same topic. I heard from one of your guys here that he was considering to offer gay sex too, but in real life he is straight as an arrow. First of all, do you think one can fake being gay or bi in Second Life and second, is there actually a market for gay escorts in Second Life?
Tom Tbone: yes there is a gay escort club that I work for. For the worker: he is so new to this I don’t think he could fake it or do it. For someone with lots of experience and then yes it is possible.

Caroline Resident: Ok, now an important question: what makes TB’s Gentleman and Ladies Club different ot other escorts club, or in another words, why would one come here instead of going to another club, Whats special about this one?
Tom Tbone: we offer both sexes here where most places that I have sturdy only offer either for men or women.

Caroline Resident: Also important one: Why should a girl or a guy choose to work for you and not for another club? Whats the deal and is there something special that might make people want to work for you?

Caroline Resident: Take your time to answer this one, the more explicit the better 🙂

Tom Tbone: my goal is to build a professional place with workers that will want to be here and give our clients a more personal feel and respectful treatment.

Escort Girl at TB's Gentlemen and Ladies Club
Escort Girl at TB’s Gentlemen and Ladies Club

Caroline Resident: Ok, how do you choose the models, what qualifications or attributes are important to you and how do you assure a certain level of quality of service? Is physical appearance of the avatar important?
Tom Tbone: I first look at the physical look and ask them if they know how to emote and if they don’t then we try to teach them.

Caroline Resident: Ok so there is training available actually, that means you take on “noobs” as well, and train them to become good escorts?
Tom Tbone: yes we are trying and some are great and some really need some work. I would like to have someone here all the time, that won’t always be possible, but it is my goal.

Caroline Resident: Ok, how many do you actually employ and how many do you want to have?
Tom Tbone: I have fired one already for coming and leaving the club after 3 or 4 minutes. I have around 35, but some don’t come to work and I will have to kick them out eventually. I want as many that want to really work, because this is online business and you never know when people can be here.

Caroline Resident: One other thing I am curious about: how are your relations with other escort clubs, is there some sort of exchange of ideas or working together in whatever way, or is everybody pretty much on his own in this business? Is competition hard?
om Tbone: I personally would love to work with the other clubs, but like any other business we have to protect our staff .

Caroline Resident: So there is a lot of cross hiring actually?
Tom Tbone: some girls do work at other places too.

Caroline Resident: How much money do you think can a club like this make on a monthly basis? Is it enough to support you in RL financially or is money that stays in-world? Right now I would say I make about 10k and that could be a low estimation.

Caroline Resident: Ok, apart from the banner on my site, what other means of advertising do you use? Do you plan to have website for example or do you advertise in-world?
Tom Tbone: I plan on having a blog, twitter, a Facebook Fanpage and still use ad boards and your services.

Caroline Resident: Sounds good, actually twitter can work very well. Well, I also offer training services so when you need someone to show new staff how it actually works, let me know 🙂
Tom Tbone: oh I will.

Caroline Resident: One personal question: I noticed it takes you quite some time to answer and to type, is that due to your RL handicap too?
Tom Tbone: I have cerebral palsy, so I type with my big toe.
Caroline Resident: wow. Caroline Resident: that is impressive.
Tom Tbone: that is one reason I don’t want be on the stage because I am too slow with typing.
Caroline Resident: makes sense, so for you second life is a second life in the very sense of the word really.
Tom Tbone: yes I basically live on here any more because it is just easier.

Caroline Resident: What about sex. Do have sexual encounters here too and if so is it arousing or exciting for you?
Tom Tbone: Yes I have some intense sexual experiences. just because I am in a wheelchair doesn’t mean I am a-sexual.
Caroline Resident: Of course not. Everybody who has hormones in his body likes sex and being near to someone, it’s human nature.

Caroline Resident: Now all the building here, even moving things, are you telling me you created all this with your toe or you have somebody helping you?
Tom Tbone: these are sky boxes which I purchased.
Caroline Resident: yes but you have to arrange them put furniture and so on!
Tom Tbone: for the most part that is easy.
Caroline Resident: easy? with your feet???? How do I have to imagine this and where is the keybord and mouse and such?
Tom Tbone: They are at foot level.

In closing he gave me permission to write about this and also told me some things about his significant other in Second Life, details which would actually be a bit to personal to write about.

And for those girls out there looking for a job in the escort business to make some money whilst having good fun yourself within a professional yet friendly environment: Go talk to Tom at the Tb’s Gentleman and Ladies Club in Second Life.

Here is the taxi:

Now I must show you some pictures of the place. Have a look what an amazing job he is done. However I strongly recommend you actually visit the place – and hey guys, there are some very pretty girls waiting for you as well.