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Most Popular AFK Fuck Places in Second Life

When I first investigated this, there where only a few places like this. Ever since AFK-fucking became a serious trend in Second Life.

AFK Sex Sluts “Available”!

When you need a quick fuck one does no longer need go to party places or whore houses. You simply visit one of the numerous AFK fuck dummy places. You come, choose, fuck and leave a little tipp.


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AFK Sex Sluts “Available”!

Whenever I think I must have seen it all somebody comes around the corner with something even more weird than anything I have seen before in Second Life.

This time it was my friend Toni. He showed me a very strange region. A typical „what the fuck?“ region. A very busy place actually, hence the reason first thing I did was renting this adboard available there. I have my priorities, you know.

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Caroline’s Recent Sex Adventures in Second Life

I did not post anything here for more than 4 weeks. Sorry for that. The reason being is for one that I got very busy in real life. I accepted a new job which is rather demanding.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t been in Second Life at all. But the few adventures I had in this time, are not special or exciting enough to write about them. That’s what I think at least.

I want you to judge.

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Role Play in Second Life: Berlin 1920

Berlin 1920. The war was over and Germany was no longer an Empire. The country was turned into a republic also know as the republic of Weimar. The war left his scares and it shows. War veterans are still a normal sight in the streets of Berlin.

People are either very poor or extremely rich. Needless to say that their respective lifestyles differ substantially which causes a lot of social frictions in the city. Inflation is on a record high, the German currency basically worthless, the economy suffering from reparation payments to France and Great Britain as a consequence of the war.

The surrounding towns and villages got included into one big metropolitan city. In Fact, Berlin became the second biggest city in Europe.

The political landscape is as divided as society. On one side are the rights wing nationalist who are in strong disagreement with the republic and on the other side the supporters of the republic. Rallies and violent protests in the street became the norm.

In this climate a young man from Austria became the first man of an extreme right wing party: The NSDAP. The man who shall soon set the world on fire once again: Adolf Hitler.

This is the environment of a role play region in Second Life: Berlin 1920.

Here some pics:


Furries – The Most Bizarre Culture of Second Life

When you think you have seen it all, something even more bizarre than anything you have seen before crosses your path in Second Life. I was researching high traffic sims the other day to find advertising space for the affiliate program of the thrixxx chathouse (a pretty hot online sex game).

This is how I ended up in a region called “The Ark”. At first I walked around this place which resembles a space ship with a club inside and many sex places, including what they call “the fuck rooms”.


Suddenly I realized that it is a furry region. For those not knowing: Furies is some kind of a subculture in Second Life. Those “people” use animal like fantasy avatars. They tend to be amongst themselves, hence the reason you will rarely stumble across them in the “regular” regions in Second Life. This place was full of them.

Furries in Second Life
Furries in Second Life


One of the fuck rooms was actually occupied. I so had to see how furries do it! So I camed into the room and saw too of them kinda getting ready.

Furry Sex in Second Life
Furry Sex in Second Life

Suddenly someone Im-ed me. It was a dragon. This one to be precise:

Dragon in Second Life
Dragon in Second Life


The rest of the story is best told by simply providing you the chat (with permission of the chat partner of course). Ready for something seriously bizarre? Then read on:

TalNova Aji: *chuckles* Watching other creatures I see *eyes you curiously*. Also good to see someone exploring VR worlds – but yes I don’t like to watch people who are wanting privacy. Unless you are into that sorta thing *grins* Well hope you are having fun love. Exploring the grid too much. Been on VR worlds too much, it kind of changes you.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): Well, it was too tempting NOT to have a look into an occupied room called fuck room in a furry club.

TalNova Aji: True but many places for public sex *grins* then again humans amuse me, especially the ones which keep human form when they come to other worlds.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): I did not even know what kind of place it is.

TalNova Aji: All kinds of worlds and all kinds of places kinda the beauty of the Universe and Virtual Worlds or Other Earths (Multi-Verse) though then again I get around too much.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): It seems you guys are not just trying to look like dragons and cats of sorts, but really live this as a culture?

TalNova Aji: Yes and many do.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): I am along time in SL now, I always knew this exists, and I meet some on brief occasions, but never digged deeper into it or got some sort of inside.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): It seems something a bit withdrawn from the rest, like Gor used to be.

TalNova Aji: Some people are even born into the wrong bodies if you wish to call them that – like how some people feel Male and yet wish to be female. But look how society or religious organization treat them. They mean no harm they just don’t want to be hated or left out.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): Oh yes i understand that bit, but do the Furies kinda want to be another body because they don’t like the human form?

TalNova Aji: Gor I tried to understand but for me just feels like some human like being controlled and I knew a women who was into that living in a mansion and being tied up and used. She wanted that wasn’t forced into it.

TalNova Aji: No mostly deals with past lives.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): past life?

TalNova Aji: science is finally understanding sometimes the consciousness lives on and remembers past experiences. Ironically many of my college professors were hiding in the closet. Most of the teachers had past lives – one of them even fought in the civil war, but he enjoyed teaching history because of this.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): OK let me get this right, and I am really trying to be objective as I write about Second Life, but I do have trouble to understand: You guys try to express your past life experiences with those bodies as a furry? Hence some believe they have been dragons or cats in a previous life? Seriously?

TalNova Aji: Yes and I am not talking about the fable dragon – talking about dragons from other worlds like me. I didn’t breathe fire like most of Western Myths go. Just I looked like what you consider a Dragon and had advanced technology. Just imagine other worlds with humans which are far advanced or not. Then again in the future humanity might tinker with changing form to whatever they want. Basically technology lets people express who they really are, meaning they are taking off the mask but sadly in human society they have to put on a Mask. Conventions and meet ups or even this lets people escape for awhile.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): Ok, I can understand that Second Life is a great medium to express your inner self with the avatars. OK fine. But you are talking about having been a dragon physically in a previous real life. Did I get this right?

TalNova Aji: Yes and many believe this they just don’t come out and say it because they don’t want to be told they are Insane or crazy etc.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): I have to admit this thought crossed my mind.

TalNova Aji: Again study past lives you’ll find it very interesting, especially in regards to children knowing things which they couldn’t possible know or having parents not shown them things and knowing about war and death. Sadly war and death appears to be more frequent due to the pain and suffering – heck that even leaves marks on people who have engaged in war currently by having nightmares.

Reason I remembered my dragon form is past life wars again has nothing to do with Earth just remembering bad experiences – writing about it in a book.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): Did you consider this to be the effect of a powerful subconscious instead of memories from a previous life?

TalNova Aji: Also another thing to note I have found others from my past life who were friends of mine – so who knows 🙂 I always question reality or if we are even currently living in a 2D virtual world and that is why things don’t always make sense.

Good Question I believe it deals with Consciousness but the problem is trying to pin point what that is even just like how no one can understand reality.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): Are most or even all Furries into this past life believe or are there some who simply do this because its funny? Or as a role play thing?

TalNova Aji: well if they did it because it was funny don’t know why they would be doing it for years. They might tell you it is a role play thing but like I said some don’t want to be seen as crazy.

Some are even trying to figure out ways to get physical form back, just like how some people are wanting to be male or female again when they were forced into a male or female body. Kind of why Virtual Reality will highly take off – cause it will let people escape or let them express who they really are.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): Well, I personally take anyone in Second Life at face value, so if you look like a dragon you are a dragon to me. I respect your reasons for that, even so I do not believe in a previous life and I actually think it would not a bad thing to double check your mind set with a shrink, just in case.

What i see is a lot of imagination is going into the creation of some of those avatars.

TalNova Aji: Well then guess the many hours of me as a Child refusing to speak human English and acting strangely and the nightmares or the many stories in my mind were all imagination? Personally I wish that was the case as with my friends or others. Personally I wish I was wiped clean then I could rest. Like I said look into past lives and the multi-verse theory.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): I will for sure!

TalNova Aji: I always try to keep an Open mind in regards to questioning things kind of why I loved philosophy.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): Can I name you in my article or do you prefer to stay anonymous?

TalNova Aji: sure I don’t mind. Ark has been around on SL for a long time.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): First time I see it and I am puzzled there are even Furry Escorts.

TalNova Aji: Why? Escorts for anything really same with real life.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): Well erotica to me always is something the human form is an essential part.

TalNova Aji: Some use costumes in real life – or machines or even now china, Japan use robots for sexually pleasure or even remote controlling

TalNova Aji: Also erotica can be anything *chuckles* the stuff that really is interesting are the people who will literally throw themselves down a flight of stairs for pleasure or like to freeze arms – legs off. Again just depends but for me. The more something isn’t human or has more limbs you’d think the better the sex would be in virtually being able to feel all of that. Still want to get one of those Virtual Lollipops from Japan – Endless candy.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): Well at least this culture is more imaginative than these guys wearing tuxedos and do nothing but hang out at Franks.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): I guess you guys don’t hang out much at human places

TalNova Aji: Ah, yes franks.

TalNova Aji: I go all over so that isn’t true just like to hang out with other creatures or furry – dragons cause you can relate. Also when you go to conventions it is actually amusing to watch humans looked shock and ask “WHAT IS GOING ON!”

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): There are even conventions for this? In Second Life?

TalNova Aji: especially when people are having a wedding or unaware of furry, dragons being around them at a Hotel . Yes and in real life. Just went to one last week met a bunch of Dragons more then 50 of us – it was nice. Again you’d be shocked on how many don’t actually breathe fire – again not talking about western or eastern myth dragons in fairy books.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): I would probably not be that much surprised.

TalNova Aji: Same can be said about vampires. I guess as well they aren’t like the ones people have in movies or books – most just like to drink blood or have the problem where they need blood due to medical reasons or hate being out during the day.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): Well I think I have enough for my next article haha, plus will do some reasearch on the web

TalNova Aji: good ^.=.^ Also wish you good luck with the research but it can get scary – but again don’t let that stop you. Just keep questioning things and keep an open mind.

Dear readers, what you think about this. Please leave your opinion in the comments!

A New Dimension: Alexandr Airport in Second Life

„Hey Caroline, I am on the neighbor region!“ It was Melchior who saw me on the map at Parris Coast Airport, my last stop on my „sailing around the world“ trip. What a coincidence! The mainland consist of thousands of regions. It is very unlikely to coincide at a place you have never been before.

A friend of his happens to rent the parcel next to the airport. I joined him there and told him how I ended up here in such a remote region. Well, remote from my point of view because its far away form home in the blake sea.

He showed me the place of his friend, but when I tried to enter the house suddenly alarm went on the typical message came up: You have 10 seconds to leave the parcel… Ok, so we have security orbs just beside an airport. Actually on the other side of the airport I saw bannlines. This makes flying in the area a serious challenge, if possible at all. Don’t worry, I won`t bore you with yet another rant about egomaniac, property obsessed idiots in Second Life.

Melchior tried to make something out of the coincidence meeting me in the middle of nowhere and ask with tongue in cheek: „ So why don’t you interrupt your travel for a romantic interlude“. Poor Melchior, I was in discovery mode not in sex mode.

I invited him to join me for a flight around the area. He agreed and of we went for a night flight over the North of Satori. Testing the „usability“ of the airspace on the continent.


malibu_010It had to happen of course. Shortly after take off we crash on the grid when trying to enter a region which does not allow access to objects.

Hitting the ground we first discovered this amazingly beautiful breedables farm in Japanese Style. Did you know that Sarori is also called the Japanese continent? I did, so I was expecting something like this sooner or later.

Time to check the map. What are those huge grey areas like buildings over several regions close to our location? I wondered. A city maybe? Of course I had to satisfy my curiosity. We discovered what is the biggest airport I have ever seen in Second Life.

This amazing build really impressed me, and trust me I have seen lots of amazing builds in Second Life before. This airport was not intended for amateur pilots like me. This must be something seriously professional.

Judge yourself:

In one of the office belonging to the main building I met the CEO of, believe it or not, a travel company in Second Life. I had a good chat with Markus about his plans. He actually is in the planning state of this project. He rents terminals here and owns several Boing 737 as part of his company „Inter Blake Sea Islands”.

It took him six weeks of work, to established save flight routes all over the mainland and to all major airports on the grid. I asked him: „Why would somebody book a scheduled flight in Second Life, or even something like a holiday package?“ I did not have an answer to his response: „Why do people buy a Ferrari in Second Life“?

Good point. Maybe this works and adds even more fun to the grid.

For the moment Markus is looking for people to help him on the project, as he can not do all of what is involved on his own. I offered to write about it as it develops and he offered me a tour including flying some routes with him in one of those jets. I am really looking forward to that! I had an idea: I offered to include travel companions for special services in some packages! That would be fun!

What about you, dear readers. What kind of travel packages can you imagine to book in Second Life? Any fun ideas?

Please leave you thoughts in the comments!

What is left from Second Life Gor?

In my previous Second Life (Yes, I know how weird this sounds) I was very much involved in Second Life Gor for several years. At the time, there were about 300 different Gor regions and the community was a quite strong one, despite of a lot of Sl Residents being in strong disagreement of the Goreans in Second Life.

At the time you could find heavy discussions about the topic in many, if not all, of the Second Life forums and related websites and blogs. I myself did maintain several Gor related blogs, educating people about what the Gorean world is actually about. Yes, I did read 10 of the Gor novels and I was a quite avid role player, portraying many different Gorean characters in several really cool story lines alongside with other very cool players and characters.

However, I never supported the Gorean „lifestyle“ at all. To me it was exactly what is what meant to be in the first place: A fantasy environment.

I left Gor years ago. Why? Simply because it became far too time consuming and I developed other interests in Second Life (such as the blog you are reading right now).

As you know from my previous post, I was thinking to start including some Gorean stories in Second Life Adventures as well. Gor is part of Second Life, hence there would be a some first hand experience about the topic here, for those interested in playing the genre. So I thought.

So off I went, to see what Gor in Second Life is like today. I did not expect to find it the way I left it, but what I actually encountered can be best described as the ruins of what Gor in Second Life used to be.

My first stop: a place called the Gor Hub.

This is a very old place where people from all over Gor went (in the old days) to recruit players for all sorts of roles and positions to be occupied. Merchants went there renting stalls or advertising space for their Gorean shops, selling more or less appropriate attire, weapons and other items which were aimed at making the experience more immersive.


One very special feature of the Gor hup, is a huge map of the fantasy planet Gor, giving people (especially new players) a bit of orientation, as to where is what on Gor. This map still exist, but the landmarks on it are pretty much outdated.

When I came there, Gorean role play was not a topic in any of the conversations taking place. Instead people were discussing, what is a good Master, a good slave and similar topics around D/s relationships.

Here a couple of statements from people at the hub:

“But if a girl is a brat constantly, or spoiled and doesn’t follow direction, she gets two options: Punishment and improvement or I’d drop the girl”

“Really though, there’s no such thing as legal slavery anymore. Nobody is really a “slave” or “Master” by lawful property rights. However, my slaves are bound to me mentally, they dread the thought of being without my guidance and presence. I teach them something every day and challenge them constantly, without the stimulation they feel empty. “

“But, some “masters”, more like amateurs, tend to spoil their girls and not teach them correctly.”

“But the Dom has a responsibility to correct it. If the sub gives up however, then the dynamic is over. Same goes for the Dom though.”

When I inquired about Gorean role play regions, I basically got told to look them up in search. Those people seam to use Second Life Gor as a fantasy-style background for their D/s relationships or as one did put it:

“BTB sims are heavily into the Dom/sub “crap” (term I used) just as any other Gor-themed sim, since that tends to be one of the main reasons people roleplay in this genre. “

It became obvious to me, that this is not the place were I can find “my Gor”, the Gor with all those exiting storylines, the Gor with adventures, politics, power fights and all the other stuff you read about in the Gor books (yes, that includes slave girls and sex). Instead this place apparently has been taken over by the BDSM and D/s community (No, Gor is not BDSM).

Ok, second try: Type “Gor” into In-World search and see what comes up

The result was equally disappointing. The search results consisted of a lot of SIMs offering either what is called “Gor evolved” and/or role play which evolves around obe specific region of planet Gor called Thorwaldsland, a culture based on ancient viking culture. Nothing wrong with that, if that is your thing – you will plenty of choice in Second Life.

It wasn’t however what I was looking for. I was looking for the big cities, something like prestigious Ar, the filthy streets of Port Kar, the glamor of Turia, the mysterious mountain cities in the Voltai .

None of that seams to be left at first sight. I looked deeper into it and finally I found something: The City of Tyros, apparently under construction. There used to be in the old days a replica (a pretty good one) of the Gorean city of Tyros. In the books a maritime power , based on ancient Carthage.

Off I went checking it out.

The start skybox was quite promising. This is the place were you get notecards with sim rules, and the backstory of the place. You also get there “observer tags” in case you want to just have a look around without actually engaging in role play.


I checked the rules and found them very reasonable. There was a clear distinction between OOC (out of character) and IC (in character) and the also available IC laws of the city did read very authentic as to what one would expect from a Gorean city.

The disappointment came when I Tp-ed down to the docks. The build has absolutely nothing to do with the island of Tyros as described in the books. Once again the developer made the assumption, that Gor is some kind of medieval genre. Happens allthe time, no idea why. The books refer clearly to ancient earth cultures, such as Romans, Greek, Phoenician just to name a few. In addition the quality of the buildings looked like cheap prefabs thrown together. To top it all up: The city was surrounded by palm trees and tropical islands – could not help but facepalm.

So if you are a builder of Gorean cities, regions or sims, please bear this in mind: Gor is not about medieval structures, cultures and builds, it is meant to be similar to very specific ancient cultures. So please stop all those castles, pirate ships and other medieval style buildings, this is not Gorean at all! It has nothing to do with it.


Ok, I dis-carted this one for me, moved on and found another one.

Lydius Port!

Now this one almost impressed me. To start with, at the landing point you get a description of what the city of Lydius would be like. This obviously helps new players a lot to get settled in the place and to understand the mechanics and type of environment they put their character.

Here is the short description of Port Lydius:

“Lydius is a port city controlled by the Merchant Caste. It is a city of contrasts, combining the roughness of the north regions with the luxuries and civilization of the cities to the south. For example, it is one of the only cities in the northern regions that possesses public baths.

Lydius contains a mint and this mint is the only one within a thousand pasangs of Torvaldsland. Many Gorean cities own or rent buildings in Lydius. Thus, the population of Lydius contains a diverse mix of different origins and cultures.

Much wood and hides are brought down the Laurius River to be sold in Lydius. The nearest major town to the east of Lydius is Vonda of the Salerian Confederation. One of the taverns of Lydius given in the books is the tavern of Sarpedon.”

For those, who want to have more explicit and detailed information about the city, they provide a notecard with actual quotes from the books about this city. You can read them here: quotes about the Gorean city Port Lydius.

On top of that, the give you list of Gorean roles that would be realistic in this city each one with a description of what would be expected from each character. You can find those here: Gorean roles.

The rules are fairly reasonable as well also with a clear distinction between Ic and OOC rules.

The sim owners went a few extra miles to make sure potential role players know what the score is and to help them to create and settle there character. Kudos to them, well done.

The I checked the actual build and once again, (/me sighs) very medieval style but at least far better quality and very detailed. Whats missing is this “port” atmosphere which would be typical for a PORT city. Also the only ship in the mini-port is actually not a Gorean ship. At least the surroundings of the city (wall paper of sorts) does actually look like a city on the borders of what was called the great Northern Forest in the books.


This region is actually an option for me. I might create a character which fits in there and see what comes my way. But before I actually do that, I will try to find other authentic Gorean BTB (by the books) regions and compare them.

I can not believe, that this is all that is left from what used to be one of the most active role play genres in Second Life.

If you know of (or even manage or own) an authentic BTB Gorean region in Second Life, please let us know about it here in the comments! I will visit all suggested regions, with the exception of GE Gor (Gor evolved).

/me points to comment section!

Turtle Coast Adult Nude Beach in Second Life

Today I introduce a rather interesting place: Turtle Coast Adult Nude Beach. It is like its sister resort, the Wild Coast Naturist Resort, a strict nudist place. What makes it different is that its adult rated. Basically it is a place where liberal like-minded adults can hang out, get to know people, flirt and last but certainly not least: find partners for virtual sex games.

There are many such places in Second Life, but what makes this one different is , that it requires membership to enter. Membership costs 500 Ld, or the equivalent to about 2 USD. Not much of course, it’s like having two pints in a bar.

However even though it’s not much,  this fee has a remarkable impact on the quality of guests. There are people in Second Life who do not want to invest money for whatsoever in Second Live or simply cannot afford it.  This is especially true in the case of noobs (new residents in Second Life) and people that are just in-world for taking the piss out of other players. Those you will not find at this place – the fee keeps them away.

It is really astonishing what difference it makes to charge a little fee. You really get the upper market of Second Life as guests. Sounds ridiculous, I know as the amount is really peanuts. At other places with a similar purpose, but not requiring a paid membership, you get people ignoring the very basics of respect and courtesy. I have lost count about how often I have been asked in IM (In-World Private Messages) the questions: “Hi, wanna fuck?”. Not exactly a turn on, is it?

Not so at the Turtle Coast Adult Nude Beach. Here people do actually chat, flirt and of course seduce. Everybody seems to be friendly, respectful and courteous. Sexual preferences, like bi, gay , lesbian, BDSM and of course swingers are not only tolerated but even catered for.

The place as such is well laid out, resembling a tropical beach. Plants and furniture are of high quality and so are the sex animations. There are several tree houses for those who wish to have some privacy and there is an orgy tent for those on the wild side.  A cave with BDSM stuff rounds up the attraction.

The landing point is actually open to everybody. There you can join the group, get the rules and of course, if entering the club area you are asked to dress down.

Marketing seems to work well, as 2.000 people bought a membership in the first two weeks of opening. That is 1.000.000 LD in revenues in only two weeks!

Some time ago I (with my main account not as Caroline) interviewed Kaiya Manbi. Kaiya is the owner of the Kaiya Islands Group in Second Life. We actually met at one of her 24! Regions – a nudist resort, called Wild Coast Naturist Resort. Yes I had to dress down, it is the local custom, I hope you like the pictures – enjoy  .

Here the TP-Link:

Kaiya is a great example for an entrepreneur in Second Life.  She actually makes a real live living from her business in Second Life and shares a lot of inside in running a business in a virtual world.

The Interview:

Me: First of all, this is obviously Second Life (SL) a business for you, so how do you usually promote your business?

Kaiya Manbi: Yes, it is a business,  I have the three venues, the Wild Coast Naturist Resort, Turtle Coast Adult Beach and the Bay Music Venue,  and then all the land rentals around it, they all get inter promoted – signs at each place advertising each other,  also search and I guess word of mouth

Me: What markets or what type of users and businesses are you targeting?

Kaiya Manbi: The more up market users of Second Life (SL), because I charge 450 linden to be a member of the wild coast and 500 to be a member of Turtle Adult Beach , it sort of separates out the griefer and the people that come to Second Life (SL) with no sense of consequence to their actions,

When someone pays to enter a venue, they firstly make a commitment to it, and secondly expect some kind of service,  so we have a more serious market here.

Me: Is this business making profits and can you actually live of this in real life?

Kaiya Manbi: Yes, it does and i do.

Me: wow

Kaiya Manbi: Not only the venues, but the land rentals and shop. All combined yes!

Me:  So the main revenues are the rentals, the shops and the group memberships?

Kaiya Manbi:  Exactly, yes!

Me: Is the business strictly in-world or do you have a real life company behind this.

Kaiya Manbi: It is strictly in world,  and all my staff are in-world only.

Me: This gets me to another question. How does staff get paid in Second Life (SL), I imagine the wages are not exactly high, are they?

Kaiya Manbi:  No, they aren’t very high, certainly not putting food in peoples tables, but high enough to support their second lives – paying rent where ever they live, buying stuff etc., but its also not quite the same as a real life job, they come on whenever they like, log of whenever they like, put in whatever time they are in the mood to put in.

Me: I see the sim is classified moderate not adult, so sex is not the main attraction for your guests?

Kaiya Manbi:  No, the Wild Coast Naturist resort is specifically not for sex , its quite strict in its rules, nothing sexual at all, just nudity and more than anything a place for people to hang out, meet friends in a sensual environment. I have around 42 guards that come and go all the time,  so the place is covered pretty much all day and night, they watch it, make sure there is no one causing trouble, make sure people are sticking to the rules – HOWEVER: Turtle coast adult beach is a whole different story  that’s adult rated.

Me: 42 Guards? How many members of staff do you actually have?

Kaiya Manbi: 42 sorry, in total

Kaiya Manbi: That includes Manager

Me: OK, how did you recruit those?

Kaiya Manbi: Very slowly, over the last 4 years,  some have been with me for the whole 4 years, some two years, but most more than a year – a new person comes, we all get to know them, like them, and if it feels right,  we bring them in.

Me: What would you say is your USP, your unique selling proposition or what makes the place different to other clubs for users and renters?

Kaiya Manbi:  Well i think what makes it different is that i really do offer service, all over my sims, renters can IM me any time and I’ll be there to help, if someone decided they want a cave built, will come in and do it for them, pretty much what ever any one needs, landscaping wise, I’ll do it, and that, u certainly don’t get at other places. Also all my staff are always around, really helpful and sweet, i think that’s also pretty rare in Second Life (SL) – as far as the clubs go, again the staff that work here are a huge part of the success, people love to know that they are being watched, and cared for and looked after.

Me: Sounds very professional, isn’t that not taking up a lot of time? How many hours a day do you work on this?

Kaiya Manbi: I spend a lot of time here when I renovate the venues or build new ones, or get new sims, then I have to put in huge hours, but when things are just running, it’s a lot smoother, my mangers all have their things they do, i come in get a few things done, and it sort of runs itself.

Me: What advice would you give a new entrepreneur in Second Life?

Kaiya Manbi:  I would say start slow, build or make what u love, and watch and see if people love it too – if they do, then its time to grow.

Me: simple advice. What skills should somebody have to start a successful business in second life?

Kaiya Manbi: I think a lot of people start big, before they get any attention, then it fails

Kaiya Manbi: I would say creativity, and passion for the tools here, either building or creating products, even the bit land barons are creative in a way – in Second Life (SL) your head needs to be a certain way, to see clearly in 3d – and patience – there are some very wacky people here, that push us to our absolute boundaries.

Me: So is it fair comment to say Second life changed your real life?

Kaiya Manbi:  Yes, it totally did!!! Financially and creatively for the better – but the isolation it is not great, I used to be a musician – always around lots of people in real life,  now working in a vacuum on my computer which can be a bit tyring.

Me: I can imagine.

Me: How do you handle noobs here? You know the kind I mean.

Kaiya Manbi:  noobs are potential regulars

Me: but some might need some education, no?

Kaiya Manbi: and potential clients, we treat them very carefully and help as much as possible, yea, the guards spend a lot of time helping them navigate. I would say noobs take up most their time and nasty’s.

Me: OK what about private life in second life? Any time for that? Partner? Lovers ?

Kaiya Manbi:  Nope, none at all, when I first started, i used to have a bit of fun there, but sadly now, i get bored very fast and start editing stuff around me.  I can’t really see Second Life (SL) any more as a place to socialize or just chat – or do other things. I really only chat to my staff, tenants and clients, now and then come to the venues and chat to guests, but I’m always itching to go back to work.

Me:  Ok, do you have a website or a blog to support this business?

Kaiya Manbi: I have a website but it’s not very well updated — i pretty much do everything on my own, maybe time i got someone to run the site , you can have a look though, its halfway there:

Me: any plans for further expansion? What are your goals for your second life venture?

Kaiya Manbi: It says 17 islands, its old, there are now 24.  Yea, slow expansion.

Me: You own 24 full sims?

Kaiya Manbi: Each time I expand, i like to wait and watch for a bit, if all goes well, I get another sim or start a new venue; I got 7 full sims and 17 homesteads.

Me: wow, that also a considerable value.

Kaiya Manbi: It is yea, but it’s nothing like what’s out there, the big guys have between 200 and 1000 sims. I guess though, no venues and no real work done individually.

Me: Which actually gets me to the last question, what other business would you recommend to your friends and guests?

Kaiya Manbi:  Right now “digs” and “tiki tattoo” “hearts plants” and “bahia” are my tops, they are fantastic builders – the best animation products and furniture and plants – and all amazing and generous people.

Me: anything you would like to add?

Kaiya Manbi: Yes one thing, You asked i think what makes a venue a success, or something on those lines, I just want to say, its staff – when u have a team of people that work together, get on, and enjoy each other and their work, your set!! My staff is the coolest people and often I can’t believe how lucky i am to have found each one of them, they are the glue on my sims.

Me: Great good to hear. Thanks for your time and all the best!

Dungeons and Dragons

Today I went back to the beach, were i got raped twice within no time. But this time I switched to SL Viewer with no RLV enabled. It was discovery time. I noticed the last time, that there is much more to this region than the beach hence I decided to have a closer look.

I was amazed by what I discovered. The region is meter enabled for role-play and features more than 150 different sex animated beds and other stuff. But the best thing was this ridable and metered dragon.

This will become one of my favourite sims, have a look why:

Gorean City Victoria on the Vosk

Today I want to show you some pictures I made in a new role play region. Its the City of Victoria based on the books about the fictive planet of Gor by John Frederick Lange. I wrote articles about the topic some time ago.

This region (role play is conducted in German language) focuses on story line driven role play and admittedly does not exactly portray a Gorean city as described in the books, but made the odd little enhancement for the fun of the players.

Victoria has been build by the same people which brought us Neuville au Mer (which is now closed). Beric and Nea did once again a great job to deliver a spectacular build in Second Life. I do consider playing a role there. But as Gorean role play , and role play in general can be extremely time consuming if you are part of a greater plot, I will choose a side role. One that is not essential for the development of the plot. I keep you posted.

Here the pics I took: