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Strawberry Singh’s Latest Challenge: Dating in Second Life

Strawberry Singh, is a well known Second Life blogger. Strawberry does challenges for bloggers on a regular basis. The most recent one is about dating in Second Life.Those challenges basically consist in answering certain questions about a topic she has chosen (great way to build links actually).

I like this one. Here the questions and my answers.

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You Should not Be in Second Life

Today’s post is a bit different. I know, I am polarizing with this. I also know it is a bit provocative and might even be a slightly polemic. That is done on purpose to incite thought and discussion. I know there are always shades of grey between black and white.

I have been in Second Life now for many years. I met all kind of characters, people and got to see a lot of different perspectives and aspects of Second Life, RPG, sex games and virtual worlds in general. Sometimes I met people and asked myself: „What is he/she doing here? Hey, dude you took the wrong exit“.

I will try to portray some of these stereotypes in the following and even show them alternatives:

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My Second Life Story in 2016

Everybody does it. A review of the year. 2016 has been a very exciting and busy year for Caroline. That’s why I thought i do it as well: giving you a wrap up. I went through my archives and selected one post for each month. I have probably not chosen the best posts, but those who made either an impact or a change of direction on my story and best describe my journey in Second Life.

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Suiteheat Productions – Porn Startup in Second Life

It is rather difficult to get a role in a Second Life porn production. There are hundreds, if not thousands of willing applicants. Man and women, and both. Hence my attempts to investigate the scene under cover proved to be somewhat difficult.

I decided to play the celebrity card. My approach to the industry is now a different one. I offer producers exposure on this website. This obviously gives me an edge over the „competition“, meaning all those applicants dreaming of becoming a porn star. 20.000 page views per months puts me already in the top league of Second Life porn related websites. According to Katina Cazalet, it puts me amongst the top three sites related to porn in Second Life.

I contacted my friend Katina again and asked her if that is something a producer would be interested in. And yes. That is a good approach, she confirmed. Producers need audience, so do the porn models.

I actually contacted somebody Katina recommended to me as a hip and upcoming porn production startup. The name of the company is “Suiteheat Productions” and I had the pleasure to meet Gwenivere, their CEO.

When I arrived at the location, I had the feeling that I landed on a typical noob parcel. You know what I mean. Those parcels on a private rental estate, where people try this and the other but totally lack structure, professionalism and design skills. It really looked like “rent parcel and drop stuff on it”.

But when I talked to Gwenivere, I realized that she and her team has a lot of enthusiasm and dedication to this startup company. Actually she was planning this since quite some time, and the project is really in its very initial stages. Kinda making a dream come true, sort of thing.

On my question, do you have any plans to actually monetize this? Or is it just for fun? She answered:

“We are looking at ‘minor’ monitization, particularly for the magazine.. but that would be more intended to defray production costs of an 80 page quarterly in-world magazine, than to ‘make money’. We’ve also looked at monetizing our videos, much the way some TV/Video stores exist in SL and allow people to ‘rent’ or ‘purchase’ Hollywood movies but I don’t see that happening. At best, we may sell video boxes on MP for a couple of lindens, that give people the LMs to our given videos. But that’s still very much up in the air, because really, it’s about fun more than anything. Nobody will be left unable to see one of our videos, for lack of money, that much is for sure.”

So the only income the company will generate is advertising in an In-world magazine. The have no plans how to scale their marketing efforts at all. When I enquired about that the answer was:

“Most likely word of mouth, general promotion. Probably have a release announcement at some of the parties we go to.”

This confirms something to me, which I had suspected before. The porn industry in Second Life is not about making money at all, nor do they have a plan for marketing or scalability. People simply get together and create some fun stuff. That’s basically it.

We agreed to meet again, and see if we can do something together. Actually I am looking forward to play a role in one of their productions, and not only because Gwenivere has a really nice ass.

Actually, Gwenivere and team already made their first short movie:


Furries – The Most Bizarre Culture of Second Life

When you think you have seen it all, something even more bizarre than anything you have seen before crosses your path in Second Life. I was researching high traffic sims the other day to find advertising space for the affiliate program of the thrixxx chathouse (a pretty hot online sex game).

This is how I ended up in a region called “The Ark”. At first I walked around this place which resembles a space ship with a club inside and many sex places, including what they call “the fuck rooms”.


Suddenly I realized that it is a furry region. For those not knowing: Furies is some kind of a subculture in Second Life. Those “people” use animal like fantasy avatars. They tend to be amongst themselves, hence the reason you will rarely stumble across them in the “regular” regions in Second Life. This place was full of them.

Furries in Second Life
Furries in Second Life


One of the fuck rooms was actually occupied. I so had to see how furries do it! So I camed into the room and saw too of them kinda getting ready.

Furry Sex in Second Life
Furry Sex in Second Life

Suddenly someone Im-ed me. It was a dragon. This one to be precise:

Dragon in Second Life
Dragon in Second Life


The rest of the story is best told by simply providing you the chat (with permission of the chat partner of course). Ready for something seriously bizarre? Then read on:

TalNova Aji: *chuckles* Watching other creatures I see *eyes you curiously*. Also good to see someone exploring VR worlds – but yes I don’t like to watch people who are wanting privacy. Unless you are into that sorta thing *grins* Well hope you are having fun love. Exploring the grid too much. Been on VR worlds too much, it kind of changes you.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): Well, it was too tempting NOT to have a look into an occupied room called fuck room in a furry club.

TalNova Aji: True but many places for public sex *grins* then again humans amuse me, especially the ones which keep human form when they come to other worlds.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): I did not even know what kind of place it is.

TalNova Aji: All kinds of worlds and all kinds of places kinda the beauty of the Universe and Virtual Worlds or Other Earths (Multi-Verse) though then again I get around too much.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): It seems you guys are not just trying to look like dragons and cats of sorts, but really live this as a culture?

TalNova Aji: Yes and many do.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): I am along time in SL now, I always knew this exists, and I meet some on brief occasions, but never digged deeper into it or got some sort of inside.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): It seems something a bit withdrawn from the rest, like Gor used to be.

TalNova Aji: Some people are even born into the wrong bodies if you wish to call them that – like how some people feel Male and yet wish to be female. But look how society or religious organization treat them. They mean no harm they just don’t want to be hated or left out.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): Oh yes i understand that bit, but do the Furies kinda want to be another body because they don’t like the human form?

TalNova Aji: Gor I tried to understand but for me just feels like some human like being controlled and I knew a women who was into that living in a mansion and being tied up and used. She wanted that wasn’t forced into it.

TalNova Aji: No mostly deals with past lives.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): past life?

TalNova Aji: science is finally understanding sometimes the consciousness lives on and remembers past experiences. Ironically many of my college professors were hiding in the closet. Most of the teachers had past lives – one of them even fought in the civil war, but he enjoyed teaching history because of this.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): OK let me get this right, and I am really trying to be objective as I write about Second Life, but I do have trouble to understand: You guys try to express your past life experiences with those bodies as a furry? Hence some believe they have been dragons or cats in a previous life? Seriously?

TalNova Aji: Yes and I am not talking about the fable dragon – talking about dragons from other worlds like me. I didn’t breathe fire like most of Western Myths go. Just I looked like what you consider a Dragon and had advanced technology. Just imagine other worlds with humans which are far advanced or not. Then again in the future humanity might tinker with changing form to whatever they want. Basically technology lets people express who they really are, meaning they are taking off the mask but sadly in human society they have to put on a Mask. Conventions and meet ups or even this lets people escape for awhile.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): Ok, I can understand that Second Life is a great medium to express your inner self with the avatars. OK fine. But you are talking about having been a dragon physically in a previous real life. Did I get this right?

TalNova Aji: Yes and many believe this they just don’t come out and say it because they don’t want to be told they are Insane or crazy etc.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): I have to admit this thought crossed my mind.

TalNova Aji: Again study past lives you’ll find it very interesting, especially in regards to children knowing things which they couldn’t possible know or having parents not shown them things and knowing about war and death. Sadly war and death appears to be more frequent due to the pain and suffering – heck that even leaves marks on people who have engaged in war currently by having nightmares.

Reason I remembered my dragon form is past life wars again has nothing to do with Earth just remembering bad experiences – writing about it in a book.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): Did you consider this to be the effect of a powerful subconscious instead of memories from a previous life?

TalNova Aji: Also another thing to note I have found others from my past life who were friends of mine – so who knows 🙂 I always question reality or if we are even currently living in a 2D virtual world and that is why things don’t always make sense.

Good Question I believe it deals with Consciousness but the problem is trying to pin point what that is even just like how no one can understand reality.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): Are most or even all Furries into this past life believe or are there some who simply do this because its funny? Or as a role play thing?

TalNova Aji: well if they did it because it was funny don’t know why they would be doing it for years. They might tell you it is a role play thing but like I said some don’t want to be seen as crazy.

Some are even trying to figure out ways to get physical form back, just like how some people are wanting to be male or female again when they were forced into a male or female body. Kind of why Virtual Reality will highly take off – cause it will let people escape or let them express who they really are.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): Well, I personally take anyone in Second Life at face value, so if you look like a dragon you are a dragon to me. I respect your reasons for that, even so I do not believe in a previous life and I actually think it would not a bad thing to double check your mind set with a shrink, just in case.

What i see is a lot of imagination is going into the creation of some of those avatars.

TalNova Aji: Well then guess the many hours of me as a Child refusing to speak human English and acting strangely and the nightmares or the many stories in my mind were all imagination? Personally I wish that was the case as with my friends or others. Personally I wish I was wiped clean then I could rest. Like I said look into past lives and the multi-verse theory.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): I will for sure!

TalNova Aji: I always try to keep an Open mind in regards to questioning things kind of why I loved philosophy.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): Can I name you in my article or do you prefer to stay anonymous?

TalNova Aji: sure I don’t mind. Ark has been around on SL for a long time.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): First time I see it and I am puzzled there are even Furry Escorts.

TalNova Aji: Why? Escorts for anything really same with real life.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): Well erotica to me always is something the human form is an essential part.

TalNova Aji: Some use costumes in real life – or machines or even now china, Japan use robots for sexually pleasure or even remote controlling

TalNova Aji: Also erotica can be anything *chuckles* the stuff that really is interesting are the people who will literally throw themselves down a flight of stairs for pleasure or like to freeze arms – legs off. Again just depends but for me. The more something isn’t human or has more limbs you’d think the better the sex would be in virtually being able to feel all of that. Still want to get one of those Virtual Lollipops from Japan – Endless candy.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): Well at least this culture is more imaginative than these guys wearing tuxedos and do nothing but hang out at Franks.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): I guess you guys don’t hang out much at human places

TalNova Aji: Ah, yes franks.

TalNova Aji: I go all over so that isn’t true just like to hang out with other creatures or furry – dragons cause you can relate. Also when you go to conventions it is actually amusing to watch humans looked shock and ask “WHAT IS GOING ON!”

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): There are even conventions for this? In Second Life?

TalNova Aji: especially when people are having a wedding or unaware of furry, dragons being around them at a Hotel . Yes and in real life. Just went to one last week met a bunch of Dragons more then 50 of us – it was nice. Again you’d be shocked on how many don’t actually breathe fire – again not talking about western or eastern myth dragons in fairy books.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): I would probably not be that much surprised.

TalNova Aji: Same can be said about vampires. I guess as well they aren’t like the ones people have in movies or books – most just like to drink blood or have the problem where they need blood due to medical reasons or hate being out during the day.

Caroline Resident (carolinestravels): Well I think I have enough for my next article haha, plus will do some reasearch on the web

TalNova Aji: good ^.=.^ Also wish you good luck with the research but it can get scary – but again don’t let that stop you. Just keep questioning things and keep an open mind.

Dear readers, what you think about this. Please leave your opinion in the comments!

Getting Closer or Playing with Fire?

You probably remember Leo from two of my previous posts from the “sailing around the world series”. If you don’t, check it out here: Sailing around the world. Some of you might have been wondering: “Who is this guy Leo. I never did read about him before and now he appears out of the blue in two posts.” Yes I am guilty. I never told you.

Here is the story to it. I was some time ago when I was doing some sim hoping. Jumping from region to region using my landmarks that is. On one of those regions (The keyhole club – you might remember that one) suddenly somebody IM-ed me, being al enthusiastic of seeing me in person on the grid. Apparently a fan. A big fan actually – that was Leo.  He was so enthusiastic about this encounter, he gave me the feeling to be some sort of celebrity.

Anyway, I offered him a coffee on my terrace and we chated a long time. Mainly about my old adventures here on Second Life Adventures. Apparently he knows almost everthing of my Second Life. He was very withdrawn however almost shy and totally a gentleman.

He stated he would love to get to know me better. We decided to meet up again and spend some time maybe going out dancing or the likes. Next time we met we did not go dancing, this was when I was eager to fly over corsica and thats where he got involved in the story.

Just a few days later we met again. I invited him over to the Magic Angels club. Listening to some cool 80ties tunes and dancing away he confessed this major crush he has on me and that it would be a dream come true to be my boyfriend.

Huu, that goes a bit fast and unexpected I thought at first.

But then my curiosity and my sense for adventures won and I kinda gave the thought some room. This also could give Carolines story a new unexpected twist , wouldn’t it? Plus he has similar interests, loves sailing and exploring just like me.

There are just a couple of things I needed to clearify before even going any further. For example my very liberal attitude about sex. Is it clear to him that sexual exclusivity is not my list? Well, he sais he likes me just the way I am, the whole package and that even includes my work as an escort girl.

I did not commit to anything that fast o course. I said we take this slowly, spend time and see were it leads us.
We left the Magic Angels and went to my place sitting on the terrace at midnight. Kept chating away. He did not make ths slightest attempt to actually make that next step. You know what I mean: You go out with your crush you end up at her home. I mean: come on, at least give it a try!


Ok, so I had to take the initiative. “What about a shower after a long day, what you think”, I asked. That was a relativelly harmless question until then, as we did have a shower together before, at that beach on Corsica and nothing else happened. You remember?

So up I went to the bathroom, my cloth taken off and stood under the shower. “Join me, it is nice in here”, I said with a cheeky smile on my face. Didn’t take long after this and we had a hot and passionate sex session under that shower.

See yourself in the pics.


So! That is the Leo story so far. Stay tuned to see were this leads too (or not).
What do my readers think about this? Do you think my Second Life is compatible with such type of relationship? Will somebody get hurt down the line?

Is it actually possible to have a crush on a virtual personality without knowing anything about the RL person behind the avatar or is it just an illusion or role play?  Should I give it a try and if it is just to find the answer to that question?

Is that playing with fire?

As always: comments apreciated.



” Lets go to Magic Angels, I think tehy have yet another party going on tonight”, I said to Leo, when we last met at my home. “Hmmm, I had something different in mind, but if you want to go dancing, thats fine with me”, He replied. I enquired what that other thing would be. He must have lost his shyness as he replied: “Slamming my cock deep in your gorgeous body”.

Smiling he took my hand and lead me to the sofa. Didn’t take us longto get rid of our cloth:


The Sexual Meme (a Strawberry Singh Meme)

I found this fun idea from Strawberry Sing on Catherine Palens blog. Ten questions to be answered related to sexual behaviour. Any Second Life blogger reading this I dare to answer them as well on your blog. Here are Catherine answers: Sex and Catherine Palen

Looking forward to see more people to answer these questions. If you have a blog where you continue the meme please leave a link, alternatively you may leave your answers here in the comments.

Here Strawberry’s original post starting the meme:

The Sexual Meme

And finally my answers:

1. What is your sexual orientation or do you not like to label yourself?

I am into attractive people. This is not limited to physical attraction but also to attractive personalities, minds, education and intelligence. It doesn’t make much of a difference it that person is male, female or something in-between. If I had to make a choice all things being equal but the gender, I’d go for a woman.

2. Name a physical attribute that you find attractive or sexy.

A slim body and sensual and promising eyes showing a person deep passion and desires. The kind of eyes that make you shiver when you look into them.

3. Are you promiscuous, a prude or in between?

Promiscuous! No shadow of a daught. I believe the term “slut” should be banned and replaced with liberal sexual attitude. Being promiscuous or liberal should not be labeled as something immoral or negative in any way.

4. What turns you on?

My all time favorite is couples dating other couples. Watching your partner having sex with another person whilst getting fucked by that other persons partner is a super turn on. I am single in Second Life so that makes it difficult to really live the swinger lifestyle, but there is the option to join couples for fun for three. In RL I had such experience on several occasions and it was always extremely hot.

5. Are you dominant or submissive?

Neither. I actually do not even understand the need to be one or the other.

6. Are you into sexual roleplay?

Yes. My adventure as an escort girl in Second Life could be classified as role play. Other than that I did fantasy role play (Gor and Urban) which included sexual role play.

7. Which sexual position is your favorite?

On the back legs up or asian style riding.

8. Do you have any fetishes?

To watch and being watched

9. Have you or would you do porn, amateur or professional?

Yes I did and I will do it again in Second Life. Once I had castings for amateur porn in RL too and was filmed for an amateur production. That was hot too, I can tell you.

10. Do you consider yourself sexy?




Meeting Melchior at Aurelia’s Gallery

It has been some time, that I wrote an update on Caroline’s travels around the grid. The reason being is, that my real life has kept me extraordinary busy. However from now on you will get a new story every week end.

I will continue the two main story lines: My sailing trip around the mainland and I will walk the steamier side of the grid once again and report about my adventures as an escort girl in Second Life. Talking about the subject: Anybody interested in booking me, simply send a note card In-World with your on-line times and preferences and I will try to match both 🙂

For this matter I have been shopping a bit. I found this very sexy piece of lingerie. To try it on, I went to Aurelia’s gallery. As the gallery is located on Toni’s parcel I have rezing rights there. Its a building right on the beach and comprised mainly of glass.

This is how it looks like:


Here is were I tried my new lingerie:



At the same time I was in IM’s with Melchior. He is a guy I met some time ago and he also is a member at Bobbie’s and Caroline’s Adult club (previously known as Caroline’s Swinger Mansion). For the curious amongst my readers: Yes, we did! Actually several times. I failed to report till now, my apologies. Actually I think he has a little crush for me.

He stated, that he actually wants to go to the CFNM mansion, which he discovered recently reading my blog. From what he was saying, I knew he was after some erotic action again. I was in that kind of mood as well, hence I asked: „Hey, I am trying a new piece of very hot lingerie, want to see it?“ and accompanied the message with a TP invitation.

It didn’t take long, to get into action. The fact,, that he just came form a nude beach made it easy. The most exciting part of it: Anyone would would happen to stroll along the beach would be able to watch us.

Did I mention I have a thing for being watched? Here is how it went:

The Joy Story or Quo Vadis Caroline?

What happened to Caroline’s Swinger Mansion is the main question of my readers nowadays.

Well, here is the story:

The very first version of the club, was on a homestead. When I met Dainiz K. some time ago, he actually offered to become an additional partner in this venture. At the time it was owned by myself and Uwe Dufeaux. He invested a fair amount into the venture, which allowed me to make some more advertising (online mainly) and to finance the tier of the SIM for two more month. All went fairly good, member base increased and we started to have revenues.

Then trouble on sight: another woman arrived on the scene and settled in Dainiz Second Life.

I don’t know if you heard this before, but two women being to close to the same man is potential drama. Don’t believe me? Go try it and see how much fun you will have. Two men around the same woman is equally, lets say, “conflictive”. Now at the mansion we had both situations.

Joy is her name. Joy used to be working at Magic Dream Angels as an Escort Girl. Nothing wrong with that, I did work there as well, as most of you might remember from previous articles. But trouble starts, when one of the partners (Uwe D.) is actually a regular client of hers.

Ok guys, imagine this situation: You have a new girl in your life, who used to be an escort girl and your business partner is a regular client of hers. Fun isn’t it? Its particularly funny when your partner brags about having fucked her and actually insists on having sex with her.

At least that was Dainiz perspective. Uwe saw the situation totally different of course: He did not even know that Joy and Dainiz became a couple. In fact he was under the impression that he is “different to her other clients” and that between him and Joy developed some sort of relationship, which would no longer involve having to pay her.

Dainiz actually made an agreement with Joy. Dainiz is that sort of a person. Everything must be structured and based on clear agreements. This agreement initially included certain “relationship conditions”. Why do I think of Sheldon Cooper from the big bang theory all off a sudden?

Anyway, this relationship agreement involved sharing his sim, having regular sex, an open relationship and (you might have guessed it) a generous monthly financial allowance. The later wasn’t too much, just 70.000 L$ each month, but certainly a better offer than Uwe would have been able to make. The most important part of the agreement: no more “whoring”!

Yeah, sure. Let me see if I got this right. He fucks her and pays her but insist on no more “whoring”? I might have missed something here, but isn’t it the exact same thing, the only difference being exclusivity on her pussy?

By the way, he made me the exact same proposal, but decided to stay with Joy the next day. Basically dropped me for her. Also not a good start for a neighborship. But hey, it wouldn’t have worked out anyway I guess.

Dainiz understandably wasn’t very amused about the whole situation with Uwe. He gave me the money, Uwe had invested to give it back to him. Which I did. He also offered to host the club on his region, to safe the tier fee of my homestead region. That was actually a great opportunity to optimize the profitability of the club and to move to a region were I have more prims available and were I am able to host more people at the same time. So of we went, and moved the whole thing to his sim.

It was just recently, that I was about to dump the whole thing and leave it to him. Why? Because he all of a sudden got a strange attitude towards members (which are paying guests in my opinion!) and towards me as well. He kinda got very possessive and had a go at me that I am not available to answer him and instead play around with other members. It almost sounded as if he was jealous.

I made very clear to him, that I am not his property and that my sex life is not subject to his approval. “Its none of your fucking business”, was the terminology I used.

Then he complained that members of the club are trying to enter his private property on the sim. Property that actually is protected by one of those security orbs which kick anyone out of the property after a couple of seconds.

Isn’t it normal, that if someone lands on a region, is curious and starts wandering around? What is the fucking problem? He will not shit on your sofa, nor is he able to steal anything. “Joy has stalkers that watch what we are doing” – was the response to that one. Well shit happens. Yes escort girls do get stalkers. Its the risk you take when you fuck for money and make the guys believe they are “different then the other clients”. Yeah, it is part of the job description – deal with it!

I already had left the group, made him sole owner of everything. Then he insisted of me to come back. He almost begged me to come back. So I did, under one condition: no more trying to take control of me and my private life.

So we continued!

However, one of these days, he did send me a letter (notecard) out of the blue. The letter stated that he and Joy will leave the group to focus on their relationship. It further stated, that they do not want to be associated with the activities and the people in the group.

Last but not least, he asked me to remove the mansion from his region. So there I stood, running out of cash and not having land anymore to host the club. But as always, when one door closes another one opens. The story of my Second Life. But thats a story for the next article.

I can tell you that much: The club will reopen soon and we celebrate it with a big party!

7 facts about myself

Strawberry Sing (a well known Second Life blogger and artist) started a funny blog challenge here. Write 7 facts about yourself that may or may not be obvious to your readers. I found that actually on webspelunkers blog here.

Ok, I give it try:

Fact #1:

Caroline is an ALT. Only very few people know my main account and I want to keep it that way. In fact on my main account I have only 30 people on my friends list, if you are on it, feel privileged :-).  The account was created back in 2007. I won’t tell you her name, but I show you a picture (see above).

Fact #2:

Caroline is sexually very liberal. Exploring sex in second life is probably the most important part of Caroline’s existence in Second Life. Swinging rocks! My main is less activ sexually but  more into somewhat deeper relationships. She even was partnered several times  – always to women. I actually prefer women when it comes to romantic relationships.

Fact #3:

My best ever sexperience was working as an escort girl. Getting paid for sex is a serious turn on for me. If somebody asks me for sex against money I can not resist doing it, unless it is for a silly amount.

Fact #4:

My favorite region in Second Life is the blake sea because sailing and flying is what I enjoy doing most in Second Life (after virtual sex). I even have a little moor on blake sea. It is on the parcel of a good friend of us ( of both, alt and main avatar).

Fact #5:

Caroline never bought any Linden $. All stuff I have is financed with money I made In-World.

Fact #6:

Second Life Adventures was created for fun, its success happened by accident.

Fact #7:

I was adopted in Second Life once. However, my SL father died of stomach cancer shortly after this post.

If you are a blogger and this inspired you to write 7 facts about yourself too, then please link to this post, and to the post of Strawberry and Webspelunker.

If you don have a blog yourself, then feel free to leave the 7 facts about yourself right here in the comments!

Looking forward to read YOUR 7 facts.