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The Forgotten Continent

East of the corsica continent and actually connected to corsica via a small ocean you find Gaeta 5. I call it the forgotten continent.


Maybe it’s just me. Maybe it’s because I never cared about Gaeta and did not even consider including it in my sailing around the world series. But then again, I have never met people who said things like: “Hey, I have a cool home on Gaeta 5”, or “have you seen that lovely destination on Gaeta 5?”

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Twenty thousand leagues under the Sea

The secrets hidden under the surface of the ocean always fascinated people. Many tales and legends have their origin in what use to be an infinite mystery for us. As seen in my series „sailing around the world“ Second Life also offers many regions covered with water resembling little oceans. Have you ever wondered what can be found under the surface of those oceans?

Is it as simple as sand textured grid with no use whatsoever or is there actually something to discover? Something we haven`t even thought off as yet? What if there is something like a marine world out there, being totally ignored so far, at least by myself ?

Those of you who know me know, that I do not let pass much time between a thought and the correspoding action. Thought and done, I bought myself a submarine.

This really amazing vehicle is available on marketplace for as little as 2.499 Linden (one hour work for me). Check it out here:

It makes you feel somewhat like Captian Nemo in the classic science fiction novel of french writer Jules Verne, hence the headline of this post being twenty thousand leagues under the sea.

I rezzed the ship on my parcel in blake sea and off I went. At first the under water world of the blake sea , was what I expected it to be: dull and boring standard textured grid. But then I remembered a previous brief diving experience with Toni some time ago.

See this story here:

Some time ago? This is almost two years ago now. Time flies. Anyway back then mentioned a place called Fancis Deep, somewhere in the blake sea. Checking map, setting course. This submarine proofed to be the best vehicle I have ever tried. Very smooth movements, very fast and super easy to maneuver. Just on sim crossings it actually stops a couple of seconds to transfer those more than a hundred prims to the next server. Even though, the transport over to a new sim is much smoother than with any of other vehicles. This thingy even passes through obstacles.

Finally I reached my destination. The first thing I discovered was an ancient city. Immediately I thought of having discovered the mysterious city of Atlantis in Second Life. I decided to go deeper into those „stranger tides“.

I didn’t trust my eyes when I saw this:

Mermaids Dancing in the Sea
Mermaids Dancing in the Sea


Actually a mermaid and a merman dancing together in the water. I watched them quite a while until suddenly the mermaid did send me an IM.

We embarked on an interesting conversation. I learned that there is actually an active mermaid community in Second Life. Being of the curious kind I had lots of questions to ask her. The fact that she was German made it much easier, as German is my native tongue actually.

Most mermaids in Second Life see it as their lifestyle. A fantasy life similar to the furries or neko communities. Many ever leave the waters at all and are therefore not much in contact with regular residents. Sometimes however some of them do go on land where they grow legs. If you should ever meet one, you cant actually tell form their looks nor from their profile that you are talking to a mermaid. Most are rather withdrawn and shy, probably because of the fear of disapproval of their unusual lifestyle.

I invited her on board. This is actually what she looks like without her fish tail.

Mermaid in Second Life
Mermaid in Second Life

It didn’t take long till one of her sisters was swimming around the ship. Wow, two of those in one day after never having seen one in my entire Second Life. This one explained me a lot about what they actually do here in those waters. They run a group called “Safe waters association”, dedicated to preserve open water spaces in Second Life.

Here a more detailed article about this association:

The location where all this took place was incidentally just above the associations head quarters in Second Life. At this place you can get a lot of freebies for those who want to get in a life as a mermaid in the waters of Second Life.

We continued the trip from here. Just a little later, the next one! The two mermaids knew each other. Here I learned some mermaid language. “Tela” seems to be their typical greeting. Suddenly the ship was surrounded by another creator of sorts. Look like a dragon to me.

“Its a mermaid too, just a different race”, my passenger explained. Now that was a little creepy. But nothing actually happened. This dragon style mermaid followed us a while then left without saying a word.

Dragon Mermaid
Dragon Mermaid

Ok, four of those in a single day and I never knew about their existence!

A little later Del Fargis an old friend of mine joined us in the cockpit of my new submarine. The funny incident of the day was when we reached some under water temples. “These are temples in which the mermaids make love”.

Twenty Thousand Leagues under the blake sea
Twenty Thousand Leagues under the blake sea

Del inquired a bit anxious but interested: “Do mermaids have sex with normal men too?” I burst out laughing and said: “Del, seriously are you thinking about fucking a fish?”. Well he did not, he was more interested in getting close with me actually, which is what happend later that day actually.

See pics of us here:

The mermaid left us a little later and said she might visit me one day at my beach. I think I will be seeing the ocean in front of my home in a different light every time I look over those waters from now on.

Ok, readers! Did you ever meet a mermaid? Is that a fantasy you would consider?

Please leave your answers or stories in the comments please.




Sailing around the World – Last Part – Coming Home!

The Eastern Coastal Waterways of Satori did not offer anything spectacular. Long shores, mainly dotted with private homes, beach, buildings, the usual stuff. The only thing worth to mention was at an edge of the continent, this airport which potentially could have blocked the waterway. However they did build it in a way so you can actually sail through under the runways. Very considering of them.

satori east_001

It took us a while to reach the Eastern shores of Nautilus. „Us“ means me Leo and an old friend of mine called Pizarro . He joined us for part of the journey.

Night was fallen over Nautilus when we took course east. Actually that was rather difficult, as we had to cruise against the wind. But soon we reached our destination and Leo said: „Hey this looks familiar“.

Of course it does. Coming home after a long trip around two major continents of the mainland I docked the yacht on its home moor.

Nice end of the trip and this storyline isn’t it?

However, there is still a lot to discover. I haven’t been yet on the Northern shores of Corsica nor on the Gaeta continent. There is also the „old“ Mainland, which is not connected to the continents I was exploring.

I will make that part of a new storyline.

Oh and by the way, we celebrated coming home in the kitchen, Caroline style see pics here: Second Life Sex Pictures

Sailing around the World – Part 11 – Exploring Route 8

This is a rezz zone at route 8 on Satori. What am I doing here and what has it got to do with sailing, you might ask yourself. Ok, let me explain: We (Me and Leo that is) did set sail the other day and sailed the Western Coastal Waterways of the Satori continent in Southern direction .

Sailing Satori
Speeding at 12 knots along the coast of Satori

We did so after some hot sex at home (see sex pics here), so we (especially him) were kinda relaxed when traveling and not thinking about sex all the time. Getting it out of the way, so to speak. Well that part kinda failed: He was still staring at my ass most of the time anyway.

The Satori Western Waterways end pretty abrupt. Just end of story, no way to proceed the journey by boat. It ends here:

Satori Waterways
End of Western Waterways of Satori

One option I had (Leo had to go back to RL in-between) was using my seaplane yet again. However, I was stuck on the South-West of the continent and the Eastern Waterways are located North-East. This meant I would have to fly almost over the entire continent. Given my previous experiences flying over a continent makes this a mission impossible. To many banlines, security orbs, no entry parcels and not to mention all the rubbish in the sky.

Luckily I did discover right behind this property the rezz zone of route 8. Route 8 is an extensive road network on Satori. Some time ago I bought a bike. I have not used it much, as at the time I was on an old computer with not much processing speed and a so-so graphic card. Now I have much better coputing power: 12 GB RAM and an Nvidia Geforce 960.

Time to give it a go. Said and done, I rezzed the bike and off I went. After quite a ride over many miles the first challenge was to be overcome. The road was interrupted at this lake.

Route 8 on Satori
Route 8 on Satori

How bizarre! The only way to get to the other side where the road continues, was with a little sail boat. Free to get, free to rezz. It was a silly sailboat. Very basic really. But more important, it is quite a challenge to cross the lake. Again, banlines and no entry parcels. How stupid is that?

Crossing the Lake
Crossing the Lake

I made it eventually and rested at this small Japanese style square. Quite busy place actually.

Then I did ride almost the entire road network of route 8. Most of the landscape is pretty boring: shops, private parcels, a lot of abandoned land. However there are some highlights on the way which make up easily for the 90 percent of a dull experience.

Those are the few pretty sceneries on route 8 on Satori:

Finally reaching my destionation: A rez point on Danu Beach Northwest of Satori:


A New Dimension: Alexandr Airport in Second Life

„Hey Caroline, I am on the neighbor region!“ It was Melchior who saw me on the map at Parris Coast Airport, my last stop on my „sailing around the world“ trip. What a coincidence! The mainland consist of thousands of regions. It is very unlikely to coincide at a place you have never been before.

A friend of his happens to rent the parcel next to the airport. I joined him there and told him how I ended up here in such a remote region. Well, remote from my point of view because its far away form home in the blake sea.

He showed me the place of his friend, but when I tried to enter the house suddenly alarm went on the typical message came up: You have 10 seconds to leave the parcel… Ok, so we have security orbs just beside an airport. Actually on the other side of the airport I saw bannlines. This makes flying in the area a serious challenge, if possible at all. Don’t worry, I won`t bore you with yet another rant about egomaniac, property obsessed idiots in Second Life.

Melchior tried to make something out of the coincidence meeting me in the middle of nowhere and ask with tongue in cheek: „ So why don’t you interrupt your travel for a romantic interlude“. Poor Melchior, I was in discovery mode not in sex mode.

I invited him to join me for a flight around the area. He agreed and of we went for a night flight over the North of Satori. Testing the „usability“ of the airspace on the continent.


malibu_010It had to happen of course. Shortly after take off we crash on the grid when trying to enter a region which does not allow access to objects.

Hitting the ground we first discovered this amazingly beautiful breedables farm in Japanese Style. Did you know that Sarori is also called the Japanese continent? I did, so I was expecting something like this sooner or later.

Time to check the map. What are those huge grey areas like buildings over several regions close to our location? I wondered. A city maybe? Of course I had to satisfy my curiosity. We discovered what is the biggest airport I have ever seen in Second Life.

This amazing build really impressed me, and trust me I have seen lots of amazing builds in Second Life before. This airport was not intended for amateur pilots like me. This must be something seriously professional.

Judge yourself:

In one of the office belonging to the main building I met the CEO of, believe it or not, a travel company in Second Life. I had a good chat with Markus about his plans. He actually is in the planning state of this project. He rents terminals here and owns several Boing 737 as part of his company „Inter Blake Sea Islands”.

It took him six weeks of work, to established save flight routes all over the mainland and to all major airports on the grid. I asked him: „Why would somebody book a scheduled flight in Second Life, or even something like a holiday package?“ I did not have an answer to his response: „Why do people buy a Ferrari in Second Life“?

Good point. Maybe this works and adds even more fun to the grid.

For the moment Markus is looking for people to help him on the project, as he can not do all of what is involved on his own. I offered to write about it as it develops and he offered me a tour including flying some routes with him in one of those jets. I am really looking forward to that! I had an idea: I offered to include travel companions for special services in some packages! That would be fun!

What about you, dear readers. What kind of travel packages can you imagine to book in Second Life? Any fun ideas?

Please leave you thoughts in the comments!

Sailing around the World – Part 10 – Satori

We did not do it in the end. What? Well, having sex in that chapel which Leo and myself discovered the last time. We met there right after I have been booked for an one hour sex encounter by this fan. I wrote about that in my last post. I had enough sex for the day and we decided to continue the journey instead. Poor Leo 😉

We were still stuck on that sea surrounded by landmasses. There was no way to get to that ocean between the Nautilus and what is called the Satori continent in the South of the mainland by boat. Hence once again the seaplane was our best option.

This time it worked out very well. Smooth take off, no turbulence on the way and I managed to actually land the plane as opposed to crash it somewhere. Finally arriving at the main ocean between the continents on the South coast of Nautilus.



Here we found something which could be of interest to anyone of you dear readers who want to try or practice sailing himself. There is this small public sailing club where you can rez boats and you get some freebies too, such as appropriate cloth. There are maps of the region too and it looks like the owners occasionally arrange races here. Probably a good start to get into this fun activity in Second Life.



Anyway, time to set sail again to cross the ocean , taking course South West heading for Satori. Crossing about six or seven open water regions, land in sight! We reached the North of Satori – a milestone in my attempt to travel around the mainland.



Did not take me long to find a place to moor the boat. This rather interesting airport right on the coast had a moor for the coastguards. One side was actually not used, so I decided to anchor here hoping the owner doesn’t mind. The owner actually did contact me about it a few days later, asking very friendly if I want to come and get my boat back. I told him I will come soon and write about this place – but that is a story for another post.

Here the taxi:



Stay tuned , to be continued soon.

Sailing around the World – Part 9 – Take me to Church

Setting sail again to go South. My next goal: The Satori continent south of Nautilus. From the marina where I last moored it was an easy sail along the western coast of Nautilus, until I reached a port called „The Gateway Marina“. A funny little port which connects the Western Nautilus waterway to a big sea within Nautilus.

From here on the only way forward is passing through this narrow gate, entering this huge mediterranean sea. The only problem: It is entirely surrounded by land. Hence there is no way to actually continue the journey by boat. Trapped in Nautilus so to speak. So I moored the boat in a small marina located North in this sea, right under (literally under) an airport.

The next day I went there again with Leo. Yet again we had no choice but flying over the land enclosing this sea. Out comes my seaplane and minutes later we took off on the sea. Flying over the sea was quite and easy going. Just when we overflew land, we got into turbulences again.


Once again I crashed the plane.

We stranded on a beach of the South coast of this sea. We did see a bit further down something strange. This thing looked somewhat like a transparent dome. We decided to inspect this thing. Getting nearer we realized, there was a chapel under that dome.


At the entrance we saw those signs offering different means of transport. One of which being a couple walk. That’s fun I thought, and of we went walking arm in arm towards the chapel. We walked like that into the chapel, going nearer towards what I assume is the altar.

I am not very familiar with these things as I am not christian, but suddenly I realized: Hey, I am standing with Leo in a church in front of that thing. This is were christian people get married. I am surprised I did not get stroke by a sudden lightning in this place.


Suddenly Leo said: “Hey wait, this was all preplanned, you got me here to ask this all important question”. He laughed. “Don’t even think about it!” I warned him, “this is pure coincidence”. He smiled and remarked: “Well, hopefully one day…”

I don’t think so. Sorry Cathy!

Anyway was good fun to play that piano together. Then I had an Idea: “What you think, would it be very inappropriate to have sex in here? Its M rated. “ – “Very much so, Darling”, he answered, “imagine we get caught, this would get us a ban from this land at its best or even an abuse report to the Lindens at its worst.” Leo explained.


“Why?” I asked innocently, “its rated mature and we are in a building, that would not be against the TOS of Second Life at all and the possibility of getting caught ads some more excitement to it”.

We didn’t do it. Yet. But I am seriously considering it. What do you think, should I go ahead and give it a try or is a no-go?

Please comment!

Sailing around the World – Part 8 – Reaching West Coast of Nautilus

As you know from part 7, I tried to fly over the the South coast of Corsica in order to find waters easier to sail. I tried several times but did not succeed to reach that airport close to sailable waters. Either I got kicked out from security orbs or crashed into skxboxes.

I tried one last time and decided, if it doesn’t work out this time, I will walk to the shores. Almost, I almost reached my target, but crashed yet again into some rubbish in the sky. At least I was wearing my parachute, so at least I had a fun glide down to the grid.

Down on the ground, I saw saw a typical mainland scenery. Several parcels being build with weird stuff on it, even with wall paper around parcels, banlines and nothing actually fits together:


But I saw the sea! Not to far away I could see the shores of that ocean connecting Corisca to Nautilus again. At least that is what I thought it is. I also saw a bit further down a huge tree and something that looked like a garden. The closer I got to that parcel, the more curious I became. Finally I arrived on a huge parcel with beautiful gardens, waterfalls, caves, a superb beach on which one is even allowed to rez. Fantastic, here I can rez my boat and continue my journey.

But before I did so I strolled alone this place with Leo (who I Tped over) and took some pictures for you
Here the Taxi:

We decided to move on. I rezed the boat and off we went. It was then that I realized: Fuck, I didn’t make it to the ocean, there are tow regions between us and open waters. But we were lucky, we found a passage through those regions in our way. It was tricky to move the boat there as it was very narrow passage. I actually used the engine not the sails.


Finally we reached the open waters of Nautilus, yeah! Setting sail and a strong East wind lead us with 9 kts average speed to the shores of Nautilus.

At a small yacht club on its Western coast I moored the boat. I actually felt as if I had traveled in time. This marina looked like Second Life in 2007. Those of you who have been in SL that year might remember those guys with a small penis syndrome. Those who compensated their lack of manhood with huge luxury motor yachts, pretending to be part of the rich and famous society.


Those yachts do not actually move. They simply stand stand there in a marina and serve their respective owners as a home. Fine with me. Those guys hire escorts. I might actually make some money in this port.

By the way:

You can rez boats in the marina. I great place to discover the water ways of Nautilus.
Give it a try! Here the Taxi:


Sailing around the World – Part 7 – Taking a Short Cut

Those of you who know about the geography of Second Life already know that I am not sailing around the entire mainland. When I reached Corsica some time ago, I set course West towards the Linden Ocean, the open water regions between Corsica and the Nautilus Continent. To sail around the entire continent of Corsica and Gaeta 5 I would have had to turn east.

I did not do that for a simple reason: It is not possible.

East from the region that connects the Coastal Waterways with Corsica, is a sim that has no sailable waters, and there are two regions owned by „Mystical Rentals“. Mystical rentals rents out skyboxes on their land on several levels and the tenants use security orbs to prevent people entering the parcel. Sad attitude but I have to live with that.

Having said that, I might do Corsica later on a bike.

On my journey throuh Linden waters South of Corsica, I came to point where I am facing that same situation. A region which I can not pass sailing. For you to get an idea, here is a map. You can see clearly what the problem is.


Of course, I could simply sail to the regions that end the continent, walk a bit over land and rez the boat on the other side of those regions and continue the journey. Well, that wouldn’t be me, don’t you think so?

You remember where I finished the last etape? Right at Smugglers Cove airport. Caroline on an airport. Those who read my stuff since a bit longer know what had to happen. Out comes my little Debonair and I plan to do a short cut, by simply flying over the problematic areas.

If it only was that simple!



Ok, here I am, ready for take off. I have done lots of take offs in the past. So that is the easy part. But I am still making that same mistake I did in the past: to not properly prepare the flight. The most important part is, actually checking the map for the route to take, to find a suitable airport and to check for potential obstacles.


Hence my first attempt ended in a disaster. Took me only 5 minutes to fly into a „Mystical Rentals Region“ (on the map you can identify them looking for regions covered with a huge heart) and being kicked out by a security orb. Wankers!


Ok, next try. This time better prepared. I manage to avoid the “Mystical Rentals” sim and finally set course to the West, where I identified an airport places after the problematic areas and right on a shore. Perfect I thought to myself.

If it only was that simple!

The airspace over the Second Life grid is full of stuff. Stuff which you can see on the map. There are skyboxes, building platforms or just unfinished rubbish the land owner forgot to delete or collect. Yes. If you are good at flying, and if you have hard ware which allows you to fly at high resolution and long distance view, you fly around those obstacles and get back on course after that.

I lack the later (some bad people insist I lack both). That is why I suddenly crashed into this funny building platform in the sky:


At that time Leo came online. Who is Leo you might ask. Well, he is a fan of Second Life Adventures. He follows this blog from day one. I bumped into him by accident the other day and he needed to say hello to me. We had a good chat that day and decided to meet up again.

I invited him to come over and have a look at the disastrous result of my flight at the risk of him making fun about me. This is Leo, good looking isn’t he?


I decided to give it another try, this time with a passenger: Leo. He felt what he calls “star struck” (I never heard that term before), as he never would have imagined to fly with me one day. I guess he also would have never imagined to crash with me one day, which is what happened a little later, again because of a huge skybox in the way.

I decided to call it a day and to try another day again. Which is what I did, ending up finding one of the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen in Second Life. But that is for part 8 of  the “sailing around the world” series.


Stay tuned, this is to be continued …


Sailing around the World – Part 6 – The Infohub in the Ocean

It has been some time since I continued writing about my trip around the world. I did actually continue the trip as such some time ago, but didn’t really have a chance to follow up on it on the blog.

What was that last I reported. Let me think. Yes, I have been on the South coast of Corsica with Toni my room mate. You remember? If not check it out. We did something really naughty back then: reaching Corsica.

After that I set sail taking course to the West (actually I had some passengers with me this time, members from Caroline’s Swinger Mansion). It was then that I learned there is yet another huge sailing area in Second Life: The Linden Ocean. This is the sea which connects the two continents Corsica and Nautilus. Between the two you find approximately 100 sail-able open water regions. So all of you sailors out there: If you get tired of the blake sea, try the Linden Ocean for a change.

It was good fun sailing on so many open waters. Then I discovered something really bizarre. I reached a small island somewhere in the middle of this big ocean. Checking the land profile quickly, I realized that it is Linden Lab owned land.

For those new to Second Life: The mainland of Second Life is operated and administrated by Linden Lab directly. They actually sold most mainland regions to Second Life residents. If you have a premium account you can buy land on the mainland from small parcels of just 512 m² up to entire regions of 65.000 m². Most of it is actually sold already, so the only way to obtain a nice parcel in a popular area, is actually buying it from another Second Life resident who then transfers ownership to you for a take over fee. The later can be quite high in some areas and you responsible to pay the tier to Linden Lab once the transfer is completed.

If you do so, you pay every month an amount what is called tier fee (in USD) for the hosting and you now own that parcel. You can resell it, rent it out to someone else or simply build stuff on it. Whatever you build on your mainland parcel must be compliant with the general rules for the mainland.

Some of the regions of the mainland however are still owned by Linden Lab. You can see that looking into the Land-info where it shows the owner of the parcel. Whenever you see an avatar called „Governor Linden“, it is Linden owned land.

I was curious of course about why would the Governor reserve an open water sim with a small island on it, in a less than populated area. Thought and done. I moored my yacht and off I went to discover the island.

Anchoring at the Infohub
Anchoring at the Infohub


You can not imagine my surprise when I realized:

It is an Info Hub!

Sign with broken Link!
Sign with broken Link!

Ok for those who don’t know what that is: Infohubs are areas where people can set their home landing spot (if you do not own land yourself) and (as the name suggests) you find Information about Second Life, such as tutorials or links to other sources.

Most of these Infohubs are fairly busy. The reason being is they are regions frequented by many new residents when they leave orientation island. They are starter points in Second Life and many new residents come back to them for having set their start location at an Infohub. In addition when you are logging into Second Life to the last location you have been and that region is not available for whatever reason, you automatically get redirected to the nearest Infohub.

The later can be rather embarrassing when your last location was your bedroom or a sex sim and you had sex before logging out but did not bother to put some cloth on before logging out. It does happen! You have been warned. Actually my regular readers know who probably would have fun flashing naked at an Infohub by accident.

Cathy, I dare you: Flash at a G rated Infohub!

Anyway, lets have a closer look at this Infohub in the middle of nowhere.

It is totally senseless in my not so humble opinion. This Infohub could have been a great location to introduce new residents to sailing or other water sports. Maybe with a social gathering point, even some free boats to try, tutorials about how to. Maybe even with some Linden coaches to answer questions or proactive help noobs with technicalities.

There was none of that.

Some buildings with nothing in them, a couple of signs with broken links, a boat which only serves as deco. Totally useless exercise. There was nothing to do, nothing to learn – no wonder the few noobs I spotted seemed rather lost. This island is yet another prove for the lack of imagination of the Lindens when it comes to content creation.

Useless deco ship
Useless deco ship

I actually asked some of the people I met there: “Why are you here, there is nothing to do and not many people around either”. One answered: “We land here as starting point because its quite. I personally do not want to check in at those busy Infohubs with all their drama and hundreds of silly noobs”.

Links to a youtube channel
Links to a youtube channel

Ok point taken. In another words: If you actually look for a dead place for check into Second Life ,to be away from it all, this is the perfect spot! The strangest thing of all was this: I noticed there is something in the water. I dived into it and saw this:



A number of abandoned avatars (at least 10) under water, all in “away mode”. I tried to speak to them, sent an IM, no reaction at all. This remained a mystery to me: Why do several Residents “park” their avatars here in the ocean? Anyone can shed some light on this?

Then please leave a comment!

I could not rez here either. Hence I sailed to the near coast of Corsica where I discovered a little airport, which b its very nature allows rezing. More on that in my next post from the story-line “sailing around the world”. From here I will continue my trip next time. Stay tuned!