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Moving to Saratoga Springs in Second Life

Moving to Saratoga Springs in Second Life

I moved. Yes, I left the little placed I shared for two years with Toni and Auri and moved to a community called Saratoga Springs. Some of my regular readers surely thing: „Hell has frozen, Caroline moved away from her beloved Blake Sea”.

Well, it was time for a new start. Toni actually was the first to say that they will make a move. The reason being, the land owner wanting to substantially increase the rent. Toni had his little anoyances with the owners anyway, so an increase (even though with more prims) was one thing too much. Of course I could have taken over the parcel alone, but I wasn’t prepared to pay more than 12.000 L$ per month alone either, especially bearing in mind, that I need additional land for our new business venture too.

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