Cathy’s Corner

Dear Caroline’s readers,

I am one of you, I am a big fan of Caroline and her adventures in Second Life. The very fist thing I would like to do is to thank Caroline to let me have this column on her very popular blog, I just cannot believe I have been offered this opportunity, and be sure I will do my best to honor the great gift that has been made to me.

I will briefly introduce myself here. I am Catherine, Cathy for my friends, I have been in Second Life since end of 2007, so I think I am quite experienced in the metaverse, but I am still discovering new things every day that I spent in-world. I am French so I will make mistakes in my grammar and spelling, feel free to let me know, I will be more than happy to fix them to make the texts more readable and enjoyable.

What I proposed to Caroline is to write exclusive articles on the blog, to share some of my adventures and to let you discover with me the treasures of Second Life from my perspective. I will do some visits around the grid, interview successful people and normal citizens too. Those stories will appear in Cathy’s Corner category.

There are so many places to discover and people to meet, I do not know where to start, so the first thing I will ask you is to make your propositions on where I should go. Let’s make it collaborative !

I hope to hear your suggestions very soon



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