It is all Cathy’s Fault!

In case you are wondering, why there haven’t been any new stories recently: I have been busy.

With two things mainly. First and foremost I was spening time with Kioke. I am sure you remember. We had quite some fun times with our common hobbies such as water sports in Second Life.

No, not that kind. Naughty you! It is jet ski I am talking about. And sailing.

See yourself:

Shopping is another one we both enjoy. I found this new shop called Tetra. Really cool stuff. However their collection in not very wide yet, but what they have already is very nice indeed. I ended up buying almost everything they have in that little shop.

And some things form shops nearby.

Back home, we were just unpacking and trying the new stuff on, Cathy came to visit me. I told her we have been out for hours spending some money (somewhere in the region of 5 or 6.000 L$).

It was then when Cathy asked a question, which should result in a quite dramatic shift in my Second Life:

„Are you two together now?“

I could have easily said: „Cathy, don’t be silly. We have just been out and about a bit. I know her for a couple of days only, and you know my attitude about relationships in Second Life. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. And by the way: She prefers men anyway.

But I din’t say that. Instead I heard myself saying: „Well, I am not sure If I can call it like that“.
Which basically means it is going into that direction.

I jokingly told Kioke about this. No, not with the intention to take it a step further. Or maybe yes?

The next day we met again.

„Lets talk first (before having sex, that’s is), I owe you an answer“.

Oh, oh, this is going to be the „I-really-like-you-but-lets-be-good-friends-speech“. You know what I mean. I am sure everyone of you out there got that speech at some time in your life. That one sentence, you do not want your crush saying. Ever.

Actually I never directly raised the question. I only had told her what Cathy was saying. Probably to avoid the „lets-be-friends-talk“ and instead keeping up the illusion as long as possible.

„We are not together“, she started.

Here we go. I knew where this would be going. How can I expect anything else than that from a straight girl. Why did I actually bring up the subject, even though indirectly. Silly me! OK, lets listen to the „lets-stay-friends-stuff“, I deserve that now.

„But I would want to“, she continued.

>insert long speechless pause here<

I was confused. And hesitant. Several questions came up in my mind, plus memories of previous experiences with virtual relationships.

We had a long talk about those issues. Issues like our jobs in the porn business and as escorts. Issues like jealousy, like strings and sex of course.

My biggest concern was (and still is a little) that I can not spend every minute with my girl friend in Second Life. In a previous relationship (on another account that was) it went all sour because of that. That woman was extremely possessive and turned very angry, when I did not log-in as expected, or when I simply had to (or wanted to) do something else in Second Life.

Freedom is an essential element of my Second Life.

What the heck, I thought. There is never a guarantee that it works out. I will give it a try! But if I do it, I do it right. All or nothing. No half things – not my style.

„I would want that too, baby and I want everybody to know“, was finally my reply. Followed by a partner request.

Seconds later, this email did hit my inbox:

Hi carolinestravels,

Congratulations! Your proposal has been accepted by Kioke Mio!

Personal Message :
Yes please!


Yes, we are now, and its all your “fault”.


2 thoughts on “It is all Cathy’s Fault!

  1. Dear Carol and Kioke,
    Is it my fault? I am not sure but even if it is the case I am proud of myself and happy for you two.
    Be careful not to fall in the difficulties of a relationship in SL, and never forget to be happy.

    Big big kiss

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