The CFNM Mansion in Second Life

In a previous article I showed you a special place for a specific kink called CFNM. CFNM stands for clothed females nude males. The place is called The CFNM Mansion. These days I decided to visit the place myself. Usually the girls that go to the place are fully dressed, typically casual, sometimes sexy but business or formal attire is encouraged by the owners.

Sometimes they do themed evenings. This time it was „little black Friday“. I had my own interpretation of „little black“ though. I decided to show off a very sexy lingerie outfit. When I got there , I saw only one other woman sitting there but about 6 or 7 naked men, including the bar keeper.

As you can imagine I was immediately the center of everyone’s attention. The were all flirting with me and two actually approached me in IM, complementing me on my extremely sexy outfit.

Actually it is against the rules of the house to directly approach a woman in IM. The idea is, that women are the ones which initiate any conversation in IM and any sexual approach should also be initiated by female guests. Hence if you are a guy and you want to participate in the mansion, bear in mind its a place were women are in control about what is happening and what not. This is actually the reason why women go there. You best read the rules before you enter.

Anyway, I dont mind much about that.

It seamed that almost every guy in the room was hoping for his change with me. The one who managed to talk me into dancing with him, was actually the alst to arrive at the place. Bad luck for all the others but he was simply the best looking and most confident of all.

DAncing at the CFNM Mansion

Guys, another lesson learned here:

If you want to serve us at a CFNM place, make sure you invest a little in your appearance! You are in competition with the other guys for the women`s attention. However, it does help to use imaginative and charming emotes in open chat when you are in the mansion. This gives the girls an idea what to expect, in case they choose to take you upstairs for more intimate fun.

You might have guessed it, it didn’t stop at dancing. I took him upstairs in the bathroom for some steaming sex and as always I made some pretty hot pictures for you to enjoy.

One thought on “The CFNM Mansion in Second Life”

  1. Thank you for your excellent article. Your story is obviously written from the viewpoint of a woman, but for a man the experience is quite different. It was like walking into a convention for gay body builders. Without exception, every single male avatar was absurdly muscular and had a ridiculously oversized weener. The impression was reinforced by the dancing poles they were swinging on. As for the females, most of them looked like noobs. At the time of my visit, there were about 75% male and 25% female avatars, no more than a dozen in total. Before 10 minutes had passed, the inevitable happened. I look at the door, and in walks the tranny. Completely nude, and with a tiny little peeny weeny between his/her legs. But I have to admit that he/she was one of the very few with a decent female avi. This was about the moment I left, never to return again. I like a good barbecue but this was more sausage than I could stomach.

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