Charleen the Sugar Baby

Last month I announced a series of new adventures using an ALT (alternative account). It actually started with me wanting to see how orientation island, the place where everybody starts in Second Life developed. I did not imagine at the time, that I would be drawn into a story like this.

If you missed the first post of this series, please read it here, before you continue:
Temptations on orientation island.

It was tempting. I was standing there on social island as a new character. A yet unwritten story just one click away. Anything was possible, the excitement of the unknown, the fascination of infinite possibilities, the chance of seeing the grid from yet another perspective. Shall I start a new Second Life or do I just leave it there and go back logging in as Caroline?

I did it, I did click on that portal teleporting me somewhere on the grid to an adult sim. Of course I was fully aware of my noob-like look. Been there, done that, got the t-shirts (literally). Hence my first steps in my new life had to address the issue. Once again (just like when I started Caroline’s life on the grid) I decided not to use real money or any resources from my main account.

Step one: Upgrading my Avatar

First thing, I tried was an obvious one: Checking out the freebee places. What a huge disappointment! All I could find was outdated ugly stuff – from my perspective as an experienced Second Life resident. Maybe for somebody truly new to this it is an option, but not for me. Hence after a few visits to those place I kinda gave up and thought about other options.

Luckily I met Non. It was on one of those adult beaches. You know, one of those hundreds of beaches which pretty much look all the same and are primarily there for guys chatting up girls to take them home for virtual sex.


Non had such a pretty body. I had to ask her where she got her stuff and how much it did cost her to become such a pretty girl. “Its all free”, she said and offered me help to look the same. “Come lets make you pretty”, she offered and off we went.

At the TMP (The mesh project) shop, I actually got a free mesh body! In addition she gave me a copy of her skin and told me the exact measures of her shape. She even gave me 10 Linden to buy the hair she had. She was so helpful. The result was a stunningly beautiful young girl. I am sure that if Uwe saw me like this, he would get a hard on just looking at me. For those who don’t follow this blog regularly: Uwe is an extremely horny client of mine

Non, if you read this, thank you for your help and patience. Second Life needs people like you!

Actually I found that Second Life is nowadays much more noob friendly. There where many people actually chatting with me, offering help and so on. Looks like Second Life developed in that sense too.

Step two: Getting some Lindens

How does a gorgeous young girl, get some Lindens to start with in Second Life? Lemme think. Any Ideas? My regular readers know where this is going, don’t you?

No surprise that pretty Charleen did spend her next couple of hours on the street. The same place where Caroline was living the street whore adventure. It has been easy to make the first few L$. The guys were crazy for her. Here a couple of pics of the few encounters I had:


Step three: The Plan

However, I thought to myself: “This is getting yet another escort story if I continue like this. Just more sexy pictures of the same stuff just another avatar.” Hence I decided to try something else. Instead of fucking around with every Dave and Pete for a little bit of cash, I see if I can take this to another level: A sugar daddy.

I wasn’t sure if this was going to work, but the idea was to find a nice guy and most importantly a rich guy (rich by Second Life standards) who finances my Second Life. Maybe someone with a nice home I can use, someone who goes shopping with me (and pays the stuff I want) and gives me a little cash allowance too. In short: spoiling me!

In return I would be his sugar baby, a girl friend like companion for going out, sharing experiences in Second Life and of course: sex!

How to find someone like that? I had no idea other than being open about my intention in my profile. Believe it or not, this actually worked! Well sort of.

I was hanging out at the keyhole club one day, when a guy did send me and IM and asked me: “What exactly is a sugar daddy”. I told him what I think it is. To my utmost surprise he said: “I would love to try that!”

We went to his place first. I wanted to see if he actually has a decent place, not just one of those 60 L$ Skyboxes. Yeah he actually had a quite nice place.


Suddenly I realized something. You can not imagine my adrenalin peak. He was a client of Caroline!

This one: A new regular.

Ok, calm down, I said to myself. Normally I do not meet people I know as an ALT and if I do I actually sooner or later tell them who I am, everything else feels strange and dishonest. But in this case, it was different. Shall I tell this guy that I am the whore he fucks occasionally, because he has difficulties to actually find woman interested in sex for free?

Nope! I wanted to see to what this actually leads.

At least I had one advantage. He wasn’t after a girl friend experience, he was after sex only and prepared to spend money on it. He did spend some money that day. We went shopping to Maitreya, a well known outlet for exclusive mesh stuff – not known for low prices. I bought about 10 different outfits, jeans, tops, trousers, shoes you name it. Felt a bit like the girl in the movie pretty woman. You remember Julia Roberts going shopping on Rodeo Drive? I bet you do. He also gave me a decent amount of cash, in case I need something when he is not online and added me as resident on his parcel. Hey, Charleen has gotten a home!

Obviously I knew, what he was expecting as compensation for such generosity. I wanted to make sure he stays in this spending mood and I had a huge advantage: I knew already what he is fond of in the bedroom. Having been his sex toy in my other Second Life I knew what buttons to push and which not. 🙂

This is how the day ended:


If you think this was the exciting story line I announced a month ago, you are sooo wrong. This is just the beginning, the first steps so to speak. The really exciting stuff is yet to come. So stay tuned and follow Charleen on twitter:



2 thoughts on “Charleen the Sugar Baby”

    1. Hi Mary

      I recommand a sim called “Street Whores”. Its not always busy, but the guy going there know most of the times what they are there for. You don’t have discusions about “why paying for it” and you can keep all the money. The downside is: Its a cheap place, at the more sophisticated clubs (such as the Manhattan) you achieve higher prices.

      Street Whores is a good place to get started.


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