Charleen and her Sugar Daddies

It is about time to continue the story of Charleen, the little girl walking the grid. What happened so far: I created a new character, starting a new Second Life on orientation island. The plan was to become the sugar babe of a wealthy man and have fun without having to worry about making money. A spoiled little princess.

So far that didn’t work out well. Yes I met somebody, as I told you in my previous „charleen-post“. However the guy kinda canceled the deal, after me having been a way a couple of weeks. Not a problem, because the way he said it, did put me off big time. He was actually calculating how much fucking me did cost him. Worked out about 5.000 Linden for the only time we had sex.

But hey, if you want to „pay as you go“ then go to one of the escort girls on your friends list. Funny enough, he has Caroline on his list too and actually did hire Carolines services in the past.

Didn’t take long though that I met somebody else. This one was another caliber. Truly wealthy, owning an entire sim and a true gentleman! I can not actually remember where I walked into this one, probably at Franks Jazz club or at one of those nude beaches, like the one you see in the main picture.

Anyway, he invited me over to his place and showed me around his several big houses. One of which a typical American style wooden cottage with eight bedrooms.

Jokingly I said: „Wow, you seam to be well off, don’t you need a daughter, you could adopt me!“ To my utmost surprise he actually responded, that he would like that. Then he told me about his Second Life and it appears he was a rather lonely man. Strange, I thought, how comes a rich guy, apparently a nice personality and very open towards other people (to me at least), has nobody to share his Second Life with?

He invited me for a dance

I told him the story of my Second Life father, who passed away in 2013. My regular readers certainly remember Gerry, don’t you? After a while he remarked: „I think the daughter thing might not be a good idea anyway, I would have too many naughty thoughts about you“. I laughed and suggested: „I wouldn’t mind being the lover of a rich man“. „I have much too give“, he replied, „and would love to have somebody to share my Second Life with“.

I decided to give this a go. I told him what activities I like most in Second Life: Flying planes, sailing and sex. I told him about my favorite places, such as the blake sea, the huge sail-able oceans. It appeared he actually had no idea that such places exist in Second Life. He was one of those who spend years in Second Life on private estates and never actually discover what we call the „mainland“.

When I told him I would love to show him the blake sea by boat, but I don’t have one on my new account because I am a poor girl with hardly any L$ (Linden Dollar), he simply bought me one. Not just a little sailboat, he actually gave me the latest Bandit 66 sailing yacht as gift. This actually boat cost 6.500 L$.

Off we went on a little sailing trip. He enjoyed it that much, That he later purchased the same boat for himself. We even rented moors in a cool yacht club east of Nautilus.


However, this did not last either. Once again, I did not log in for some time and when I came back, he actually wrote me, that he met a woman he spends a lot of time with. They became boyfriend and girlfriend, which is what he was waiting for so long.

By the way: We did not have sex at all, he did not even try!

Well, I genuinely hope he will be happy with her and Charleen is walking the grid alone again. Well, actually not that alone, because during hat time I also met Mr. and Mrs. Jones.  A couple in trouble!

But you will read about my adventure with the Jones in my next post about little Charleen’s Second Life. Do not miss it! This story will become extremely hot. Until now, you only have read the build up!

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