Charly Has a Plan B

In case you don’t remember: Charly is a new account which I created for a specific new story. My aim as Charleen (Charly for short) was to try and find a sugar daddy. Basically becoming a kept girl of a rich and generous man. Basically having fun on the grid, without the help of Aunt Carol (moi aussi) going shopping, having a home and some cash. In return she would take care of her sponsor’s needs exclusivelly.

It didn’t work so well.

Yes, I have a nice mesh body, some good mesh clothing (even from good brands) and a great little yacht. All of it gifts from potential sugar daddies. But that’s about it. 1.500 Linden on the account, no home, no income. For the later, well there is always the escorting option. More of the same? Na, I don’t think so.

My experiment on the afk slut regions proved that this kind of financing ones Second Life isn’t going to work either. To small are the tips if you get any at all. Charly is at the moment very short of cash. A poor and homeless girl walking the grid not knowing many people either. For the most part, I keep her social contacts separate from Caroline’s friends list with a few exceptions.

She must get her Second Life sorted on her own for the most part at least. Her story might even serve as yet another example for new residents how to find your way around Second Life on low budget. Just like Carol’s story in the very beginning of this blog.

Let’s see how that works.

I have made friends with another young girl. Actually very young. She was in a similar situation as I am: No L$, no contacts, no home. Then she started working as a dancer and stripper in a club specialized on very young girls, staying within the limits of the TOS and the law of course.

Well, ish! Her own avatar is portraying a young girl which could easily go as a 18+ Teenager, just like Charleen herself. However, looking at the other girls, dancing in that same club you must have a lot of imagination to not perceive them as under-aged. This is one of the reasons, she wants to work elsewhere.

She is making some money there. On a good day she gets over 6.000 L$ in tips. Just for dancing, entertaining and a bit of stripping. No escorting, no sex, still a virtual virgin. She even has some generous regulars, coming to the club just to see her. One guy actually financed her mesh and Bento body parts!

I know its not a lot of money. Well, maybe not in New York or Berlin. But lets say in Romania or in Bulgaria, it is an average salary of the lower working class. Makes me think about something. Second Life could be a valid alternative for people not making months end in poor countries.

Here is the plan:

We want to open a very small, very basic strip club. It doesn’t actually take much if you keep it really low key and low budget at the beginning.

Step one: Getting Land

All we need is a small parcel on the adult continent Zinga. Ok, here I am cheating a little. We build it in the sky over Caroline’s sandbox. That gives us a parcel of about 60 X 60 square meters and about 500 to 600 prims to go with it. That is a temporary solution to try it out. If this becomes a success we will get our own parcel. Who knows maybe even a homestead to host something more fancy.

In case somebody else want to give this a try and hasn’t got that option: You can get parcel that size, or a skybox that size you can get for less than 1.000 L$ per week. I have seen parcels with 2.500 prim allowance for 1.800 L$ per week on Zinga. That was on a so-called grandfathered region where the owner pays much less tier fee to the Lindens because he bought it long before the price increases and kept the old conditions. But anyway: Budget for a 1.000 Linden per week and you can get going.

So your plan would have a small amendment: Work in a club first, make some money and save it up until you can afford to pay a small parcel for at least a month in advance. That gives you also the chance to get some regular guests before you actually start your own thing. They will follow you. The later being the reason, I can not reveal my new friends identity yet. She needs the job until we open.

I can assure you one thing: She is drop dead gorgeous!

Step Two: Get a Building and some other Stuff

Believe it or not. You can get the actual prefab building for a club for very little money. No, its not going to be the most fancy club in Second Life. But it will be enough to get us started on low budget.

We decided to go for this one: Fully furnished disco club.

The idea is, instead of having a huge platform with many dance pools (which is what most clubs do) we will have cozy little corners with a dance pol on the table in front of it. Makes it feel more intimate for the guest. The dances become kind semi-private.

Ok, what else do we need to open? Well not much really, again we don’t want win a price, we just want to open on small budget and making the best out of it. We can make things more fancy at a later stage with the income we want to generate. In the start-up world this is called: “Bootstrapping finance”.

So all we need in addition is a couple of simple dance poles, tip jars, some scripts a sex skybox, greeter and land mark giver. Little bits and pieces. We budget for all that around 1.000 L$. Tough one, yes, but it is possible. You just have to search a bit in marketplace but you find suitable stuff for little money.

She actually bought 30 dance polls for only 30 Linden. But the best is. The shop owner Vixen (curiousite Resident) contacted her. Looked at the club to be and gave her her the best dance pole she has  for free. This one has it all. From pole dances, to girl-girl shows and ouright sex there and then. Usually costs quite some money, all we have to do is write a nice yet honest review.

Thats the one we got: Top dance pole on marketplace .

My new friend is pulling this all together at the moment In fact we want to open 27th of January already. It’s scheduled to start Noon SLT and open end.

That evening we will do an opening party. It’s scheduled to start Noon SLT – open end. There will be several dancers and entertainers. We have a DJ for music entertainment too. Some of the dancers are available for escorting services too.

The girls working there will keep 80% of their tips. 20% goes to the club. That counts for escorting as well.

Actually from everything the club makes in the first night, we will donate half of it. Still not sure to which cause. Any ideas? Should be something with some kind of presence in Second Life.

Please leave your suggestions in the comments. Ideally with a Slurl and a short description what it is all about.

Thank you!

Carol alias Charleen

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