Sailing around the World – Part 9 – Take me to Church

Setting sail again to go South. My next goal: The Satori continent south of Nautilus. From the marina where I last moored it was an easy sail along the western coast of Nautilus, until I reached a port called „The Gateway Marina“. A funny little port which connects the Western Nautilus waterway to a big sea within Nautilus.

From here on the only way forward is passing through this narrow gate, entering this huge mediterranean sea. The only problem: It is entirely surrounded by land. Hence there is no way to actually continue the journey by boat. Trapped in Nautilus so to speak. So I moored the boat in a small marina located North in this sea, right under (literally under) an airport.

The next day I went there again with Leo. Yet again we had no choice but flying over the land enclosing this sea. Out comes my seaplane and minutes later we took off on the sea. Flying over the sea was quite and easy going. Just when we overflew land, we got into turbulences again.


Once again I crashed the plane.

We stranded on a beach of the South coast of this sea. We did see a bit further down something strange. This thing looked somewhat like a transparent dome. We decided to inspect this thing. Getting nearer we realized, there was a chapel under that dome.


At the entrance we saw those signs offering different means of transport. One of which being a couple walk. That’s fun I thought, and of we went walking arm in arm towards the chapel. We walked like that into the chapel, going nearer towards what I assume is the altar.

I am not very familiar with these things as I am not christian, but suddenly I realized: Hey, I am standing with Leo in a church in front of that thing. This is were christian people get married. I am surprised I did not get stroke by a sudden lightning in this place.


Suddenly Leo said: “Hey wait, this was all preplanned, you got me here to ask this all important question”. He laughed. “Don’t even think about it!” I warned him, “this is pure coincidence”. He smiled and remarked: “Well, hopefully one day…”

I don’t think so. Sorry Cathy!

Anyway was good fun to play that piano together. Then I had an Idea: “What you think, would it be very inappropriate to have sex in here? Its M rated. “ – “Very much so, Darling”, he answered, “imagine we get caught, this would get us a ban from this land at its best or even an abuse report to the Lindens at its worst.” Leo explained.


“Why?” I asked innocently, “its rated mature and we are in a building, that would not be against the TOS of Second Life at all and the possibility of getting caught ads some more excitement to it”.

We didn’t do it. Yet. But I am seriously considering it. What do you think, should I go ahead and give it a try or is a no-go?

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4 thoughts on “Sailing around the World – Part 9 – Take me to Church”

  1. *clears his throat and grins*

    DO IT!
    It would be interesting to see a blog series of you attempting sex (in Mature sims only of course) in all sorts of public buildings! 🙂

      1. Though the thought is enticing, it would be tragic if LL banned you because of a silly dare. Don’t tempt fate, we need you to stick around! <3

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