Getting Closer or Playing with Fire?

You probably remember Leo from two of my previous posts from the “sailing around the world series”. If you don’t, check it out here: Sailing around the world. Some of you might have been wondering: “Who is this guy Leo. I never did read about him before and now he appears out of the blue in two posts.” Yes I am guilty. I never told you.

Here is the story to it. I was some time ago when I was doing some sim hoping. Jumping from region to region using my landmarks that is. On one of those regions (The keyhole club – you might remember that one) suddenly somebody IM-ed me, being al enthusiastic of seeing me in person on the grid. Apparently a fan. A big fan actually – that was Leo.  He was so enthusiastic about this encounter, he gave me the feeling to be some sort of celebrity.

Anyway, I offered him a coffee on my terrace and we chated a long time. Mainly about my old adventures here on Second Life Adventures. Apparently he knows almost everthing of my Second Life. He was very withdrawn however almost shy and totally a gentleman.

He stated he would love to get to know me better. We decided to meet up again and spend some time maybe going out dancing or the likes. Next time we met we did not go dancing, this was when I was eager to fly over corsica and thats where he got involved in the story.

Just a few days later we met again. I invited him over to the Magic Angels club. Listening to some cool 80ties tunes and dancing away he confessed this major crush he has on me and that it would be a dream come true to be my boyfriend.

Huu, that goes a bit fast and unexpected I thought at first.

But then my curiosity and my sense for adventures won and I kinda gave the thought some room. This also could give Carolines story a new unexpected twist , wouldn’t it? Plus he has similar interests, loves sailing and exploring just like me.

There are just a couple of things I needed to clearify before even going any further. For example my very liberal attitude about sex. Is it clear to him that sexual exclusivity is not my list? Well, he sais he likes me just the way I am, the whole package and that even includes my work as an escort girl.

I did not commit to anything that fast o course. I said we take this slowly, spend time and see were it leads us.
We left the Magic Angels and went to my place sitting on the terrace at midnight. Kept chating away. He did not make ths slightest attempt to actually make that next step. You know what I mean: You go out with your crush you end up at her home. I mean: come on, at least give it a try!


Ok, so I had to take the initiative. “What about a shower after a long day, what you think”, I asked. That was a relativelly harmless question until then, as we did have a shower together before, at that beach on Corsica and nothing else happened. You remember?

So up I went to the bathroom, my cloth taken off and stood under the shower. “Join me, it is nice in here”, I said with a cheeky smile on my face. Didn’t take long after this and we had a hot and passionate sex session under that shower.

See yourself in the pics.


So! That is the Leo story so far. Stay tuned to see were this leads too (or not).
What do my readers think about this? Do you think my Second Life is compatible with such type of relationship? Will somebody get hurt down the line?

Is it actually possible to have a crush on a virtual personality without knowing anything about the RL person behind the avatar or is it just an illusion or role play?  Should I give it a try and if it is just to find the answer to that question?

Is that playing with fire?

As always: comments apreciated.



” Lets go to Magic Angels, I think tehy have yet another party going on tonight”, I said to Leo, when we last met at my home. “Hmmm, I had something different in mind, but if you want to go dancing, thats fine with me”, He replied. I enquired what that other thing would be. He must have lost his shyness as he replied: “Slamming my cock deep in your gorgeous body”.

Smiling he took my hand and lead me to the sofa. Didn’t take us longto get rid of our cloth:


9 thoughts on “Getting Closer or Playing with Fire?”

  1. Dear Carol,
    i know you for a long time and i remember every part of our great friendship. So let me tell you one thing. You are no Lady for a relationship, because you are too free in your mind and your behaviour. And believe me, thats great. Maybe i am wrong, but with some thing you will do in your SL you will hurt Leo. Even if he tells you he is okay with your Lifestyle sich an opinion changes when a relationship starts. You know me and my way of ging through SL, and that was the reason i never startend a deeper relationship. I only can give you the advice to do the same, because (yes i know i said before) you are too free.
    Your friend Abraham Windstrom (still alive but not active in SL 😉 )

    1. Dear Abi,

      have not seen you for ages. I was wondering wether you left SL or decided to start over again on a new account. Is havong a relationship something that is suppossed to tak your freedom away? I do not think so. There are people who prefer a monogam livestyle, others don’t. If all parties are on the same sheet on this, it should not be a problem at all. He is not just Ok with it, he actually likes it and would love to participate in this lifestyle.

      Hey come on log in some time and lets have a talk again.


  2. Ah!
    SL relationships!
    Whenever I talk about SL to someone who doesn’t know about it, this is one of the (if not THE) most questioned topic. Due to SL uniqueness, it can go from a RL couple who takes their relationship to SL, to two complete strangers who never even talked about each other RL, and everything in between.
    Explaining the first is easy. Anything beyond that is a very gray area. I have friends who are in a very long relationship in SL, and , yet, never heard each other’s voices (and no, they are not a mute couple :P). How they managed to make it work? I sincerely don’t have the slightest idea…
    I also have some friends who likes to RP the relationship. Basically, they “become” what their partner wants out of them, while the other person does the same. It’s a curious relationship, which, unfortunately, I never saw lasting a long period. Too bad, since it sounds, in theory, very nice.
    Myself? Didn’t try it that much, and, honestly, failed at it terribly the few occasions I did try. Heh, I guess some of us got to be content with just a regular, boring RL relationship… 😛
    What I’m trying to say is that it can be a very touchy but interesting topic. If you (and Leo) are willing to talk about it, honestly spitting out everything that is happening and going on through the relationship, it can be, imho, very good reading material. If not, just keep the relationship to yourselves and keep up with the usual very good stories about sex, sailing, flying, etc…
    In any way, go for it! It will be fun while it lasts. 🙂

  3. Polite and respectful can be hard to come by in SL, so don’t discount him right away. And who knows, perhaps you can help bring him out of his shell! However you decide, I trust your judgement, and look forward to any developments.

  4. Dear Caroline,
    I met Leo only one time with you (no worries I did not go behind your back), and from what I know from him, he is nice and polite and absolutely very cute. Moreover he must be open-minded since he read all your stories and wanted to meet you afterwards. So if he said he will take the whole package, then you should give it a try, from my opinion, Leo knows very well what he is doing and who you are. It is up for you now to discover who he is and if he is really prepared to live a long adventure. Ho and please warn in advance if you schedule a wedding, I will not miss that!!
    I am eager to read more about you and the cute Leo!

  5. Hey Caroline. I hope everything goes well for you and Leo. For now it seems like he likes you more than you like him so you need to be careful and if you start a relationship make sure it’s because you want it and you have a feeling for this guy. Not because you think it’s a great adventure and something new for you.
    And good luck, I hope you’ll both be happy with how things go

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