Coming of Age in Second Life

I started this avatar just like everybody else does in Second Life: with freebies and low budget. Now after almost 2 Years its time for a change. I decided to upgrade my looks and to spend a couple of Linden Dollars for a new skin, shape, hair, eyes AO. Basically the whole lot. Did cost about 2.500 Linden Dollars.

Here a couple of shots:

New Caroline In Second Life





Here in my dating outfit 🙂



And I cant leave you without a nude pic of course:



You like my new looks or you prefered the old Caroline? How long did it take you to change your noob or freebie avatar to something more sophisticated? You can send us before and after pics?

Please leave a comment either way! 

10 thoughts on “Coming of Age in Second Life”

  1. Good post – it’s always fun to see the progression in avatars. Mine has almost always been done with free/extremely cheap items. That produces more of an evolution over time rather than a sudden, dramatic improvement. A new shape here, different hair there…yet when you look at the original vs. “now” (as in the thread you posted on the SL forums), the change is astounding.

    1. N-core has at lest one pair of shoes as a group gift…if I remember it right. And their shoes are awsome (but sooo expensive!)

  2. (This just repeats verbatim what I said on your SLF post, but everyone likes blog comments!)

    An interesting experiment, Caroline.

    I’ve been trying something rather similar, in large measure to determine how well and quickly students coming into SL could de-noobify themselves.

    My own experience suggests that it’s not difficult to find nice freebie clothes via group gifts, but that this can actually require a fair amount of work and time. I’m fairly choosy about what I wear (I now have folders full of garbage my avatar wouldn’t be caught de-rezzed in), so it took about a month of freebie hunting to put together a reasonably sufficient collection of decent outfits. Mostly it’s mesh, but there are a few nice outfits comprised primarily of old-style system and prim clothing.

    The real challenge, in terms of clothing, has been finding nice shoes. Not boots: I have some very nice pairs of those (thank you Coco!!!), but nice versions of basic pumps, wedges, and Mary Janes have been (surprisingly) harder to find. Perhaps, however, I haven’t spent enough time looking for those, it being boot season and all.

    On the other hand, there are three items that I think are absolutely vital to one’s look for which I ultimately decided I couldn’t rely upon freebies: skins, hair, and animations.

    Possibly, again, I am being picky, or maybe the importance I accord these three items just reflects my own personal predilections, but I finally broke down and bought all of these.

    I also spent countless hours tweaking my shape, but that’s another story.

    Your new avatar looks, I think, really lovely. 🙂

  3. Uh…thats a change, you keept nothing of your original avatar, if I see that right? Even your skincolour is like a total 180° turn around. And such a serious look on her face! 😮

    1. Yes Syo,

      nothing left from the old Caroline. I was looking for a look that is a bit more serious and not that Barbie-Babe face. This is alos influenced by the Roleplay Genre I recently discovered. I am playing a lawyer in a small village in the south of France. Hence the glasses gives her that little bit more of seriousness and an academic-intelectual touch.

      If I am not mistaken, you follow my blog since quit some time right?


      1. I’m reading your blog since you started it and promoted it on the official forum. I felt “old” when you said thats two years ago now.

        I was suprised to see your avatar changed that much, because I recently saw a whole thread where people posted pictures of all the avatar-changes they have made over the years and most of them sticked to one look and changed only quality and smaller details.

        Here is the link, if you are curious:

        1. Very Interesting this thread you posted

          I just came across this look and fell in love with it. Its actually based on the looks of Bella in the Movie twilight. The Skin even comes with a vampire version and fangs hahaha. I just changed the hair colour from dark brown to red brown, but I still have the dark version too, as its mesh and comes with a texture hud.

          And yes we are old by Second Life standards. I had my very first account back in 2007! It still exists and the avi is soooo retro!

          And this is Caroline almost two years ago 🙂

  4. Well 2,500L still isn’t bad. I spent almost 4k on mine >.< And I know some people who've spent 10,000+! Its crazy! Though you're still doing a great job of "Ballin' on a budget" as my friend would put it.

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