Sex on the Beach in 3DXChat

I am promoting 3DXchat not only here on my blog but also in Second Life. I did rent ad-boards on high traffic adult region, such as Skinny Dipping for example. In addition I recommend 3DXChat to my escort clients in Second Life.

Wait a minute, there is no currency in 3DXchat , so how do I charge my clients for sex? Easy answer: I don’t! Think about it. If they join 3DXChat via my affiliate link, I am making money anyway. If someone clicks on the link I provide and  joins the game , I get 50% commission on whatever he paid. If he takes the option of monthly payment fpr example, I get 9,99 US$ every month.

However, I need to make sure they enjoy themselves in 3DXChat for them to continue in the game and keep paying the monthly fee. How do I do that? Yes, with sex, and yes it is good fun for me too.

Quint, one of my regulars, did join the game recently. My regular readers know about him. Do you remember?

However he was a bit unhappy actually. The reason being: he found it difficult to make contact in-game. This didn’t get me by surprise actually, as he hires me for sex in Second Life for the same reason. Despite of having a quite attractive avatar, he finds it difficult to actually chat somebody up for sex.

I met him at Fresco, a music club in 3DXChat. I decided to give him a hand making contact and breaking the ice. Call it customer service, if you like.

I said in local chat:

„Hello everybody, this is Neto (his in game name), he is an old friend of mine in Second Life. He is new here and doesn’t know anybody, please say hello“.

This actually worked out well. A girl called Sweetdream responded: „ You are not the only one, I am new too. This is the first place I went to. I joined about half an hour ago.“

We started to talk and getting to know each other a bit. Sweety found 3DXCAHt by accident, got curious and decided to see what it is all about. „You are here to just look around?“, I asked her. „Oh, no”, she replied, „I am in for the whole experience“.

Ok! I was standing with two noobs in a music club. One traditionally horny as hell and the other a cute curious girl, who wants „the whole experience“. I had an idea! I decided to take customer service on the next level.

Del Fargis was online. He is another friend of mine from Second Life, my regulars readers certainly remember my under water sex adventure with Del. Del also joined the 3DXChat via my affiliate programm, hence apart from being an old friend, he is actually a customer as well. I asked him if he would like to join our little get together. That made it an ideal group: Tow guys , two girls, one experienced guy and a experienced girl. Haha, somebody will loose his/her 3DXChat-virginity.

„Hey what about going to the beach“, I asked them both. They liked the idea, so off we went to the beach in 3DXChat.

Del Fargis was online too (another friend of mine, my regulars readers certainly remember. I asked him if he would like to join us. Arriving on the beach, I said, „common guys lets swim over to the little island off shore“. Said and done, took my cloth off, and jumped totally nude in the sea. The others followed suite. Neto had some difficulties at first, as he was used to the way of moving in Second Life, which differs quite a bit from 3DXChat.

Once on the island, it didn’t take much to break the ice. It is always easier being nude already, isn’t it?

I asked SweetDream simply if she fancies to try her first „whole experience“. I quickly explained how a partner request works, and encouraged her to send one to Del. This worked out well, Del took care of her. At the same time I introduced Neto into sex in 3dXChat, starting to stoke his cock without much asking nor hesitation. I did fuck with him already several times in Second Life hence there wasn’t any ice to break with him.

This is how we ended up: two couples fucking right next to each other on the beach. Emoting and sex talk actually happened in local chat for everybody to read, just the way I like it.

It doesn’t take much to make a customer happy!


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