Dainiz enJoys perfection hunt

Dear Caroline’s readers,

you probably remember Dainiz with whom I had such an interesting sofa talk. Dainiz is also a very important person in Caroline’s universe, as he is her main investor and supporter, to run the mansion. Well, after our unforgetable experience together, he proposed me to visit his estate which off course  I accepted (you know how curious I am). I really wanted to know how the property of a philosopher in SecondLife looks like.

Before I arrived there I had already an idea of what I could expect to find: I imagined a small house, full of books absolutely everywhere, sheet of papers piled here and there, and a small garden with a single chair and a table to be able to think outdoor about the world … You will see how much I was wrong: Dainiz lives in an amazing sim, he and his partner have built with patience, abnegation and passion. It is probably one of the most beautiful sim I had the chance to visit.

Dainiz did welcome me with his usual smile, and non less usual, in a very elegant suit. Really this man has some class that many will never have.He led me to the rose garden of the “Chateau” (the name they gave to one of the impressive buildings of the sim). There he introduced me to his partner in this life, co-owner and co-builder of the sim: Joy.

Joy was busy gardening when we arrived and this magnificent garden is her creation … when you see this kind of creations you can only be impressed, it makes you think on how this world can be made beautiful when skilled and passionate people take care to arrange it with such dedication.

dainiz_003 The roses garden created by Joy

I felt a bit out of place at the beginning, as both of them were very elegantly dressed and I had the stupid idea to come in a simple jumper suit … I was like a beggar in a palace. But this is counting without Joy and Dainiz, they were so kind and warm, and the beauty of the sim so stunning, I quickly forgot the way I was dressed, it was just pointless.

Dainiz and Joy proposed a tour of the estate and there we went. Off course I brought my camera. So now I can share with you the beauty of the place. I will let the pictures speak.

The landing area with the bridge and behind … the new mansion


Joy and Dainiz, posing in front of the bridge
Joy and Dainiz, posing in front of the bridge
The most stunning building of the sim from my point of view. Outside view.
The most stunning building of the sim from my point of view. Outside view.
Inside view … amazing isn’t it ?
The garden bordering the beach.
The garden bordering the beach.
The main house (Joy and Dainiz home)
The main house (Joy and Dainiz home)
Dainiz's office ... a reproduction of a room of his real life
Dainiz’s office … a reproduction of a room of his real life
Joy's office
Joy’s office
The three of us, enjoying a tea after the tour of the estate in the patio of the roses garden
The three of us, enjoying a tea after the tour of the estate in the patio of the roses garden

Everywhere I looked during all the tour was beauty. The poor pictures I brought do not reflect fully how the sim actually is. Dainiz and Joy have planned to open part of their sim to the public very soon for all to come and see. I really feel this is the right decision to take. Such a nice sim worths to be shared and admired by all. I discussed for some time with my two hosts and I truly understood they are two perfectionnists. Each details have been thought and tested many times, they spent a lot of money and time to make it look like this.

I have been very lucky to be allowed to visit this place, and I wish you will be able to go there by yourself and have a look, it’s astonishing, and there is a lot more to see, believe me.

Joy and Dainiz invited me to stay and I spent the afternoon with them, I learnt about all their projects to come, all the enhancements they will continue to bring. I enjoyed the beach and the canal circling the sim … as you can see the estate has a lot to offer.

Dear readers, I hope you are now tempted to come and visit this marvellous place. I will not give the landmark yet though. We will have to wait for Dainiz and Joy to open their gates and let us know where their secret place is hidden.

Kiss kiss !


2 thoughts on “Dainiz enJoys perfection hunt”

  1. It seems weird to me that you posted this after Caroline’s Mansion was relocated to Dainiz sim, then acted like you had never been there & it was actually someplace else. Dainiz gave you a quarter of his region to use free for the mansion. Then you seemed to get upset because he started dating Joy instead of you and because he didn’t want to have virtual orgies with your avatar & the other guys at the mansion. Then you also apparently expected him to let you use his home for your little sex parties too, from what I heard. Since when does the owner of a sim have to let his free-rent tenant use his house for her sex parties? – Dainiz has been very considerate and patient with you. When you wanted to quit your swingers mansion project just before the open house, he told you to get your butt back there & host your own party or he’d send everything home to your Lost and Found folder. When you still wanted to run away to go sailing after that, he found someone else who was willing to run it for you. Now you’ve found some other guy to foot the bill for your playhouse, so now you blame Dainiz & Joy for the problems you created by putting your pussy ahead of your purse.

    1. Persephone,

      is that his version?

      First of all, it wasn’t free. It was against 50% of the revenues. It was a business venture not a favor! It was his idea actually to move it to his region. But most importantly, I NEVER wanted to use his private property for whatsoever. That is just a lie.

      All I ask him, was to be patient with people walking around the region. That is something that does happen and nothing to be worried about. When you host your private property and your business on the same region, you know upfront that there will be traffic and you will have less privacy. If you can not have that, don’t set it up that way. And no, I did not want to leave because I wanted to go sailing, I left because of the way he was talking to me – as if I was some kind of employee or property of his. Also you are getting the time frames confused here, the open house party was on the previous location not on this one.

      I didn’t care if he would participate in the swingers lifestyle. Thats his personal decision and not for me or anyone to judge. If I understood it correct, he realized himself that he is not as liberal as he thought he would be and decided it is not for him/them. Hey, each to his own, I don’t care at all. I hope he is not under the impression he is the only potential partner for me on the grid – now that would be overestimating oneself.

      Fact is. From one day to the other, I stood there with a huge problem – which he didn’t give a shit about.

      By the way: nothing wrong with sailing, its my hobby and I go sailing whenever I feel like it.


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