Dangerous places

Dear Carol’s readers,

I am really sorry for the long silence, too long maybe. I am glad Carol did not fire me yet. So Carol, thank you so much for your kindness. Well as I had some time to think about my next post, I have come up with a brand new idea. I am going to visit the grid again, and find the most thrilling and dangerous places I can find and report my visits on the blog. This is something I really like on the grid, pretending to take risks, and obviously there are not a lot of risks taken here, but still, the feeling, or an ersatz of this feeling is there. Carol did actually a few of this, remember her visit at the Misogyne Club, one of her most commented post, well this is the idea I intend to develop.

So this is decided, I will visit those places, or sometimes I will interview some dangerous people and get their feelings and motivations. I am not sure we will roleplay or be out of character, I will decide when it will happen. I would definitely like to get your suggestions on which places I should have a look, which person I should interview. It is so much fun when we get feedbacks and new challenges from the community, and I know you are many to read this blog. Feel free, I do not bite.

In order to melt the ice, I have selected a first place: it is called Darkwood Castle. Yes, you noticed it too, even the name sounds dangerous. So, this morning I jumped there and I had a tour of this mysterious sim.

Presenting myself at the entry of Darkwood castle
Presenting myself at the entry of Darkwood castle.

The castle is actually hidden in the forest, you have to follow a long path to reach it. The path in itself is bordered by wooden sticks, on top of each of them a human skull: welcome to Darkwood, you get the ambiance. Now that I am here, let’s continue inside the threatening building.

The corridor is bordered with cells ... No prisoners were present when I passed.
The corridor is bordered with cells … No prisoners were present when I passed.

There are actually two entries to the castle. The one I chose, the low gate, makes you pass through what we could call the prisons of the castle. There are a lot of means to detain you here, so whoever the ruler is there, I definitely think it is safer not to mess with him or her.

I visited all the rooms of the castle, one thing I can tell is that it is huge, you can easily get lost in the corridors and numerous stairs everywhere. The global theme of the sim seems to be bondage and SM, a lot of the rooms are furnished with equipments of this nature.

The sim has also a more extreme side. In front of the castle itself, on the other side of the forest, there is a second castle, a lot smaller, more a fortress actually. The aim of this dark place is to proceed to executions. So be very careful if you decide to follow the link I am giving at the end of this post, this is not for sensitive people, it is rather extreme.

The place was unfortunately desert at the time of my visit, so I was not able to talk or to interview the regulars. It must be some strong characters definitely, meeting them can be dangerous so.

To go there, here is the taxi: Darkwood Castle

So my dear readers, as often, this post is an experience, let me know what you think and if you would like me to continue investigating dangerous places. Of course, your proposals are very welcome.



7 thoughts on “Dangerous places”

  1. I recently bought Sassy Bad Day shorts, but have been unsuccessful in finding “sexual adventures.” Even though I have installed RLV several times, I get messages saying I don’t have it and need it. I am wearing the shorts and am told I’m being “tracked,” but nothing happens.

    I don’t know anything about “dangerous places. ”

    Would appreciate your comments! Thanks!

    1. Hi Sue,
      I do not know which viewer you are using but be aware that some of them are not RLV compatible. I am personally under Firestorm, but still with it, you have to go in preferences to activate it.
      If you are around next Monday around 23h GMT, give me a call (Cathy.Palen), I will be happy to help you setting it up.


  2. Hey Carol,
    Thanks for cheering. I will look at the places you mentioned. Sassy’s stuff is also an interesting idea, I remember a post of you on the beach, could be interesting.
    Carol’s readers, please feel free to submit your ideas.


    1. Carol,
      I never heard of this and I am really saddened that we could use SL for such a deadly scheme. I will definitely not target these places. Maybe it was not a good idea to start this thread.


      1. Cathy,

        it is a good idea. You are researching places which give a feel of danger, not real danger, which is fun and entertainung. You might want to check out Gor, Urban RP sims or even try the Sassy stuff. All of this ads excitment and a feel of danger and adventure to Second Life.

        I just wanted to point out, that there is real danger too in SL.

        Keep going!


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